Do not take off your baby socks in summer

In the hot summer, babies are often sweaty and hot, so their clothes are reduced.

But should I take off my socks?

Some people say that if you do n’t wear socks, you will get sick from your feet. Others think that you only need to wear socks when you go out.

Who is right and who is wrong in these two opposites?

The pediatrician believes that even in summer, babies still wear socks.

For babies who cannot walk, the body temperature regulation function has matured and the ability to produce is reduced, while the heat dissipation ability is conducted, and the relative body transmission is relatively easy to dissipate.

When the ambient temperature is slightly lower, the baby’s peripheral circulation is not good. Touch the cool feet. If you put socks on the baby, it can keep a certain amount of warmth, avoid cold, and the child feels comfortable.

Therefore, it is best to keep the air conditioner at 26 ℃?
28 ° C.

If the temperature is too low and the baby is bare feet, it may cause the baby to catch cold and diarrhea.

And when you take your baby out for a walk, you should also wear socks, because when it is windy or cloudy, the baby is likely to catch cold without wearing socks.

In addition, it is very wrong to see mothers wearing leather sandals or artificial leather sandals for their bare feet.

Because socks are more important than shoes, babies can wear socks without shoes, but they must not be reversed.

In addition to keeping the feet warm, some children’s shoes will be contaminated by harmful chemicals due to materials and processes. They will directly contact the baby’s tender skin and the body with inadequate detoxification. Without wearing socks, the baby’s feet will lose a layer of effective protection.Especially when wearing open-toed sandals, it is easy to cause foot injuries.

At the same time, not wearing socks will make the baby’s tender feet skin dry and rough, and even form foot pads.

As a baby grows older, his abilities also grow a lot, especially with lower limb movements.

When he is happy, he will dance, and when he is unhappy and crying, he will often step on. In addition to sleeping time, he always moves constantly. This will damage the skin and increase the chance of toes.Young babies have even worn the skin on the heels. Wearing socks can reduce these injuries.

As the baby’s skin has more and more opportunities to contact the external environment, some dirty things such as dust can invade the body through the child’s delicate skin and increase the chance of infection.

Some homes are covered with plastic jigsaws. If the baby is bare feet, harmful substances such as formaldehyde and lead on the jigsaw will stick to the baby’s feet and then enter the baby’s hand before entering the baby’s mouth.

It can be seen that even in hot weather, wearing socks for young babies is very beneficial to their health.