Huadian International (600027): Multi-dimensional view of the configuration value of thermal power faucet

Huadian International (600027): Multi-dimensional view of the configuration value of thermal power faucet

The company’s installed area has significant advantages in layout, multi-factor trends are improving, and profitability can be significantly improved. As of the end of 2018, the company’s holding installed capacity was 51.57 million kilowatts, and thermal power accounted for nearly 90%. The overall continued decline continued, and most units were distributed inElectricity, thermal load center area.

The provinces (Shandong, Hubei, Anhui, etc.) where the company’s thermal power units are evenly distributed have better power supply and demand sizes, and the volume and price of power generation business are rising.

Since this year, the government has accelerated the examination and approval of coal production capacity, promoted the release of high-quality production capacity, the coal supply and demand pattern has continued to improve, and the coal price season is not busy.

Although it is not ruled out that the government may introduce measures to stabilize coal prices, such as restricting imported coal or increasing the safety supervision of coal mines, but considering that coal inventories at power plants and ports have reached record highs, macroeconomic operations continue to be weak, and the daily consumption of power plants is difficult to recover.

It is expected that the market price of coal will continue to fall further, significantly reducing 深圳SPA会所 the fuel cost of enterprises, and a significant improvement in earnings is expected.

The value of thermal power allocation is prominent, and Huadian International’s allocation opportunities are optimistic from multiple perspectives: reorganization, the recent increase in the market’s frictions on international trade frictions and the decline in macroeconomics, to avoid serious dangers, and the defense target is favored by the market.

At present the company PB is only 0.

93. Considering that the profitability of thermal power can improve the channel, PB repair and ROE can be expected, the company is expected to show alternative defense attributes at the current point in time.

At the same time, the company’s units are mainly distributed in the center of electric heating load, the supply and demand pattern is good, and the flexibility of coal prices and utilization hours ranks first.

At the same time, the company is expected to benefit directly from the commissioning of the Menghua Railway. The scale and scope of the sub-units ‘over-par power prices are not large, and the risk of subsequent reductions in on-grid power prices is manageable.

The company’s cash flow is good. Under the background of the government’s strict control of additional installed capacity, subsequent capital expenditures are reduced, continuous dividends are guaranteed, and the distribution rate is worth looking forward to.

Electricity reform is steadily progressing, and the risk of lowering electricity prices is small, which will benefit large-scale thermal power enterprises in the long run: Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Energy Bureau jointly issued the “Notice on Fully Liberating Electricity Generation Plans for Operating Power Consumers”, stating that it is necessary to fully liberalize operating power.Users issue power plans, support small and medium-sized users to participate in market-based transactions, and improve the price formation mechanism after comprehensive development and development of power plans.

Considering that the notice does not have a clear scheduled time for fully liberalizing the development of electricity consumption plans, core issues such as clean energy consumption and market-based electricity prices have not yet been resolved, and it is expected that it will not be fully advanced in the short term.

In the medium and long term, marketization will be further liberalized, and the “base price + floating price” mechanism will occupy a place. The increase in the correlation between electricity prices and coal prices will help improve the cash flow and profitability of power generation companies, and also help break throughPerformance fluctuations.

Market-based competition tends to be fierce, large-scale units with high capacity, environmental protection and expected standards and low quotations have core competitiveness.

Investment suggestion: Overweight-A investment rating, 6-month target price of 5.

0 yuan.

We expect the company’s revenue growth to be 5 in 2019-2021.

7%, 3.

9%, 3.

5%, net profit was 35.

2 billion, 45.

2 billion, 53.

300 million, optimistic about the continuous improvement of the company’s performance.

Risk Warning: The growth of electricity consumption in the whole society is less than expected; coal continues to run at a high level; and the downside risk of on-grid electricity prices.

Huayu Automobile (600741) 2018 Annual Report Review: Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency, Stabilize the Base, Electric Smart Embrace Tomorrow

Huayu Automobile (600741) 2018 Annual Report Review: Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency, Stabilize the Base, Electric Smart Embrace Tomorrow

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report and gradually realized revenue of 1571.

7 trillion, ten years +11.

9%, achieving net profit of 80%.

3 ‰, +22 a year.

5%, net of non-attributed net profit 63.

1 ‰, +0 for one year.


Proposed cash dividend1.

05 yuan (including tax), dividend yield of 5.


A stable blue-chip white horse, 18Q4 was slightly pressured by the industry.

Initially, the overall operating conditions are stable, and revenue has maintained rapid growth.

Huayu Visual Enterprise Merger Realized 9.

The non-recurring income of 300 million is the primary reason for the increase in the profit of the mother.

The company’s deducted non-returned profit reached 16 in 18Q1-Q4.




600 million, a year-on-year growth rate of 7.

3% / 9.

7% / 2.

0% /-16.

4%, in 18Q4 accompanied by significant downward pressure on the passenger car industry, and gross margin drift 0 occurred.

67%, 18Q4 gross margin decreased by 1.


Except for hot-worked parts, other segments grew steadily, and the revenue of interior and exterior trim and chassis functional parts maintained a growth rate of about 10%.

