Seven Ways of Traditional Chinese Medicine Conditioning

Seven Ways of Traditional Chinese Medicine Conditioning

Life example: Shasha is 2 years old this year, he is very tall, very clever, but he is a little weak.

When playing with the child, the other person’s face just turned red. He was already panting and sweating.

Especially when I just fell asleep, the sweat beads soaked the pillows.

  What makes Shasha Mom most depressed is that Shasha loves colds. She has to go to the hospital every month. She has a lot of questions to ask a doctor.

After listening to the introduction, the doctor conducted a comprehensive and systematic examination of Shasha. He told Shasha’s mother that these symptoms of Shasha were caused by physical weakness.

  Analysis of Deficiency: Sweating is a normal physiological activity of the human body, which has the functions of heat dissipation, detoxification, and moisturizing the skin.

Because the baby’s sympathetic nerve activity is more active than adults, it is easier to sweat than adults, especially under some external reasons or incentives, such as hot climate or excessive indoor air-conditioning temperature, games, running and jumping, strenuous exercise, clothing wearToo much, the quilt is too thick at night, eating spicy food, etc., it is more likely to cause the baby to sweat.

  However, if sweating exceeds the normal range, it is a pathological manifestation, mainly caused by some diseases, and the cause is more complicated.

Such a baby, usually a little activity or usually walking, will also sweat a lot, Chinese medicine believes that this is a manifestation of physical weakness.

  How to regulate physical weakness baby?

  The physically weak and sweaty baby can be recuperated by Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine has always been unique in terms of physical fitness.

  1.Change the clothes in time. The clothes are soaked with sweat. If you don’t change them in time, the baby will have to cover the body with the temperature of the body to dry it.

  2.Most of the babies who give more water to their babies have signs of sweating. Due to the obstacles to the diffusion of water in the body, if they do not hydrate, they may become dehydrated.

You can feed your baby some saline solution to supplement the body’s loss of sodium, chlorine, potassium and other electrolytes to avoid dehydration caused by dehydration.

  3.Open the window frequently for ventilation every morning, middle, and night, and insist on regular ventilation for every 10-30 minutes.

If it is hot summer, you can use a fan or air conditioner to cool down.

But pay attention to the wind can not blow directly on the baby, especially when the baby is asleep, so as not to open the skin pores, sweat on the body, blow directly to the cold.

  4.Clothes and quilts should not be too thick. Baby underwear should choose good breathability and absorbent cotton clothing. The thickness of the clothing and quilt should be the same as that of adults, especially in winter.Too much sweat.

Exercise your baby’s cold resistance from an early age, and also enhance the baby’s resistance.

  5.Taking a bath frequently Mommy needs to bathe the baby frequently to keep the skin clean and dry, so that the sweat does not hurt the baby’s skin.

Because baby’s skin is very delicate, excessive sweat accumulates in skin folds, such as cuffs, groin, etc., which can easily cause skin ulceration and cause skin infections.

  6.Traditional Chinese medicine diet therapy * Shenqi Hongzao Decoction: 15 grams of Radix Pseudostellariae, 15 grams of Astragalus, 6-8 red dates, orally decoction

  * Chinese wolfberry longan purple rice porridge: take 100 grams of purple rice, add 1000 ml of water, add boiled wolfberry after boiling, 50 grams each longan meat, cook until sticky.

  * Astragalus stewed chicken: Wash 50 grams of raw yellow cicada, put it in the belly of the hen with a clean bore, seal it, put it in cold water and simmer it slowly. Cook it, and give the baby soup and meat.

  7.Traditional Chinese medicine or proprietary Chinese medicines can be used to treat debilitated babies under the guidance of a doctor. They can take some traditional Chinese medicine decoctions or proprietary Chinese medicines to help antiperspirants. They can also take traditional Chinese medicines such as Qizao granules, Astragalus granules, Xuhanting or Yupingfeng granulesAgent

  be careful!

Baby is physically weak, sweaty and prone to zinc deficiency. Many trace elements in the human body are excreted through sweat, and zinc is one of them.

If you sweat too much, it is easy to lose zinc too much, and zinc is an important element to promote children’s growth and development, improve immune function, visual system and sexual development.

