Moisturizing and anti-aging process of the skin

Normal skin is the easiest to maintain, but if you are born with good skin, if you do n’t take care of it the day after tomorrow, your normal skin will become dry or oily.

  TIP1 has a wide range of cleansing products for neutral skin. Hydrogels, solid or liquid cleansers are all available.

However, it is best to wash your face with a hydrophilic cleanser, and apply it to the skin in a circular motion. Be sure to rinse it off.

Because the dirt on the skin will affect the penetration of skin care products into the stratum corneum.

  TIP2 moisturizing work is best moisturized with a cotton pad and moisturize the skin.

The purpose of the lotion is to remove remaining cleansing milk residue, moisturize and balance the pH of the skin.

Normal skin can use lotions containing 5% -10% alcohol.

  TIP3 daily maintenance work A wide range of day creams are selected for normal skin during the day, but it is better to choose products that can help to supplement and maintain the moisture film on the skin surface.

  At night, you must use eye cream or eye gel, gently apply the eye cream with your fingertips, and then from the outside to the eye area, gently make a circular slide.

Night cream can choose more refreshing emulsion products.

  Tip 4 Special maintenance work 1.

Lip balm protects skin and protects against UV rays.

Use it morning, night, and before applying lipstick.


Do a skin scrub once a month to remove aging cuticles.


DIY economy mask: makeup gauze mask.

  Material: A piece of soft, fine, high-quality makeup gauze, an emulsion containing active hydrating factors.

  Method: STEP1 first put the makeup gauze on the face, and cut a slit in the tip of the nose, the same distance as the width of the nose.

  STEP2 spreads the emulsion evenly on the gauze.

  Usage: lay on a flat bed, cover the length of gauze, it is best to cover the length of the gauze.

Remove it after 15 minutes.