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency is the main line of the future, and actively deploy electric intelligence to embrace the transformation of the automotive industry.

The passenger car production side is still under 杭州桑拿 pressure. In 2019, the company will actively reduce costs and increase efficiency to withstand the cold winter, adhere to cash as the king, reduce capital expenditures on traditional parts, optimize overseas management, and deepen industrial development.

0 Production line transformation.

In the field of intelligence, China Vision has newly obtained orders from GAC Honda, and ADAS24GHz millimeter-wave radar has also begun to supply1.

With 70,000 sets, Huayu Electric achieved comprehensive coverage of SAIC’s pure electric vehicle drive motors. Huayu Magna also received a fixed-point project for Volkswagen’s MEB electric drive axle.

The traditional interior and exterior decoration field is also actively developing electric smart cockpit products, and the new product gas generator has also been recognized by the public.

The 杭州桑拿网 company’s layout in the field of smart electrics creates new growth points, which is expected to boost the company’s estimated level.

Waiting for passenger car sales to pick up, the company’s profitability is trying to stabilize and rebound.

We maintain +6 on the highest retail sales of passenger cars.

4% judgment, the retail acceleration is expected to turn positive several times in 19Q2.

Accelerated destocking and improvement of profitability brought about by the expansion and reduction of mergers and acquisitions are expected to usher in a better double-click opportunity.

Investment rating: It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent from 2019 to 2021 will be 67.2/72.


300 million, EPS is 2 respectively.



45 yuan, PE is 9 respectively.



Three times, considering that the passenger car industry is expected to recover in 19Q2, upgrade the company to “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: Macroeconomics is less than expected; passenger car sales are less than expected

Revitalize Biochemical (000403): Significant improvement in second quarter results and continuous improvement in operations

Revitalize Biochemical (000403): Significant improvement in second quarter results and continuous improvement in operations

Key Investment Events: The company released a quick report on its semi-annual results for 2019, realizing operating income of US $ 400 million, a year-on-year decrease of 5.

8%, net profit attributable to mothers was 77.56 million yuan, an increase of 16 per year.

3%, net profit after deducting non-return to mother is 62.43 million yuan, an annual increase of 1.


The performance was in line with expectations, and the operating improvement trend in 19Q2 was obvious.

1. In terms of revenue: The revenue of the company in 19H1 decreased slightly, mainly due to the slight shortage of products after destocking in 2018, which affected the company’s 19Q1 revenue and the company’s 19Q1 operating income was 1.

8 ‰, 18 years ago.


Beginning in 19Q2, the company’s destocking effect was basically eliminated, and in 19Q2 the company achieved operating income2.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 7 in ten years.

9%, the company’s revenue resumed steady growth.

2. On the profit side: Affected by the increase in marketing expenses of some products and the one-time accrual of management expenses left over from history, the company returned to its mother net profit in 19Q1 instead of 13.

8%, after deducting non-return to the mother’s net profit increased replacement.

9%, through the company’s active promotion of business transformation, and clearing up problems left over from history, and the normal return of 19Q2 products, the company’s 19Q2 net profit attributable to its mother was 53.22 million yuan, an increase of 38.

3%, net profit after deducting non-return to mother is 46.73 million yuan, an annual increase of 39.


The industry’s destocking went smoothly, and the improvement of operating efficiency drove the company’s rapid growth.

With the tightening of new approvals for domestic pulping stations, the scarcity of plasma resources has become increasingly significant.

1. In terms of slurry extraction volume, as of 2018, the company has 1四川耍耍网3 single plasma collection stations and has 11 slurry extraction stations, of which 6 are new slurry stations opened in the past three years, but the company’s slurry extraction volume in 2018It is already close to 400 tons, and the production of two unpulp pulping stations has begun in succession, and the capacity of the new pulping station has been increased. We expect that the company’s pulping volume in the future needs to be improved.

2. For the issuance of core products in the first half of 2019: 1) Human albumin: the number of issuances is 39.

60,000 sticks (converted to 10g / branch), divided by about 8.

7%; 2) Jing C: The number of batches issued is 11.

40,000 (converted to 2.

5g / piece), reducing about 36 per year.

1%; 3) Crazy: The batch is 68.

70,000 sticks (converted to 200 IU per stick), with an annual increase of about 123.

2%; 4) Exemption: The number of batches issued is 18.

50,000 pieces (250IU / piece), with an annual increase of about 44.


Profit forecast and estimation.

It is estimated that the net profit attributable to mothers for 2019-2021 will be 2.

100 million, 2.

700 million and 3.

6 trillion, a compound growth rate of 30 in 2019-21.

5%, corresponding estimates are 36 times, 28 times and 21 times, respectively.

Considering that the company’s destocking is basically over, there is still more room for growth in pulp extraction volume, and at the same time, the company will further strengthen its management and management, and the blood product business can contribute more profits. We give the company a price-earnings ratio of 45 times in 2019, corresponding to a target price of 34.

6 yuan, the first coverage given a “buy” rating.

Risk reminder: the risk of intensified industry competition; the company’s operating efficiency improvement is less than expected risk.

