Combination skin summer maintenance strategy


Combination skin summer maintenance strategy

The hot summer climate will cause pores to expand and the secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands will increase greatly.

Combination skin will become more oily in summer, so care should be taken during skin care: 2-3 skin cleansings are required daily.

Choose a cleanser that suits your skin, paying special attention to the T-zone when cleaning.

After cleaning, you can use moisturizing lotion to add a lot of water and a small amount of oil.

  In order to keep the skin fresh and shiny, you can use the mask once a week.

  Drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat less greasy and spicy food.

  Summer makeup should be refreshing and light.

When the oil is saturated, it can be sucked off with powder.

Makeup must be thoroughly removed before bed to facilitate skin breathing.

  To prevent sun damage to the skin, wear sunscreen and a sun hat when going out.

  Moisture is quickly lost from air-dried skin.

Therefore, it is necessary for people who work and live in air-conditioned environments for a long time to use moisturizing products.

  In addition, acne-prone skin tends to thicken and appear spots. If not treated in time, it will be difficult to eliminate after a long time.

Should choose a mask that can help the skin restore function, so that the spots fade quickly.

Here are two commonly used facial products: 3-4 grams of pearl powder, plus half a tablespoon of fresh milk, adjusted to a paste, and apply to the affected area for 15-30 minutes.

  3-4 grams of seaweed powder, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to half a tablespoon of water, make a paste and apply to the affected area for 15-30 minutes.

After applying the face, wash the face with warm water and add a small amount of refreshing body lotion.

Keep skin comfortable and breathable.

Methods such as bleaching teeth are not effective for whitening teeth

Methods such as bleaching teeth are not effective for whitening teeth

Teeth whitening has become one of the most popular and popular dental cosmetic items.

But, you know what?

Some teeth whitening methods are not suitable for you, so you must go to an experienced dentist for a comprehensive check for the first time. Whitening programs are called by doctors. Do n’t blindly buy whitening products or bleach your teeth.

  Ordinary bleaching is not effective for endogenous tooth staining. Ordinary bleaching methods: white tooth tray, white tooth gel, whitening toothpaste, white tooth, etc.

  Use price: for dozens of yuan?
500 yuan, toothpaste and white tooth element are cheaper.

  How to use: The whitening agent directly acts on the teeth, and through the redox reaction between hydrogen peroxide and the tooth surface, the effect of whitening the teeth is achieved.

  Whitening effect: This method has some effect on the coloring of exogenous teeth, but it has little effect on internally-colored teeth such as tetracycline teeth and fluoroplasty teeth, because the inside of the teeth is black or yellow, and even bleached at that time, Often return to the original color after each month.

  Doctors suggest: Many new whitening products, such as new-generation tooth whitening agents, laser whitening, and cold light whitening, etc., have similar principles to the methods described above, and have a certain effect on endogenous tooth staining, but they take longer than healthy tooth life cycles.It also depends on the degree of tooth discoloration. It is recommended to use related products after the first whitening at the hospital after listening to the doctor’s advice. If the coloring is very serious, consider porcelain crowns or veneers.

  TIPS: There are many reasons for tooth staining and yellowing. Generally speaking, there are two types of internal origin and exogenous origin. External origin is due to the existence of a variety of bacteria on the surface of the teeth. They secrete a variety of stickiness on the surface of the teeth.Substances, tea stains, smoke stains in the daily diet, and certain minerals from ingestion adhere to these sticky substances and gradually make the teeth yellow or black.

Endogenous coloring is formed during the development of teeth. For example, tetracycline is deposited in the dentin, which will cause the teeth to turn yellow, brown, or dark gray. It is called tetracycline teeth. If there is too much fluorine in the inflow, it may also causeFluoride plaque, tooth surface is white chalk color, tan plaque, if dental nerve necrosis combined with bacterial decomposition products can also teeth black.

  The bleach whitening method is not effective against tartar. Whitening method: The effect of bleaching teeth is achieved by the action of hydrogen peroxide and teeth. This method has fast results and moderate cost, but if your tan teeth are only caused by the thick tartar covering the tooth surface, Even the most powerful bleach is powerless. Then, regular cleaning (cleaning your teeth) and cleaning your teeth with good habits is the best way to whiten your teeth.

  Experts remind: you may not be unfamiliar with correcting the cleaning of teeth, because every clinic and hospital has a business of cleaning teeth, but the effect after washing is very different.

Experts said: Not all dentists are qualified to wash their teeth, and the doctor’s methods and techniques determine the effectiveness of cleaning.

This is why the teeth are also their own. Sometimes they do not feel particularly uncomfortable after washing, and sometimes they are sore. The sensitivity of the teeth lasts for a long time.