  Zinc deficiency can cause symptoms such as decreased appetite, pica, growth retardation, loss of energy, irritability, repeated upper respiratory tract infections, recurrent oral ulcers, diarrhea, and lack of luster on the skin, which can easily cause replacement and obvious lack of concentration.

Therefore, when the baby develops symptoms of physical weakness and hyperhidrosis, in addition to actively performing TCM conditioning, it is important to pay attention to supplementing zinc from the diet, usually lean meat, eggs, poultry, seafood, oysters, and other animal foods.And the absorption rate is higher in intermediates.

Therefore, arrange more of these foods in your diet.

Have a healthy and healthy mentality

Have a healthy and healthy mentality

Today’s weight-loss winds are prevalent, all kinds of weight-loss methods, weight-loss recipes emerge in an endless stream, and a variety of tricks, diet pills are also popular.

But in fact, the topic of fattening has increasingly become a hot topic in society.

Children with partial eclipse anorexia, adolescent dysplasia, severe insomnia in young people, middle-aged physical exhaustion, and long-term illness and physical weakness are not new topics.

  Fundamentally, the strength of the body resists the immunity against virus intrusion, the ability to repair the body after damage, and the ability to metabolize waste excretion and nutrient absorption.

However, the modern people’s lifestyle is generally fast-paced, stressful, lack of sleep, unbalanced complications, and the public opinion on the exaggeration of weight loss, causing many people to lose weight blindly, such as overdose diet pills, long-term obesity,This gastrointestinal function damage, low immunity, endocrine disorders and other complications.

  Poor living habits and lack of health concepts have led to an increasing number of people being thinner and steadily declining.

Many people have pointed out that thin bamboo poles are not beautiful, but sick.

At the same time, there are many friends around us who are very upset because of body weight loss: 1, because the body is too thin to buy the right clothes; 2, the body is too thin, resulting in unhealthy body; 3, the body is too thin, people around will have differentVision, the process of communication between men and women is easier. Anyone wants to find a healthy partner. The body is too thin, and there will always be a feeling of insecurity.

  Therefore, many thin people want to properly increase their fat, but in this era of weight-loss drugs, it is difficult to find a suitable method of fattening, so that they can increase their weight and reach the standard weight.

And some thin friends who are eager to gain weight are still looking for fattening drugs and want to increase their weight quickly.

  We advocate the beauty of nature, health and sports, and promote the sharing and exchange of experience in fattening, so that the majority of thin friends can increase their body weight and strengthen their external image in a scientific, sporty and healthy way.Self-confident purpose.

Spring spleen and dampness soup spectrum

Spring spleen and dampness soup spectrum

In the spring, the liver qi is strong. If you feel uncomfortable, you will be prone to liver stagnation, so you can use more roses that have the effect of relieving qi and stagnation of blood and stasis.

Today, I use roses to match the spleen and dampness of red adzuki beans and the catfish that nourishes and dilutes the water to make a soup. It is both delicious and spleen-relieving, and has the effect of reducing weight and fat, especially for women.

  Servings for 3-4 people: 100 grams of red beans, 3 slices of ginger, 8 bowls of water, 10 grams of dried roses, 400 grams of catfish.

Wash the adzuki beans and soak them in water for one hour; rinse the dried roses with water; 2.

2. Wash and kill the catfish, pay attention to scrape the black film inside the belly of the fish, and drain the water;

4. Crack a small piece of ginger, heat the pan, wipe the pan with ginger cubes, put two tablespoons of oil, wait for the oil to heat up the catfish, and fry on both sides until slightly yellow; 4.

Pour 8 bowls of water into a clay pot and bring to a boil. Add the fried anchovies, ginger slices, red beans and roses, boil on the fire, and turn to the heat for an hour. Season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: strengthening the spleen and liver, nourishing qi and water, reducing weight and fat.

  ● Gourmet Science Academy Rose has always been a symbol of beauty and love, and its delicateness and fragrance make it worthy of this title.

In addition to viewing, roses can also be used to extract rose sesame oil, which is an advanced material for making perfumes.

Now through the popularity of herbal tea, roses are more and more loved by beauty lovers.

  In fact, the medicinal value of roses has been troubled by people in ancient times. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it can relieve qi and stagnation, and blood, and analgesic, can be used for liver and stomach ache, eat less, vomit, irregular menstruation, and painWait.