The best time to capture a man!

The best time to capture a man!

It’s not just a man’s right to show love to a loved one. As a woman, you can also do it beautifully.

But timing is the most important thing.

If the “appearance” is not timely, I am afraid it is a waste of emotion; if the “show rate” is too high, it will surprise him.

When to take the initiative, it depends on you being smart and adapting.

  Surround him with gentleness. He already has a girlfriend, but your presence makes him even more fascinated and wants to develop with you.

And he was born with a heart of Xi Yuqingxiang, unwilling to easily hurt the heart of the original girlfriend.

The longer you delay, the greater the threat you will face. It is better to take the initiative and consolidate your position in his mind.

This is also an opportunity to show and test your charm. You should approach him intentionally or unintentionally, care for him, and make him feel your gentleness everywhere.

Don’t go to ask about his girlfriend, give him more consideration and let him be considerate to you.

  The better he is, the better the man is, the more he is spoiled by the woman. Although you are his girlfriend, he doesn’t seem to take you seriously enough.

You’re not tangled for a while-just a little, but you’re left aside for a while, and sometimes you hear him walking close to a girl.

This is because maybe he hasn’t been able to determine what he wants, maybe he wants to try your reaction.

Don’t let him succeed, and come to him with “the other way, but also the other way”, make him think you have a lot of charm, you also have many ministers.

The more difficult you are to grasp, the more men want to conquer.

  He hasn’t held your hand for six months. He is all right, but you are still not satisfied, because he didn’t even touch your hand.

It’s your luck and your misfortune to meet such a person. Only you take the initiative.

You just need to pretend to be “active” once inadvertently at the right time.

  After the quarrel, you won a great victory in the battle of wits in the early stages of love, and your relationship with him entered the heyday.

Unfortunately, this phase is fleeting, and you, like all your lovers, have an argument, and then you move angrily on each side.

You can be sad and disappointed, but never be angry.

Grumpy is the patent of the old-fashioned woman. It does not benefit you at all. If you are wrong, you might as well call him after the anger subsides, and he will naturally have a step to go down.

The compensation he will give you will certainly be unexpected, because your generosity will make him ashamed.

  He suddenly talks about you and you are enjoying the sweetness of love with all your heart, but suddenly he is abnormal and does not contact you for days or avoids dating with you.

This makes you vaguely disturbed, but it is better to explore the truth while sitting waiting in peace.

Is it his parents’ coercive policy, or is his career facing major choices that involve you?

Only by knowing what is going on can you prescribe the right medicine.

Try to understand the truth as soon as possible, and brake accordingly.

  He has been reluctant to open a proposal for marriage and has gone through all kinds of ordeals. You have finally come to fruition and your relationship is stable.

But he didn’t propose marriage to you lately, all the friends around you have already become, and friends often make fun of you when you party, you are also a little confused.

Don’t hesitate if you are ready to be his bride.

No matter whether he is because his economic foundation is not sufficient or he is worried that he cannot adapt to his new role as a husband, you must encourage him not to pay too much attention. If he ca n’t open his mouth, you can explain it and force him “to Liangshan” to get what you want.Wanted results.

  How is your “attack” just right?

The virtual life is back

The virtual life is back

Xinhuanet, Beijing, August 1 (Ni Siyi, Cui Xiaohuo) Zhao Lei, a 17-year-old boy, refused to reveal his real name.

After spending eight days in an internet addiction treatment center in Beijing, he has been mingling with other young people receiving treatment.

In essence, his classmates far from Henan have begun preparing for college entrance exams one year later.

 ”I also want to hurry back to review!

Zhao Lei said thin.

He wants to be admitted to the School of Journalism of Renmin University.

  However, if it wasn’t for his parents to force him here, Zhao Lei might not have thought about it now.

He fights day and night in locked rooms or Internet cafes around the corner, devoting himself to online games.

 Now, as an Internet addiction patient, he is quietly lying on a bed in a single room in a treatment center, watching TV and drinking a drink. When he is tired, he knocks on the door of his partner to chat.

 Teenagers are lost in the “virtual world” created by computers and the Internet, which is common among Chinese cities and is spreading to the countryside.

For the huge collection of Internet users in China, which has already exceeded one billion, the proliferation of online games has changed the lives of a generation.

Young people’s inability to extricate themselves from online and computer games has worried parents and teachers.

 A person traveled to a remote area in Ningbo and couldn’t access the Internet for two weeks. As a result, he lost weight and lost six pounds. There was a 19-year-old female college student in Beijing who did n’t know his biological father after staying in an Internet cafe for seven days.13-year-old teenager, smiling, with his hands stretched out, his feet crossed in a flying pose in an online game, jumping from the 24th floor and committing suicide . The medical profession has officially defined this morbidity as “Internet addiction synthesisdisease”.

 In March 2005, China’s first “Internet Addiction Treatment Center” was set up in the Addiction Treatment Center of the General Hospital of Beijing Military Region, and began to accept young patients from all over the country for inpatient treatment.

Although a 15-day course costs up to 6,000 yuan, helpless parents still bring their children to seek help.