Therefore, you should choose a doctor first, and then a hospital.

The washed teeth should feel refreshed, the discomfort disappears quickly, and there is no persistent swelling and pain in the gums.

In addition, after the exogenous coloring is applied with the cleansing method, it can also be used with whitening toothpaste to continue whitening, and a satisfactory whitening effect can be obtained.

  Porcelain, veneering is not once and for all. For teeth that have dentin discoloration such as tetracycline teeth, macular teeth, fluoride plaque, ordinary color-bleaching methods need to be used to a certain extent. It is difficult to achieve good results beyond a certain level.Value-added white effect, and these methods will have some irritation to the teeth, only applicable to some people.

  The use of veneer whitening is to stick a layer of porcelain or plastic on the surface of the teeth to shield the teeth that have changed color. The veneering fee for one tooth is 100?
200 yuan, whitening immediately after veneer, and now the veneer more colors, more realistic appearance, very popular with consumers.

But it is not as easy as once imagined by some people. This is inseparable from the level of the doctor and the usual maintenance. If the treatment is well maintained, it can be maintained for several years or even longer. If the maintenance is not good, it will soonWorn off the surface.

  The method of porcelain crown is to fix the finished porcelain braces on the real teeth after grinding, which is more comfortable, natural and firm than the veneer.

Since bacteria on the surface of porcelain teeth cannot survive, no more teeth will appear, which is a substitute for real teeth adjacent.

But no matter how good the materials and techniques are, you must rely on your own good sense of protection, because you need to use acid to attack the tooth tray, and you must melt the enamel on the surface of the teeth before you can install new things. This is the formation of dental caries.First step.

Therefore, after making porcelain and veneering, you should use special toothbrushes, toothpaste, and care for your teeth carefully. Otherwise, the teeth are white, but they bring new dental diseases.

  Experts remind: Special attention should be paid to whether porcelain or veneer is cured after periodontal disease is cured, because patients with periodontal disease often cause gum atrophy, forming periodontal pockets, and eventually roots are exposed and teeth are loose.Adding veneers and porcelain crowns to such teeth will increase the periodontal burden and aggravate periodontal disease.

Spring health 8 herbal tea

Spring health 8 herbal tea

Prepare yourself a cup of fragrant flower tea, relieve the annoying spring sleep by the fragrance of the flower tea, rely on this rich fragrant tea to dispel the cold evil that accumulates in the winter and promote the yang in the body.

At the same time, when you are refreshing, you can still maintain your health and slim down. The beauty of the flowers is so beautiful that you can only experience it.

  Huacha is a treasure of tea that combines the beauty of tea and the fragrance of flowers.

“Flower tea scent, complement each other”, corresponding to the most active metabolism of the human body in the spring, according to the individual physique to change the flower tea, can certainly improve the body’s immunity.

Most importantly, according to different ratios, the magical effect of flower tea can be more than one.

Whether it is refreshing, or slimming, or even health care, fresh tea can be done.

Want to know?

Then take a look at the health tea.

  1, jasmine tea jasmine tea can “go to cold evil, assistant Yu”, is the top of the spring tea.

In addition to drinking jasmine tea, you can calm your mood and refresh your spirits. You can also clear the heat and relieve heat, spleen and soothe the nerves, moisturize, replace stomach upset and menstrual pain, and stomach pain. It also helps women’s physiology, reproductive function, and moisturizes the skin.Skincare.

  2, chrysanthemum tea injection chrysanthemum has the function of nourishing liver and liver, clearing liver and clearing effect, especially suitable for spring use, especially suitable for girls who work closely with computers.

At the same time, it can detoxify fitness, exorcise evil and reduce fire, evacuate wind and clear heat, dilute and swollen, resist the harmful chemical or metabolites accumulated in the body, eliminate the effect, can inhibit a variety of pathogens, enhance microvascular elasticity, slow heart rate,Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and is beneficial to qi and blood, moisturizing and curing hair.

  What to do: If the eyes are swollen, use cotton tea with chrysanthemum tea and apply it around your eyes, which will soon be eliminated.

Drinking a cup of chrysanthemum tea every day can make the symptoms of eye fatigue fade, and it is also a good choice for restoring vision.

  3, honeysuckle tea has a sweet taste, has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, evacuating wind and heat, reducing swelling and relieving pain, and can correct common upper respiratory tract infections in spring, influenza, tonsillitis, periodontitis, etc.Enteritis also has the effect of relieving, helping to cool the blood to stop diarrhea, diuretic and liver.