In ancient times, the court nobles respected the beauty effect of roses. The Huaqing Pool, known as Yang Guifei, had been soaked with tender rose buds for years to bathe her skin.

  Nowadays, most women drink herbal tea, and roses are a common variety.

Chinese medicine believes that women often have some emotional irritability before or during menstruation, and drinking a rose can manipulate the regulating effect.

In today’s day when work and life become more and more stressful, even if it is not during menstruation, you can drink more roses, soothe, stabilize your mood, and make your face look rosy.

The easiest way to brew rose tea is to replace 10 grams of dried roses. Pour in an appropriate amount of hot water and soak for 3-5 minutes.

If qi deficiency, you can add 3-5 jujubes, or 9 grams of American ginseng; if kidney deficiency, you can add 5 grams of wolfberry.

Some people like to use a small amount of green tea to brew with roses, but there is a lot of residual acid in tea, which will affect the efficacy of roses to relieve liver and stagnation.

In addition, due to the strong role of roses in promoting blood circulation and stasis, people with excessive menstrual flow are better not to place them during menstruation.

  ● Liangtangxinshui dried roses can be purchased from Chinese pharmacy.

Spring allergy to bamboo shoots

Spring allergy to bamboo shoots

With the launch of spring bamboo shoots, spring bamboo shoots are loved by people because of their tenderness and deliciousness. However, doctors remind everyone to eat spring bamboo shoots to prevent allergies, especially the elderly, children should not eat more, it is best not to eat more than half a meal.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bamboo shoots have the effects of nourishing yin, nourishing blood, reducing phlegm, digestion, and convenience, but the large amount of cellulose in the bamboo shoots is difficult to digest, and the bamboo shoots contain insoluble oxalic acid. Excessive consumption can cause high blood pressure and other chronic diseasesDiseases, allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, etc.

Spring is already prone to allergies. For people who are prone to absorb allergies, eating bamboo shoots can also cause urticaria.

Therefore, children should eat a little bamboo shoots, but not bamboo shoots; the elderly must eat the bamboo shoots and swallow slowly.

  In order to prevent allergies, eat a small amount of bamboo shoots, stop immediately if there is a reaction; if there is no response, you can eat appropriately.

If you use bamboo shoots and diced bamboo shoots, first boil the bamboo shoots with boiling water for 5-10 minutes, and then stir-fry with other foods.

In this way, it can decompose most of the oxalic acid at high temperature to reduce the disadvantages, and it can also make the taste more delicious without astringent feeling.

At the same time, try not to eat with sea fish when eating bamboo shoots to avoid causing skin diseases.




When the cold dew is on the nails, the sun yellow is 195 degrees, and the time of the Gregorian calendar is around October 8.

At this time, it is cold and cold, and it will be condensed. This is called cold dew.

After the white dew, the weather turned cold and dew began to appear. When it came to the cold dew, the dew was more and the temperature increased.

Therefore, some people say that the cold is the gas of the dew, first white and then cold, the meaning of the climate gradually turning cold.

At this time, frost will appear in these local areas.

The north has been in the late autumn, with white clouds and red leaves, and occasional early frost.

In the south, the autumn is getting stronger and stronger.

Because there are few cloudy days at this time, the sunshine is sufficient, and it is the solar energy with the highest percentage of sunshine. It is known as the autumn air.

銆€銆€The three seasons of cold dew are: “Awaiting the swan geese; the second waiting for the big water is the scorpion; the three waiting for the daisy is Huang Hua.

“In this solar terms, the geese are arranged in a single word or a herringbone.

The “big water” in the second waiting refers to the sea. In ancient times, the mussels of the seaside were made by three kinds of birds diving into the water.

Deep autumn cold, the birds are gone, the ancients saw a lot of cockroaches appearing on the beach, and the stripes and colors of the shells are very similar to the birds, and they are thought to be birds.

The third waiting “Ji Shi Huang Hua” means that the chrysanthemum has been generally open at this time.

The ancients believed that the season was the order of the Tudor, and the soil was yellow, so the flowers in this festival were yellow chrysanthemums.

Chrysanthemum is a flower that is recorded very early every year.

Xia Xiaozheng’s September article has the phrase 鈥淩ong Rong鈥? which is the ancient word of Ju Ju, indicating that the chrysanthemum is open in September.

銆€銆€Chrysanthemum is the most representative flower in the cold season, and its traces can be seen everywhere.