 Zhao Lei told reporters: “Although I am studying hard, I still promise to play a full day of games every weekend.

“Because the college entrance examination is in progress, his parents can no longer tolerate him, so he sent him here.

 Tao Ran, director of the Addiction Treatment Center, said that “Internet addiction” is no longer a purely obsessive game, but has become a comprehensive performance. From a physiological point of view, it is a neuroendocrine disorder.

It is due to poison and alcohol addiction. Internet addiction is also morbid. Patients have different levels of depression, autism, anxiety, obsession and paranoia.

Internet addiction, as a clinical disease, can be treated by mental, drug.

Zhao Lei’s parents felt that this was the only way to save their son.

 Tao Ran said that the medical technology of “Internet Addiction Treatment Center” is a world leader.

“Especially the diagnosis of Internet addiction as a clinical disease, which we first identified.

“Diagnosis by Director Tao refers to being able to determine whether the patient is a mild, moderate or severe Internet addiction.

Through the treatment of more than a hundred cases, the center summarizes various manifestations of judging Internet addiction.

In addition to online game players, the patients also include computer “wizards” who think they have the ability to successfully design advanced computer programs but have repeatedly failed.

 Zhao Lei initially denied his Internet addiction, and was not willing to spend 15 days in distress.

But on the first day of hospitalization, he saw another boy’s parents crying because he talked about the child, so he began to understand the parents’ good intentions.

 Zhao Lei plays with his partners on the basketball court outside the treatment center every morning. He receives an infusion in his room with other people in the morning. He can take a lunch break at noon and go to the gym for a round of exercise in the afternoon.
Psychotherapists sometimes talk to him in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon.

The issues covered covered every aspect of his life.

The doctor also often caused him to do psychological test questions.

 This method of treating Internet addiction as a clinical disease and treating it with drugs has been questioned by some media.

Those media believe that treating heart disease with drugs is simply unreasonable.

 Also questioned are its fees.

“Domestic media should pay more attention to the results of our research than to charging for these details.

When asked about the charges of the center, Director Tao Ran was suddenly excited.

The treatment center received a treatment fee of 6,000 yuan per patient for a 15-day treatment.He said that nearly 300 patients have been cured and discharged.

A total of nine children are being treated at the centre.

The oldest is a 21-year-old pony, and the youngest is a “chubby” in the first grade of high school. There is only one girl.

 Sitting in the pony’s room, the reporter and Zhao Lei, the pony talked freely.

The sound of television shows is heard from outside the door from time to time.

Pony is a third-year university student. It has been 11 days since Jiangxi came to Beijing for treatment.

His “net age” has reached seven years.

He played all kinds of online games, online dating and forums and was tired of it.

“It’s because people are tired of playing computers for seven years.

“His expression and tone were a little listless.

 However, he had too many common languages with Zhao Lei.

They like to talk about girls together, and they unanimously praise Hunan girl Huang Yali as the national champion of this year’s “Super Girl” singing competition. The reason given is “because she sang” Kill the Wave “(the theme song of the most popular online game in China)!!
Xiao Ma said that his parents had taken him to a lecture given by Professor Tao Hongkai.

The scientist has helped more than 300 people successfully escape from Internet addiction face to face, and has been invited to give lectures in more than ten cities across the country. He is already a household name in China.

 Professor Tao attributed the young people’s “game life” to the unscientific of family education, the unhealthy school education and the unhealthy influence of social culture.

In Xiao Ma’s view, Professor Tao’s method is very enlightening to parents, but “useless” to himself.

 Professor Tao Hongkai also reminded the society that designers of games and online entertainment are contributing to the youth’s Internet addiction.

Chinese game companies profit from billions of dollars in online games. The huge commercial benefits make these game companies ignore the damage caused by games to people.

 Educators have begun to put pressure on gaming merchants to urge them to build a gaming world that is more beneficial to young people.

In Western countries, game software is sold strictly by age.

It is said that such proactive actions are expected to effectively prevent the minds of minors from being adversely affected.

 ”Computers are a tool for us, not for playing; those who learn to use are smart, and those who can only play are stupid.

Professor Tao Hongkai used this sentence to shock many young people who lost themselves.

 Is the computer an advanced toy or a living tool?

The answer to this question is enough to determine whether a person will benefit or degenerate in the virtual space of computers and networks.

Zhao Lei, who is in the treatment center, began to think about such problems. With the goal of college entrance examination, he may not consider games as a life forward.

Badminton, the best parent-child sport

Badminton, the best parent-child sport

By the age of five, the child can pick up the racket against his parents.

Psychologists believe that playing badminton is one of the best and best parent-child interactions.

  The benefits of badminton sports for children’s physical development. Relaxing the cervical spine. When playing badminton, the action of returning the high ball is equivalent to the ballet’s backward arm, so that the cervical spine and the spine are in a relaxed state.That is to say, it can prevent the effects of high spinal pressure from suppressing the growth and increase the benefits of cervical spondylosis.

With the popularization of computers and the increase in schoolwork, the juvenile age of cervical spondylosis deserves parents’ attention. At any age, playing badminton is one of the best solutions to prevent cervical spondylosis.