  4, rose tea is lukewarm and rich in vitamins. It has the functions of promoting blood circulation, regulating liver and regulating qi, balancing endocrine, etc. It has a conditioning effect on liver and stomach, and can eliminate fatigue, improve physical fitness, and reduce it in time.

In addition, it can effectively alleviate cardiovascular diseases, and can be used for beauty and beauty, helping to improve dry skin and remove dark spots on the skin.

  How to do it: Take 15 grams of rose water every day to drink, qi deficiency can add 3-5 jujubes, or 9 grams of American ginseng; kidney deficiency can add 15 grams of medlar.

  5, mint tea Note Drinking mint tea is the most deserving way of refreshing in recent times.

The mint taste is cool and contains mainly volatile oil. The main components of the oil are menthol, menthol, menthone, mint, phenene, limonene, etc., which have the effect of dissipating wind heat, detoxification and detoxification.

However, mint can reduce the amount of milk in the mother, and it has certain irritation. It is not suitable for breastfeeding, pregnant women and children.

  How to do it: Rose Mint Tea Material: Rose Flower Bud 4-5 Mint A small amount (two or three money) Method: Mix the dried rose and mint into the cup, cover it for 10-15 minutes, wait for teaIt can be better after cooling.

  In addition to health, tea has a good slimming effect.

The following recipes for these teas are a good choice for cellulite and detoxification.

  6, rose + cassia + lemon slices have a good effect on constipation obesity.

  7, chrysanthemum + honeysuckle + fat sea fat loss to lose weight, go to the heat to clear fire.

Detoxification and beauty.

Long-term suffering can reduce waist and fat.

  8, Luoshenhua + lemon slices + lotus leaves for the calf is thicker, the face is more round and easy to swell and fat body shape.

  After reading so much, there are a few girls who must pay attention.

Everyone’s physique is different, there is a difference between cold and hot, so you can not just take the flower tea according to your own preferences. It is best to consult the doctor before choosing the flower tea. According to the scientific advice put forward by the doctor, choose the flower tea that suits you best.

In doing so, you can become a “tea beauty” in the chest, health and slimming.

Eat 3 kinds of foods, eat constipation gently, and your stomach is gone.


Eat 3 kinds of foods, eat constipation gently, and your stomach is gone.

In the usual life, everyone has experienced the pain caused by constipation, this feeling is really uncomfortable, the defecation does not come out of the anus is like a split, I feel that the whole person is going crazy.

One constipation, I will think of using laxatives. After using it for many times, it has no effect. Defecation is more difficult. I don’t know if everyone is like me.

If you have the same experience as me, then please look down. Let me share with you some ways to improve my improvement method. Don’t stay up late at night 2, usually drink some boiled water, not less than 500ml3 every day.Develop the habit of defecation every day 4, exercise at least 3 times a week 5, office workers should pay attention to proper walking, remember to take the above five habits of sedentary hazards, usually pay attention to diet.

There are a lot of foods in life that can be laxative, so you can eat some things that can prevent constipation. I often eat the following three kinds of food.

1, pea pea is rich in starch and cellulose, which can effectively improve the peristaltic ability of the tandem, increase the moisture of the feces, and reduce the dryness of the stool.

2, oatmeal oat fiber content is high, can help us increase the convenience, while improving the overall function.

3, sweet potato sweet potato is rich in supplemental fiber, can enhance the convenience, while improving the ability of resonance and creep, is also a very good food.

Eating more than three kinds of foods is good for preventing constipation, but it may not be enough to get constipation.

So I also deliberately added a diet to strengthen bowel movements. This is what I didn’t know, and I also thank others for sharing.

This diet is to use yogurt + sesame oil. Stirring and eating can be said to be beneficial to the yoghurt, which can enhance the growth of probiotics and improve each other.

Hemp oil is a vegetable oil that contains a lot of hydrophilic factors, which can lock the moisture of the feces and prevent dry stools.

At the same time, it is rich in linolenic acid, which can improve the gastrointestinal environment, so it can be used for laxatives without side effects.

When eating, pay attention to the best choice of yogurt, old yoghurt, sesame oil should choose the first level of pressing, to ensure that its purity is high, the role will be good.


Beware of three bad habits that lead to stupidity


Beware of three bad habits that lead to stupidity

Like to eat sugar, lack of sleep, but also like to use mobile phones, do computer “low-headed”, the girls are careful, these little habits even hurt the body is still hurt, do you think that you seem stupid recently?

銆€銆€Obviously still very young, suddenly I forgot to forget the West, sometimes the “slow” reaction did not come, even serious until the action became slow?

The young girls are very worried, have I recently hurt my mind?

銆€銆€In fact, in some respects, you can really be considered as “injured” in your mind. Don’t worry, these are caused by some small habits of life. As long as you pay attention to improving your lifestyle, you can replace these things that make you stupid.Be smart!

