Easily eliminate dark circles in 10 minutes without effort


Easily eliminate dark circles in 10 minutes without effort

Do you work overtime and stay up late?

Has it become a “giant panda” again?

The formation of dark circles does not happen overnight. Elimination also requires “long years”. Be patient.

However, at this many festivals, I am anxious to come back beautifully, of course, there are also quick-acting slowing and covering methods.

  Have you ever carefully watched the rest and revolving movements of youthful dark circles, and the dark circles also have different “positions”, there is a kind of “black”, which comes out from the inside, slightly blue.

This panda eye is not a skin problem, or even a deeper microvascular problem. There are basically three types of -1.

Poor blood circulation.

  Red blood cells consume more oxygen, hypoxic red blood cells increase, and blood stagnation.

Look at the fracture of the elbow. Why is the vein blue?

It is because the blood circulation is slow.

Lack of sleep is the main culprit of cell hypoxia and poor circulation, so sleeping well is the most effective way to improve dark circles.

Another big factor for improving dark circles is exercise, including whole body and local.

Girls get cold hands and feet in winter, usually because of lack of exercise and poor microcirculation, resulting in the formation of dark circles around the eyes, strengthen exercise to improve microcirculation.

At the same time, local exercise is more important. Frequent eye exercises are performed, and turning the eyeballs up and down, left and right is very beneficial for strengthening the microcirculation of the eyes.


Capillaries are thick.

  Some people are born with dark circles, which may be a genetic cause.

Eye skin is very thin, of course, especially if the natural capillaries are relatively large.

This kind of dark circles is a bit “unhelpful”, you can go to the hospital to try laser surgery.

Some thick capillaries are formed the day after tomorrow. Sometimes long-term blood circulation is not smooth, and the capillaries become thickened due to spots, or long-term drinking will also cause blood vessels to dilate. This is the same reason as drinking flushes.

Drink in moderation to promote circulation, but don’t overdo it. At the same time, use some eye creams that can promote circulation, such as Biotherm Eye Oxygen Purifying Lotion, OLAY Whitening Eye Essence (Netizens use experience).

They all have detoxifying effects, a cooling sensation can constrict blood vessels, and it is more effective to correct dark circles.

But keep in mind that improving dark circles is a “tugging war” and you ca n’t give up for a while.


Fractured blood vessels.

  This is a more serious degree, a bit because “internal bleeding” and “Wu Qing block” is a principle.

Severe blood stasis can cause this rupture. There are two other conditions that can easily lead to fragile rupture of capillaries, namely rhinitis and smoking.

You can see that people with rhinitis not only have dark circles under their eyes, but also the middle of the nose bridge is a bit blue. The first is poor circulation, and more importantly, long-term replacement and wiping actions can cause huge damage.

Smoking can cause poor circulation and weak blood vessels. Everyone knows this, so you can stop smoking or not.

  Quickly eliminate “Panda Eyes” If you have to go to work the next day after staying up late, or rush to an important party, the elimination of dark circles is not a day or two thing, is there any emergency remedy?

  For half an hour, remove the makeup first. While washing your face, gently pat the eyes with a warm towel to open the circulation, and then immediately apply cold water to the eyes to stimulate the contraction of blood vessels.

Then make an eye mask to replenish the eyes with moisture while making the eyes feel soothing.

When applying eye cream, gently insert around the eye circles, the process of clicking is relatively slow, silent number 1, 2, 3, but also slower when popping up, the same light number 1, 2, 3.

Finally, drop some eye drops that have a cooling and calming effect to moisturize the eyes. Do not leave them dry and difficult to rotate.

  Cover for ten minutes. After the eye cream is completely absorbed, lightly apply concealer or liquid foundation on the edges of the dark circles, and gently spread inward from the edges of the dark circles. Note that the edges of the dark circles are the focus.If you pass it, if the inside of the ring is too white, or it causes a polishing effect, your eyes will feel swollen.

Enhance the makeup of the upper half of the eyes, such as eyelashes, eyeliners, etc., and add white highlights to the brow bones, which can divert people’s attention from dark circles.

  The above is a kind of dark circles that young people are more likely to have, and another type of dark circles is that older people are more likely to exist.

This kind of dark circles is often dark brown, and the shades are not uniform. At first glance, it is a skin problem. There are three reasons for this dark circles.Melanin precipitates.