Due to the proximity to the Double Ninth Festival, some areas have the custom of drinking 鈥渃hrysanthemum wine鈥? so the Double Ninth Festival is also known as the 鈥淐hrysanthemum Festival鈥?

The ancient book records: “September 9th, chrysanthemum and Fuxi, turpentine, long service, is not old.

“Going to the mountains, enjoying the chrysanthemums, becoming the affair of this festival.”

On the day of the cold dew, the ancients also took the water from the well to soak the pills or medicinal liquor that nourish the five internal organs.

銆€銆€At the September 29th Chongyang Festival, people have the custom of ascending, admiring and drinking at high places.

This custom was originally intended to “avoid evil spirits”. It originated from the Eastern Han Dynasty. Liang Ren Wu Jun said in the “Continuation of Harmony” that at that time there was a famous long-term house, quite a fairy, and could know the blessings of the world.

One day, he caused a slap in the south, saying that on September 9th, your family is in trouble, but if you can make a red cloth bag for each person, put it on your arm, then go up and climb in the mountains.Chrysanthemum wine can be spared.

Jing Zhao, really, on the evening of the 9th, after the family came back from the mountains, they saw chickens, dogs, cows and sheep in their homes dying.

Afterwards, Fei Changfang informed that this was a disaster for livestock.

This magical story has spread, and it has formed the custom of climbing the Double Ninth Festival.

銆€銆€It is a medicinal material. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” talks about its spicy aroma, warmth and function to cure cold.

In the Jin Dynasty, “On the Wind,” said that “September 9th will be replaced by a plug, and the words will be evil, and the first cold.”

The ancients used yin and yang to talk about things, even yin, odd yang, and nine as the largest positive number.

Nine and heavy, Yang Shengji, Yangshuo is a disaster, need to be relieved.

Although the sputum is hot, it can lead to heat; the chrysanthemum has four moments of qi, the essence of gold water, can remove heat from the wind.

In the case of Chongyang, the scent of chrysanthemum wine is transplanted, and the body is transformed into the wind and evil that is mixed with the early cold. The transformation can be seen that this custom is still scientific.

銆€銆€In the old days, the custom of drinking people in Beijing was very popular.

Nancheng can go to Tianning Temple, Taoranting, Dragon Claw, North City to the Tuen Mun smoke tree, and a little further to Xishan Eight Brake.

銆€銆€As the weather is getting colder, the trees and flowers are dying, so people call this “resignation.”

When Jiujiu climbs high, he still wants to eat flower cakes. Because of the homonym of “high” and “cake”, it should be called “Chongyang Flower Cake”, which means “step by step.”

The flower cakes mainly include 鈥渞ough flower cakes鈥? 鈥渇ine flower cakes鈥?and 鈥渕oney flower cakes鈥?Stick some coriander leaves as a symbol, sandwich the green fruit, jujube, walnut and other dried fruits: the fine flower cake has 3 layers, 2 layers, and each layer has a thin candied dried fruit, such as apple clam, peach鑴? apricot, black dates and the like; money flower cake is basically the same as fine flower cake.

But the size is small, in fact, it is “money” in general, and it is mostly the food of the upper aristocrats.

銆€銆€Nowadays, Beijing people have a higher habit of climbing higher, Jingshan, Badachu, Xiangshan, etc. are all good places to climb, and the Eight Great Halls also hold the Jiudengao Festival, attracting many tourists.

Sleep for 10 hours, relieve visual fatigue


Sleep for 10 hours, relieve visual fatigue

Recently, the army’s news writing, Miss Chen, who had been dealing with computers all day, suddenly felt that her vision was blurred and she could only see the half of her face. After an hour, she felt dizzy, her eyes were sore and she wanted to vomit.

After going to the hospital for examination, the doctor gave her an unexpected prescription: sleep, it is best to sleep for a few hours, and recommended not to use the computer for nearly three seconds.

After Miss Chen had a good rest for three days, the symptoms completely disappeared.

The doctor said that Miss Chen’s visual fatigue was the result of continuous attention to the computer.

銆€銆€”Video family” is the most easy to see how fatigue determines whether you are suffering from “visual fatigue”?