  In addition to speeding up the brain reaction, in order to accurately return the ball, children playing badminton no longer have a flexible brain reaction. Expert studies have found that half a year of badminton exercise can make children’s quick judgment time start from zero.

3 seconds reduced to 0.

1 second, the best can be shortened to 0.

05 seconds).

  Promoting height growth To play badminton, children need to move quickly back and forth constantly, and the rapid movement under the feet brings considerable benefits to stretching the thighs, stretching the surrounding ligaments and the ligaments wrapped around the calves.

Children who have been playing badminton since the age of five or six are about 5 cm taller than their peers.

  Improving eyeball function Ophthalmologists have found that eyes must quickly follow the movement of badminton during the game. This pair of 5?

A 9-year-old’s perfect eyeball function has unexpected benefits.


9 years old is the most critical period for the development of children’s eyeballs, and the amblyopia rate of urban children at this stage is about 8% and the myopia rate is 14%, which are all shocking figures.

Experts believe that this is closely related to the fact that children are more in “study” and lack of ball games, especially badminton, a slightly strong “small ball”.

When badminton is flying at high speed, the human ciliary muscle contracts, the lens ligament inside the eyeball relaxes, the lens’s inherent elastic curvature becomes larger, the refractive index increases, and the direction of the incoming ball can be clearly seen; when the ball returns, it is just rightOn the contrary, the ciliary muscles relax, the suspensory ligament connecting the lens is tense, and the lens becomes loose, ensuring that you can see the badminton in the distance.

In the continuous batting and returning, the key parts of the child’s eyeballs such as the ciliary muscles, the lens and the suspensory ligament are all exercised, to prevent the development of amblyopia and myopia, and even to treat internal vision (to the eye),All have certain auxiliary effects.

  So, how to increase children’s interest in badminton practice?

Parents may wish to try the following solutions: Prepare a racket suitable for the child. A racket that matches the height of the arm will effectively improve the quality of the child’s return and enhance their confidence in playing badminton.

You can also prepare a fun cartoon racket for your child, and let him carry the racket on his way to the court to improve his return rate and pride.

  Basic exercises?

Participate in the family’s upside-down golf game: The child who is new to badminton will likely miss the ball or fail to return the ball. This shows that the child still lacks the coordination ability of the eye, hand, racket, and ball. You can let him use the racket first.Tumble the ball to cultivate the sense of the ball. After dozens of consecutive flips, the child is required to raise the ball high and then flip.

It can host a family game of subversive golf, subversion and transcendence. The longer the duration, the better.

  ?Parents serve as “ball machines”: After the child learns to play the ball, parents can throw the ball to the child at a distance of about 5 meters, allowing him to hold the ball back.

Then gradually increase the change in the direction of throwing the ball, so that the child can adapt to the way of returning the ball in various postures, laying the foundation for formal confrontation.

  ?”Let the child technique” in badminton: Parents do not hinder “drawing as a prison” in their position, such as drawing a circle with a diameter of 2 meters, even if they lose the ball when they hit the circle; they can also let the child freely choose the “windward location” or “Headwind venue. ”

  Parent-child singles and doubles matches are aimed at beginners who want to win and fear to lose, to improve the child’s winning face and self-confidence. The opponent’s parent who has less skill in the game and the child form a doubles match against the other, but pay attention to feeding the child intentionallyThe ball brings opportunities to play; when the child’s ball skills get longer, it can become a singles match; the longer the ball skills mean that the parents form a “joint fleet” to let the children stand alone.

Top 10 mental illnesses of modern people

Top 10 mental illnesses of modern people

Urban white-collar workers: Stressful work Urban white-collar workers are stressed, highly stressed, and fast-paced.

This group of people is in a state of high tension for a long time, and if they are not adjusted in time, they will feel tired.

Over time, there are concerns about psychological problems and illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and mental disorders.

  From a physiological point of view, long-term high mental stress can also cause endocrine dysfunction and reduce the body’s immunity, leading to various physiological diseases.

  Divorced people: psychological trauma, modern people have a higher divorce rate, and the injured parties after the divorce, especially women, often can not withstand the blow of divorce, causing significant and huge damage.

If it is not adjusted in time, it is very likely to cause mental illness due to psychological overload.

  A survey indicates that about 70% of the divorced population currently suffer from excessive psychological stress for various reasons. Such people need to find out who to talk to and get psychological help.

  Poor families: people living under stress due to poverty caused by psychological stress caused by excessive psychological stress, mainly laid-off workers and college poor students.

  Laid-off workers, especially couples who are both laid off, are under great psychological pressure. If they find suitable jobs for a while, they are likely to cause mental illness.

  For poor students in colleges, the reduction is economic pressure and re-entry into the psychological pressure caused by poverty. If poor students do not receive material and spiritual help and care, the probability of inducing mental illness is extremely high.

According to statistics, at present, poor students account for about 15% to 20% of colleges and universities, and nearly 50% of them have psychological problems and diseases.