  The makeup on the eyes is very heavy, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc. If the makeup is not removed enough, the accumulated melanin will really scare people and form dark spots on the eyes. In fact, it is dark circles. Look at yourselfAre the edges of the upper and lower eyelids darkened?

Therefore, you must take care of your makeup every day. You can choose a special makeup remover for the eyes and lips. Pour the makeup remover on a cotton pad and apply it on the eyes for 5 seconds to “melt” the makeup. Then gently wipe it off, then use a cotton swab.Remove makeup from the details, such as the eyelids, corners, etc.

When you wash your face, you should also focus on cleaning. After washing, it is recommended to use a cotton swab to clean the details again. This will completely clean it. Pay attention to the gentle movements.

If you already have melanin, you can use some whitening eye cream.

If you can use some whitening serum before the eye cream, the effect will be more significant.


There is another kind of melanin pigment, which is melanin pigment.

Because the skin of the eyes is extremely thin, it is also very weak. Once exposed to ultraviolet rays, the skin will activate its own “protective device”-melanin pigment to resist, so this pigment used to protect the skin becomes dark circles.
Therefore, the eyes must be sunscreen. You can choose a physical sunscreen for the eyes; you can also choose a foundation with a sun protection index and a foundation to protect the sun. Of course, the eye cream itself contains a sun protection index.


Dry and suspend.

  The other kind of dark circles is actually not dark but dark.

Winter dry eye skin looks particularly opaque.

After washing your hands, apply lotion on one hand and leave it on the other. You will notice that the color will be different. In fact, it is not the color, but the skin that is plumped and moisturized will naturally be brighter.

The slack eye skin is uneven, uneven, and dull because of the relationship of light refraction. It is naturally different from old hands and young hands, so if there are bags under the eyes, it will often cause blackness.Visual perception of the eye circles.

Therefore, if you are in this category, you must choose some eye creams with high moisturizing, repairing, and moisturizing degrees. These eye creams tend to be thicker, oilier, and more suitable for evening use. At the same time, strengthen the technique to help massageabsorb.

Six types of yoga make you easy to lose weight at home

Six types of yoga make you easy to lose weight at home

What is the best way to lose weight at home?

Do yoga exercises.

Simple yoga moves also have great weight loss effects, allowing you to easily lose weight at home.

Let’s take a look at 6 classic yoga moves with obvious weight loss effects.

  Yoga is actually not complicated.

In general physical exercise, the external beauty is often valued, but the internal things are rarely taken into account.

Yoga is different. While sculpting your external image, it also gives you a power from the heart.

After a period of exercise from the inside out, you will be surprised to find that your mindset has changed.

You will no longer torture yourself for losing a few kilos, you will be beautiful because of happiness, and happy because of beauty.

  1. Crescent: start from the tree position, take a big step backwards with your left foot, lift your heels, straighten your legs, bend your right leg straight, form a straight line back and forth, lift your arms up, and close your hands,Squeeze down and back, and hold for 5 breaths.

  2. Half Moon: Starting from the T shape, the fingertip of the right hand touches the floor (if you cannot touch the floor, you can pad some items such as books, etc.), and transfer the weight to the right hand and right leg.

Leave your left foot off the floor, rotate your left front, and keep your heels and left legs parallel to the ground for better balance. Look up and look up for 5 breaths.

At the end, turn the torso and tibia forward to return to the mountain posture.

  3, tree pose: Put your feet together, start with the mountain posture, with your toes fully open and stretched, use your front thigh muscles to drive the muscles near your knee joints.

Straighten your spine and raise your chest and back.

Put your hands together in a prayer position, with your thumbs close to your body and your elbows flexed close to your body.

Then lift your left foot tightly against your right leg (you can use your hand to help if necessary) and maintain balance. You must keep your right leg upright and hold for 5 breaths.

If you have poor weight and softness, you can put your left foot on the lower leg or the joint of your foot. You feel like a tree rooted on the earth and breathing deeply.

  4. Triangle: Starting from the mountain posture, right foot is stepped back 2 feet, turn right and the side of the leg is 90 degrees, left foot forward, with the leg as the center, turn forward, right heel and left instepInto a straight line.

Raise your arms and palms down.

Straighten your legs (if you can’t, you can bend the implant 90 degrees), stretch your torso and arms, and inhale.