銆€銆€Women who eat too much sugar may love sweets by nature. Few girls who don’t like sugar, sweet drinks, desserts, ice cream, and lots of candy attract women’s feelings and taste.

銆€銆€However, research has shown that absorbing too much sugar can damage physical health and lead to excessive, which in turn impairs memory and learning ability.

Excessive consumption of fructose can cause signal transmission disorders in brain cells, thereby destroying the ability of normal brains to think clearly and the memory of previous knowledge.

銆€銆€In addition, sugar will cause dialysis to regulate the use and storage of sugar to produce the energy needed for thought and mood, making you slower and slower.

銆€銆€Commonly used computer scientists pointed out that through the popularity of computers, the speed of human brain degradation is beyond imagination.

Computers and other technology products not only bring people a more convenient life, but also lead to the degradation of bodily functions.

Studies have shown that using too much computer can cause the brain to “shrink”, the gray matter in the brain is the part responsible for thinking, and the computer becomes such a “high-level thinking ability” to reduce, making you more and more stupid.

銆€銆€Using the computer, it will lead to a lot of people only loose language communication, so the language, reading and analysis ability is degraded and degraded, resulting in communication barriers and decreased thinking ability.

銆€銆€There is no need to use the brain to remember directly, and it will not cause young people to suffer from “dementia”. It is a good consequence to forget the pen.

According to a survey conducted in South Korea, 63% of office workers who use computers feel that they have amnesia.

銆€銆€Insufficient sleep and long-term lack of sleep can make people stupid, almost become a consensus.

Lack of sleep can affect thinking and memory, leading to health and unintelligible situations.

銆€銆€Insufficient sleep affects the frontal lobe of the brain, which affects constructive thinking and creativity. Sleep deprivers can become slurred, monotonous, and difficult to spontaneously complete complex speech.

銆€銆€Sleep is about to affect the memory consolidation and emotional processing. Without proper rest, it is difficult to form a memory, and it is difficult to grasp the ins and outs of things, so that it is difficult to think carefully and rationally.

There is often a sentence that needs to be read twice to understand, etc., people feel that they are stupid.

銆€銆€In addition, sudden increases in blood pressure may also affect cognitive ability. People with long-term chronic hypertension tend to perform poorly in cognitive tests.

So, feel that you suddenly become stupid, you may want to take a blood pressure to see it.

How to place a computer to avoid dry eye


How to place a computer to avoid dry eye

The height of the computer is preferably 30 degrees below the horizontal line of sight on the top of the screen, and the screen is slightly inclined 10 degrees.

This can reduce the exposed area of the cornea and reduce dry eye syndrome; replacement can relieve muscle tension and reduce the incidence of cervical spondylosis.

銆€銆€Office workers who stare at the computer every day, if they do not pay attention to the self-protection of the eyes, change their eye fatigue, which will seriously affect the whole body and cause “computer fatigue syndrome.”

In addition to improving the quality of the computer screen and adopting various self-care methods, the placement of the computer, the adjustment of the table and chair, and the sitting posture are all to be noted.

銆€銆€The optimal distance to operate the computer should be kept at 50 cm – 60 cm. If the screen size is small, the distance can be extended to 70 cm as appropriate.

If the distance is too close, it is easy to be exposed to radiation damage, and it is easy to cause myopia or deepen myopia. If the distance is too far, it is necessary to extend the shoulder arm to be able to hold the mouse. Over time, it will cause shoulder muscle pain.

銆€銆€The height of the computer is preferably 30 degrees below the horizontal line of sight on the top of the screen, and the screen is slightly inclined 10 degrees.
This can reduce the exposed area of the cornea and reduce dry eye syndrome; replacement can relieve muscle tension and reduce the incidence of cervical spondylosis.

銆€銆€The height of the seat is preferably bent 90 degrees naturally or slightly forward, and the feet are placed flat on the ground.

The seat is too high, the legs are overhanging, which will oppress the blood circulation; while the seat is too low, the leg is distorted, and the internal organs are pressed, which affects the physiological function.

The backrest should be tilted forward to make the spine straight, otherwise long-term bowing or even pressing the internal organs will make people have a hunchback prematurely.

銆€銆€It is recommended that you are facing the screen, do not tilt the computer to the side, otherwise the length of time will shorten the adjustment imbalance of the two eyes.

Not only that, but also caused the neck, waist, shoulders, wrists to bend excessively and strain.

It should also be noted that the surrounding environment of the work is well ventilated, with reasonable light and moderate humidity.

A certain amount of space should be reserved behind the computer, so that there is room for expansion in the gap between the computers.