  Business elites: careers are frustrated in the business field, and modern people are prone to make haste of quick successes. In pursuit of career success, they often work hard, continually compress themselves, and even exceed their own capabilities, they still demand themselvesThe result is a lack of self-satisfaction due to excess of heart and power, leading to psychological imbalance.

  Those who often fail or have major career ups and downs have suffered a long-term psychological imbalance due to their failure. If they cannot adjust themselves, they are likely to cause mental disorders, depression, and autism.

  Students: The test burden is mainly candidates.

The heavy learning tasks, the eager expectations of parents and teachers, and the dream of becoming famous in one fell swoop put candidates under tremendous pressure and are prone to induce psychological problems and diseases.

There are mainly unresponsiveness, overexcitation, fear of anxiety, phobia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  Teenagers: The possible impact of Internet addiction cannot be ignored.

Many young people are very interested in the Internet, and the Internet has become an important part of their lives.

Proper Internet access is beneficial, but a large amount of time every day, or on unhealthy websites, is very likely to cause mental illness in the Internet population.

Such as long-term Internet chat, games, and online dating, it is very likely that Internet users will be in a virtual state for a long time, affecting their normal cognitive, emotional, and psychological positioning, making it difficult to adapt to real life.

The long-term use of pornographic websites will further aggravate adolescents’ desire for sex because of their sexual depression, which may lead to psychological problems, which may lead to adolescents actively looking for ways to vent sex, and some may commit crimes.

  Internet addiction is extremely harmful to people’s psychology and physiology.

  The only child: The willfulness, selfishness, and poor communication of some of the only children in the adaptation disorder have become a problem for parents, teachers, and education professionals.

  Children who grow up in a doting environment tend to develop bad habits such as willfulness, selfishness, etc., and these bad habits may become the culprit of the child’s psychological illness, leading to the child’s violent tendency and behavior; or making the child withdrawnPoor frustration; susceptible to psychological problems such as social phobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

A survey indicates that about 30% of the only children in developing countries have adaptive disabilities.

  Investors: psychological imbalances Military investments, such as those who buy lottery tickets and stocks, will suffer frustration and psychological imbalance if they invest for a long time without receiving timely and effective returns or capital losses.

These investors have been worried for a long time, and emotional fluctuations are likely to cause mental illness.

  Vulnerable groups: Losing confidence Facing a rapidly changing society, many people have a sense of inadequacy due to various reasons, such as being unaccustomed to social injustices, being unable to adapt to the living habits of others, and having a sense of belonging without annihilationThese often lead to modern people’s psychological imbalance and hopelessness to life.

  Middle-aged and elderly people: The transition from the closure of the nation to the aging of society has intensified. The spiritual care for the elderly in their old age has become a social issue.

  At present, the material life of the vast majority of the elderly is basically accumulated, but the spiritual life of the elderly does not receive due care.

At present, older people are more eager to receive spiritual care.

A survey indicates that 50% -80% of patients currently suffering from senile diseases are caused by mental illness of the elderly, and about 70% of mental illness is caused by dementia.

  The elderly’s loss of love in their later years has become a major cause of mental illness in the elderly. Society and children should strengthen their spiritual care for the elderly.

Skin Yoga Beauty Power Extension

Skin Yoga Beauty Power Extension

Yoga is definitely the best way for modern people to soothe the mind and body and soothe the nervous mind. The combination of skin and yoga extends the power of beauty indefinitely, helping your skin cells adjust to the most natural and healthy state and create perfection.

  In this busy era, tangible and intangible pressures are accompanied by shadows. Both the mind and the skin are devastated. As the saying goes, “the skin is the best response to the mind.” More and more people are paying more attention to themselves.Find the best way to adjust your mind and skin to perfection.

  Skin Yoga Type 1-The combination of pacifying skin and yoga as the key to rejuvenating the skin cells. When your mind enters the peaceful state of the environment, the emotions are immediately calmed down, relaxed, and a happy feeling emerges.The inner “self” presents confidence and satisfaction, and confidence and satisfaction are a powerful driving force for the vitality of the skin. Therefore, adjusting the breath to the best state is the step to obtain beautiful skin.

  Let them accompany your music-there is a very interesting statement about the power of notes. It is said that the ancients designed the word “listening” to express that listening requires “four hearts and one ear”. It is useless.To the heart and ears, it is not enough to “listen”.

The melody that is heard is beautiful, the melody that is not heard is more beautiful. When the notes of music pass through the auricle, the sound of the deep soul is stirred, that is the power that music brings to us.

Prepare your skin for relaxation, place your body in slow and melodious music, focus the power of your heart on your ears, and the internal pulsations will automatically adjust the rhythm, which will be directly introduced into the skin to relax and activate the kinetic energy of the cells, Repair damaged and aging cells and restore skin’s radiance in the sound of music.

  Aroma-Purely meditating in nature. Aroma itself is a pleasant experience. The essential oils are used for various purposes to help the body balance and restore harmony, while improving the skin condition.

From the moment we inhale the aroma, the vital plant essence begins to nourish our physiology.

There are many ways to feel the natural aroma from plants. Aromatherapy and ingestion are considered to be the most effective way to soothe the nerves and adjust the breath.