Place your other hand on a bone, ankle, or floor, keeping your left and right arms in a straight line.

Look up and hold for 5 breaths.

Return to the original position and start on the other side.

  5. Samurai: Starting from the crescent, lay your left foot flat, turn your toes 30 degrees, your legs still straight, and your hips 90 degrees.

Keep your right heel and left instep in a line, and keep it at 90 degrees. Stomp, relax your body and your pedaling, center it, stretch it all the way, stand at the same height with your shoulders, and palm down.

Stretch your fingertips as if you are touching the wall.

Focus your eyes on the middle finger of your right hand and hold for 5 breaths.

  6, T-shape: Starting from a samurai posture, put your hands on the top, tilt your upper body straight forward, lift your left foot, look for balance, and then your upper body is completely forward, lifting your left leg until your body is parallel to the left leg.

Bend your left leg fully, from your hips to your toes.

Keep your chest straight and face up toward the floor.

Keep your body straight on both sides of your body, with your palms facing inward, and hold for 5 breaths.

If this is too difficult for you, you can put your legs on a chair in the beginning.

It ‘s better if they stare at each other.

It ‘s better if they stare at each other.

Regarding the fuzzy dynamics of where the eyes should be focused during the dialogue, it is purely personal and quite “multiple.”

However, in many books on social guidance, it has been further elevated to the level of etiquette, becoming an equation with only “limited solutions” or even “only solutions.”

  In a book of etiquette, experts carried out incredible quantitative guidance, saying that if two people talk face-to-face for 30 minutes, if the other person can watch you for 10 minutes, it must be “don’t put you in your eyes”Watching you for 10 to 20 minutes means that the other person is friendly to you.

  When the gaze time exceeds the threshold of 20 minutes, the problem becomes more complicated, indicating that the other party knows you very well, but the possibility of “hostility” is not ruled out.

This puts forward a high standard for the function of the biological clock in our brain, requiring precision to the minute level. If we are not careful, we will be in danger of turning friends into enemies.

  As for the geographical geological evidence that the eyes should look at a part of the opponent ‘s body, the book explained carefully that according to the point of fixation on different parts of the opponent ‘s body, the personality can be framed as “business-oriented”, “concerned”, “social”Type”, “intimate type” and other levels.

It can not help but secretly commit assault on comrades with high astigmatism.

Then I saw another suggestion that made me surrounded: a German interpersonal communication expert believes that the most correct trajectory in the dialogue is: first look at the other person’s eyes, then slowly move his eyes to the mouth,Return to the eyes.

I just want to know if there is too much range of sight, and I accidentally crossed my mouth and dropped my neck, would I be frivolous?

  However, for quite a few people, locking their eyes on the limited parts of the other person’s body, in addition to facing ritual problems, comes from physical obstacles.

Usually when people talk face to face, often they can’t align their eyes on the face of the other person’s limited area as long as the etiquette expert wishes.

An article published in the November 2005 issue of “Memory and Cognition” stated that on some occasions, people may unconsciously look away, or “close their eyes slightly, look up at the sky”, or even “put their faceGo Aside. ”

  This “eye-walking obsessive-compulsive disorder” is said to have multiple elements.

Scottish psychologist Phelps said the “eye-to-eye” act was seen as a signal of an “intimate” relationship.

When face-to-face “intimate” conversations around people who are not psychologically easy to get close to, the brain will spontaneously move your eyes to reduce the “intimacy index” of this interaction.

There are also experiments that show that the more “intimate” a person is in space, the less time they spend looking at each other, creating a balance.

  However, evidence from Phelps and other researchers suggests that this “gaze-avoidance” behavior is more explained by cognitive science.

The reason is that the human face is full of complex and dynamic information. If you notice each other in your personality, you will occupy certain brain resources out of thin air, and the brain will be dull.

Suppose that Einstein’s “beauty and hot stove” question is changed a little, the answer may be two different: explain the theory of relativity to the beauty, and explain the theory of relativity to the stove.

Mysterious health of finger white crescent

Mysterious health of finger white crescent

(1) What is a half-moon mark? One-fifth of the bottom of the nail appears with a white arc-shaped mark. This is the half-moon mark.

  Nail half-moon marks are the boundary between yin and yang meridians and are representative of the essence of the human body, so they are also called health circles.