If you have the following 9 symptoms – headache, tearing, eye tingling, blurred vision, diplopia, photophobia, blinking, nausea, heavy eyes, with two or more, you have already suffered from visual fatigue.
銆€銆€According to the director of the Department of Ophthalmology, 458 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, Dr. Jing Lianxi, the people most likely to suffer from visual fatigue are the 鈥渟creen family鈥?who are facing the computer all day long, and the cause of their fatigue is mostly dry eye syndrome.

According to statistics, more than 80% of people who deal with computers all day have different degrees of visual fatigue symptoms.

“Video screen family” in the operation of the computer, to read documents, input text, look up the screen and other repetitive actions, the eyeballs turn 2-3 million times a day on average, these actions have to rely on the control of the eye muscles – ciliary muscles, and because of the eyesIt is necessary to keep an eye on the “illuminators” of the text, symbols or images, which reduce the number of blinks and reduce the secretion of tears, causing the eyes to dry up.

In addition, when using a computer, once you concentrate on your work, you forget to rest your eyes, causing your eyes to be over-loaded unconsciously, and fatigue can occur.

銆€銆€Dealing with visual fatigue, don’t overdose eye drops, and even the eye fatigue is just because the eyes are tired. Just take a break and you’ll be fine.

However, some visual fatigue may be the appearance of many eye and systemic diseases. If not treated promptly, the disease hidden behind visual fatigue may be delayed.

銆€銆€In addition, eye drops that relieve eye fatigue should be used under the guidance of a doctor.

Because 90% of eye drops currently contain preservatives, which cause damage to cells on the surface of the eye.

It is best to choose artificial tears without preservatives for patients with dry eye.

Home health is happy and longevity


Home health is happy and longevity

Today, many people paint the room to show their personality.

But do you know that different colors can produce different psychological stimuli and thus have different effects on health.

Therefore, when choosing colors, it is equally important to pay attention to their health effects in addition to their own preferences.

銆€銆€Green is a calming and comfortable color with calming nerves, reducing intraocular pressure, relieving eye fatigue, and improving muscle movement.

Natural green also has a certain effect on syncope, fatigue, nausea and negative emotions.

However, in the long-term green environment, it is easy to make people feel deserted, affecting the secretion of gastric juice, and loss of appetite.

銆€銆€Blue is a fascinating color, and it is also a very serious color.

This strong color, to some extent, can hide the deficiencies of other colors, and is a convenient color.

Blue has the function of regulating nerves, calming and calming the nerves.

Blue light has a significant effect in treating insomnia, lowering blood pressure and preventing colds.

Someone wearing blue glasses to travel can alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness and seasickness.

Blue has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on lung disease and colorectal disease.

However, people with mental weakness and depression should not be exposed to blue, otherwise it will aggravate the condition.

銆€銆€Yellow is a symbol of health. It is so healthy and bright because it is the most easily absorbed color in the spectrum.

Its dual function is characterized by a stable mood for healthy people and an increase in appetite; for emotional depression, pessimistic disappointments will aggravate this negative emotion.

銆€銆€Orange can produce vitality and induce appetite. It is also the representative color in the warm color system. It also represents the color of health. It also includes the meaning of maturity and happiness.

銆€銆€White can reflect all the light, with a sense of cleanliness and expansion.

Therefore, when the home is arranged, if there is a lot of space, it can be white, which makes the space more spacious.

White can regulate the irritated person, which helps to maintain normal blood pressure.

However, patients with autism and mental depression should not live in a white environment for a long time.

銆€銆€Pink is the best interpretation of gentleness, this color is very clear and beautiful.

After the experiment, let the angry person watch the pink, the emotion will quickly calm down, because the pink can make the secretion of adrenal hormones decrease, so that the mood tends to be stable.

Autism, mental depression does not prevent frequent contact with pink.

銆€銆€Red is a more irritating color that gives people a burning and hot feeling.

However, it is not advisable to touch too much, too much gaze at the red color, which will affect the eyesight and is prone to dizziness.

Patients with heart and brain disease are generally contraindicated in red.

銆€銆€Black is noble and hidden, it is suitable for white and gold to play a prominent role.

Black has the effect of clearing heat, calming and calming, and it plays a role in restoring stability to patients with agitation, irritability, insomnia and panic.

銆€銆€Gray is an extremely easy-going color with a variety of colors.

Therefore, when the color is properly matched, it can be reconciled with gray, which has no effect on health.