  Inhalation method: add a drop of frankincense oil and juniper oil in a small basin of water, mix thoroughly and then immerse a thin absorbent cloth in the water, wring it on the forehead and cover the eyes, relax and lie down, count from 1 to 8, and breathe slowly and deeply, Pause to count to 4, and then count from 1 to 6, and spit out the breath.

Repeat 5 times to keep your mind clear, your heart rhythm stable, and maintain your physiological best.

  Aromatherapy method: The aromatherapy method can not only condition the skin and relieve stress, but the aromatherapy can make the home smell of flowers and plants and enjoy the forest air bath.

But note that different aromatherapy essential oils have the same effect.

Bergamot can soothe anxiety, refreshing, refreshing, brighten the mood, and calming.

Magnolia essential oil can promote blood circulation, unblock pores, and brighten skin, making people calm and peaceful.

As a beginner, lavender, sweet orange oil and rose oil are all good choices.

  Bathing method: Bathing is a good way to let your body vomit, and it helps to eliminate rubbish in the skin and body, and easily get relaxed.

You can drop 8-10 drops of lavender essential oil into the bathtub, so that the essential oil is evenly mixed into the water, so that the body is completely immersed in the water, the essence of the essential oil penetrates the deep layers of the skin through the pores, and the temperature of the hot water can stimulate the regeneration of cells to be absorbed more effectivelyTo reduce physical and mental stress.

  Candlelight-The warm power of light and shadow Facing the pressure of life and social competition, you may say that human feelings are indifferent and the feeling of warmth is getting less and less.

It’s time to turn off all the lights and light a few candles in the dark. The orange-red candlelight can make you feel strong warmth and happiness in the dark.

Psychologists have found through research that the inner warmth and happiness will help the body relieve pain and regulate immunity, while maintaining physiological balance and harmony is the best way to ensure health and beauty.

Excellent man fills his chest with a T-shirt

Excellent man fills his chest with a T-shirt

When wearing short-sleeved T-shirts in summer, you can’t help but envy those guys who seem to have two iron plates in their clothes.

We only have practical sports training plans and guidance. If you want a little change, then come on.

  The average bench press weight of an average person is about 61 kg.

As long as you practice carefully with reference to the methods we provide, you can greatly exceed this average score.

The pectoralis major is a muscle group mainly involved in exerting force in the bench press. Basically, there are also deltoid muscles (mainly the anterior bundle) and a small amount of triceps to assist in exerting force.

  If you train the deltoid or triceps before the pectoral muscles, then you cannot exercise the pectoral muscles sufficiently to exercise the pectoral muscles.

The ideal sequence is to practice the pectoral muscles first, then the deltoids, and finally the triceps.

  Main training movements: The classic barbell bench press exercise is definitely the most basic and important exercise for training the chest muscles.

This exercise and any other exercise can score more pectoral muscle fibers.

  How to do bench press?

Lie flat on your back on a flat bench press, with your head, upper back and hips in contact with the stool surface and get firm support. Your legs will naturally separate and your feet flat on the floor.

The forehand (opposite the tiger’s mouth) is fully gripped (the thumb goes around the bar and opposed to the other four fingers).

  The grip between the hands is slightly wider than the shoulders.

Remove the barbell from the bench press and straighten it up so that the barbell is directly above the collarbone.

Sink your shoulders, and tighten your scapula.

Then slowly lower the barbell under full control, and lightly touch the pedal under the nipple.

Immediately, push the barbell up and back slightly to bring the barbell back over the collarbone.

The elbows can now be locked or not fully straightened.

The scapula continues to tighten.

  A few points: different grip distances, different grip distances with different effects.

With different grip distances, the focus of exercise will vary.

Wider grips focus on training the chest, and narrower grips stimulate the fractured triceps and deltoids more.

  Use different equipment: The weight lifted by a bench press with dumbbells will be less than the weight lifted by a barbell.

However, when using dumbbells, both hands move independently, which helps the forearm to remain perpendicular to the ground, reducing the risk of injury.

  Improvement of training plan: The most commonly used skin exercise method for most people is to do three movements, each of which consists of three groups, and the recommended exercise method is to do seven movements, each of which is only one group.

This method stimulates the pectoral muscles not from three angles, but from seven different angles.

This method can stimulate more muscle fibers and promote overall muscle growth.

  Two hands-The hands are holding the barbell with palms facing up and tiger’s mouth facing opposite. The grip distance is slightly wider than shoulders.

Press the barbell bar against the palm of your hand so that the weight of the barbell is transmitted directly from your wrist to your elbows.

  Wrist-Avoid turning your back too far.

The wrist should be kept upright, the brakes should be evenly distributed to protect the joints.

  Range-When the barbell reaches its highest point, you can straighten or lock the elbow joint; this will not only hurt you, but it will also help you get more full range of motion.

When lowering the barbell, lightly touch it with your chest.

  Top-Lower the barbell bar around or slightly below the nipple.

If it is too far above or below the nipple, the shoulder joint will be stressed too much and the severity of the exercise will increase accordingly.