  The development of semilunar marks is affected by nutrition, environment, and physical fitness. When the digestive and absorption function is good, the semilunar marks will be blurred, reduced, or even disappeared.

The condition of the semilunar marks shows information about human health.

  (B) The role of half-moon marks Chinese medicine says: Qi is not attributed to the liver as blood, blood is attributed to the kidney as essence, and essence is not attributed to bone as marrow.

  This is the origin of the essence.

The essence is where the vitality is.

The trace of the half moon is the essence of essence because of the information it displays.

  The role of vitality: 1, to support the body’s internal organs and internal organs.

  2. Push the normal operation of qi, blood and viscera.

  3. Resist external evils (immune function).

  4. Long-life anti-aging substance.

  5. Genetic material.

  There is a saying in Chinese medicine: perfect, strong, sick, weak, old, and dead.

  This shows that the essence of vitality is important.

In daily life, timely recovery of energy and energy, good health, is conducive to our physical health.

When the oxidant is insufficient, the important supplement is primarily protein.

  Traditional Chinese Medicine said: “Insufficient essence makes up for it.

“That said, you need to add protein.

Good quality protein is neutral, such as milk, eggs, beans, fish, black food (every black kidney), seed food, denatured food and so on.

After persisting for one month, you can see the traces of half moon appear, indicating that the productivity has been restored to a certain extent.

  (3) Normal half-moon marks 1. The number of half-moon marks should be 8-10 in both hands.

  2. The area of half-moon marks is one fifth of the nail.

  3. The color of half moon marks is milky white, the whiter the better, the stronger the energy.

  (IV) Abnormal half-moon marks 1, less half-moon marks, less half-moon marks, indicating worse energy, colder constitution, that is, weak immunity, cold hands and feet.

  2. There are three types of abnormal semilunar marks: ① cold bottom type-where there are fewer semilunar marks, the colder, and no semilunar marks are cold.

  The cold type indicates that the body is weak in yang and the cold is more vigorous.

  This type of person has low internal organs, slow blood and blood, easy fatigue and fatigue, lack of energy, poor absorption, pale skin, cold hands and feet, panic, drowsiness, easy colds, repeated colds, slowly decline, and physicalDecrease, even stagnation of phlegm, blood stasis due to qi stagnation, nodules of wet phlegm, easy to produce tumors.

  ② Hot bottom type-Those who have half moon marks on their little fingers are all hot type.

  People with hot type have half-moon marks larger than one fifth of their nails.

The increase in half-moon traces indicates that the yang in the human body is more vigorous, the viscera functions are stronger, and the physical fitness is better.

However, in some cases, the yang is strong. Such people have hyperviscosity, visible flushing, irritability, irritability, constipation, irritability, dry mouth, large appetite, not afraid of cold, active, and evenHigh blood pressure, high blood sugar, and easy stroke.

  ③ Cold and hot staggered type-Where the boundary of the half-moon mark is blurred and the color gradually approaches the color of the nail body, it is a cold and heat staggered or yin-yang disorder.

  Early stage: The edge of the half moon mark is not clear, such as shining.

  Medium-term: Half moon marks begin to shrink.

  Late stage: Half moon marks gradually decrease and disappear.

  (E) Half moon marks and five fingers 1.

Thumb Half Moon Marks-Associated with lung and spleen Thumb half moon marks are pink, indicating poor track visceral dysfunction, impaired visceral function, easy fatigue and cold, and severely cause diabetes.Half moon marks are pink as a warning before you can feel any abnormality.


Index finger half-moon traces-Associated digestive index finger is closely related to the stomach and intestines. When the index finger half-moon traces are pink, it means that the stomach and large intestine have indigestion and the appetite naturally diminishes.


Middle Finger Half Moon Mark-Correlation Spirit The middle finger is associated with the pericardial meridian. When a person is in a severe mental condition or is too stressed, he will feel overly nervous, dizzy, headache, unclear thoughts, brain swelling, insomnia, and dreams.
The middle finger half-moon marks will now be pink.


Little finger half moon mark-The half moon mark associated with the little finger of the heart and kidney causes a special pink color.

Usually, when the heart’s blood circulation is poor and visceral function is abnormal, certain conscious symptoms occur.

However, heart disease has no symptoms.