  Eyes-Pay attention to the center of the barbell during the first half of the action, but don’t tighten your chin tightly and keep your eyes on the barbell when you lower it. You should naturally look upwards and concentrate on pushing the weight to bring the barbell back into view.
  Head-Keep your head flat on the training bench at all times.

When you feel too much pressure on your neck or palate, you can turn your head to make proper adjustments.  Elbows-Keep your elbows on both sides of your body, rather than overextending to ensure your forearms are perpendicular to the ground.

  Legs-With your feet flat on the ground, your legs open naturally, with a letter “V” shape, bent at a 90-degree angle.

  Feet-Keep your feet flat on the ground and your toes can be opened properly to better maintain balance.

When you push the weight too hard, you can move the position of the foot appropriately, or you can lift your toes to match the bow and waist to help.

  Chest-The front is always attached to the training bench, matching the waist.

The top can avoid excessive borrowing and get adequate exercise.

  Lower tibia-The natural curvature of the tibia must be maintained throughout the movement.

Excessive bending of the lower tibia or raising the top will change the angle of the pectoral muscles, so the focus will become the lower pectoral muscles and the tibia triceps.

  Elbows-Keep your elbows on both sides of your body, rather than overextending to ensure your forearms are perpendicular to the ground.

  Whether it’s football, basketball, martial arts, or hockey, a strong pectoral muscle is an advantage in any confrontational sport, and you can more easily push the obstacles ahead of you.

  More powerful wave!

Strong smash in tennis and strong pitching in baseball require strong pectoral muscles to gain speed.

Brave forward strength!

The main function of the pectoral muscle is to move the big arm forward, so the developed pectoral muscle allows you to rule out obstacles in front of you.

During the coming of the aunt, you have to know the eight things that it hates the most.


During the coming of the aunt, you have to know the eight things that it hates the most.

As a woman, there are always a few days of uncomfortable feelings every month.

And often at this time, there are always some women who do things without taboos.

In fact, during the visit of the aunt, there are many things that cannot be done.

To get along with your big aunt, you have to know what it hates most.

1, eating cold this is already very basic common sense, do not violate, do not make fun of their own beauty, cold drinks will make blood can not be discharged smoothly, leaving in the body is absolutely harmful.

Please see the following drinks to make the physiological period more comfortable: longan red dates tea, brown sugar ginger water, rose tea.

2, shampoo This is a taboo that has been circulating for a long time, trying not to wash your hair during menstruation, otherwise it is easy to get a headache when you are older.

Because women used to have long hair in the old days, they often needed to work together and there was no such thing as a hair dryer.

Menstrual shampoo is very susceptible to cold, leaving the root of the disease.

It’s a lot better now, but it’s still recommended to wash your hair less during the menstrual period.

If you wash your hair during menstruation, try to wash it at noon. Always use hot water and dry it immediately after washing.

3, love, this is indeed a challenge to the willpower, especially when the aunt will not leave.

At this time, the amount of menstrual blood is significantly reduced, often overlooked; at the same time, women’s hormones increase, sexual desire will also increase.

However, because the cervix was still in a state of micro-tension, the endometrium was not completely repaired, leaving a wound, so it was easy to be invaded by bacteria and cause complications.

4, the abdomen big aunt during the opening of the uterus, easy to be contaminated, so bathing is best to shower.

Usually, the vagina is an acidic environment, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria. However, during the menstrual period, the vagina will be alkaline, and the resistance to bacteria will be reduced and susceptible to infection.

Therefore, cleaning the genitals requires the selection of professional genital cleaning fluids, especially menstrual periods.

5, tooth extraction may be before the tooth extraction, the dentist will not ask if you are in the menstrual period, but you must know that the aunt is not suitable for tooth extraction!

During menstruation, the number of platelets is reduced, anticoagulant fibrinolytic enzyme is activated, so the body’s blood coagulation ability is reduced, it is not easy to stop bleeding when the tooth is extracted, and the amount of bleeding increases.

And the tooth extraction will damage the kidney gas, resulting in poor blood and blood, and it is difficult to drain the blood.

During the menstrual period, you can avoid it.

6, drinking is also affected by hormone secretion, to the aunt’s female body hangover enzyme reduction, drinking is easy to drunk.

More seriously, in order to produce a decomposing enzyme to break down alcohol, the burden on the liver is significantly increased, so that the liver during menstruation causes more serious damage.

7, during the singing of aunt, the body’s capillary wall is longer and weaker.

If the high frequency is high, the vocal cord capillaries may rupture due to vocal cord tension and high-speed vibration, and the sound may be hoarse, which may even cause damage to the vocal cords, making the squeaks low and thick.

8, greasy aunt does not like fried foods.

Because of the effects of progesterone, sebum secretion increases during menstruation, while the capillaries expand and the skin becomes sensitive.

At this time, eating fried foods will increase the burden on the skin, and it is prone to acne, acne, folliculitis, and dark circles.

Moreover, short-term metabolism slows down during menstruation, and the fat of fried foods tends to accumulate in the body.

Written in the end, now you know?

As a girl, love yourself, and others will fall in love with you!