Therefore, most of the hypertensive patients are unable to know themselves at an early stage, and they are not discovered until the condition worsens. Therefore, there are often violent deaths.

So it is very important to observe heart activity, and the best test is to observe the little finger and middle finger half moon marks.


Ring finger half-moon mark-associated endocrine ring finger half-moon mark is pink, indicating that there is an abnormality in the Sanjiao Jing running on the finger.

The abnormality of trifocal meridians indicates that the yin and yang are imbalanced, which can cause poor blood circulation due to cold or heat, and it is easy to lose physical fitness.

The winter solstice diet pays attention to three more than three less

The winter solstice diet pays attention to “three more than three less”

Old Chinese medicine suggests that the diet should be varied in the winter solstice season, and the valley, fruit, meat and vegetables should be reasonably matched.
Food should be light, not suitable for eating turbid, fatty and salty food.
In winter, the yang is weak, and the spleen is warm and cold. Therefore, it is advisable to eat warm products to protect the spleen and kidney.
Eat a small amount of meals.
Should pay attention to “three more than three less”, that is, protein, vitamins, cellulose, sugar, fat, salt less.
But health is not just a winter thing, but a process of continuous accumulation of water and long-term flow. The human body should adapt to the changes in nature in different seasons to adjust the health care strategy.
The theme of summer health care should be 鈥淵iqi Yangyin鈥? and in winter, it should pay attention to 鈥渢o nourish qi and blood鈥?
Everyone should pay attention to “reinforcing liver and kidney” while nursed the qi and blood.
It is recommended that you use Chinese herbal medicines and common poultry such as chicken and duck to simmer together at this time. It is a relatively simple winter health regimen.
In your home, you can prepare medicinal herbs such as tamping, yam, medlar, ginseng, maple, and cordyceps, and mix them with poultry and other foods to help the body absorb the essence of medicinal herbs and food.
Many people know that winter is tonic. In fact, the basis of tonic is to raise the spleen and stomach. The spleen and stomach are the “foundation of the human body”. Only the digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach can make the medicine and food play its maximum effect. Otherwise, it will be good.Something will also lead to the consequences of “cannot make up.”
In order to nurse the spleen and stomach, the most important thing is to quit the greasy, fried, high-fat foods, and the “smell and thick taste” will unconsciously damage the spleen and stomach function of the person.

10 points to promote the most important nutrient absorption


10 points to promote the most important nutrient absorption

At present, many people are paying attention to the nutrition in the diet and even calculating the nutrient content in the food.

However, even if these have been done very well, most of the thin people found that they still did not reach the ideal weight.

The reason is that the food you eat (nutrition) is not absorbed by the body.

It is very important to reduce the impurities and efficient digestion and absorption of the impurities that are eaten. The following points should be noted.


Change the source of the protein.

銆€銆€The most talented bodybuilder can’t stand the same food every day.

First, it will cause malnutrition for the first time, because any kind of food does not completely contain complete protein. For example, chicken breast is very low in some essential amino acids, such as branched-chain amino acids, which is very good in building and maintaining muscle circumference.important.

Because of the lack of a certain kind of food, it will also affect the absorption of other amino acids, so it will cause decomposition. Because you lack some amino acids, the body sacrifices some muscle cells to break down and break down certain essential amino acids.

銆€銆€Almost as such, repeated eating habits can cause acquired food allergies. Every time you eat these foods, the body will consider these foods to be inappropriate sources of protein rather than nutrients.

銆€銆€Change your recipes. If you get protein from a variety of sources, you can avoid any deficiency and the protein you are using can be fully utilized.


Eat less and eat more.

銆€銆€This makes it easier for your body to digest and absorb. This way your metabolism is often active and minimizes the possibility of hoarding.


Learn to use supplements.

銆€銆€Vitamins and minerals are best eaten together with three meals a day, as this reduces stomach upset and is easier to digest and absorb.

And a small number of times to take the best method.

It is also better to take amino acids and protein together.


Avoid eating at midnight.

銆€銆€For a variety of reasons, some people eat a lot when they are late at night, and this habit will bring you embarrassment.

The body’s metabolic rate is highest during the morning and afternoon periods, and most of the nutrients are digested and absorbed, which is also in this schedule.

And the protein you eat at midnight can affect your sleep quality.

銆€銆€Allocate your food intake so that 75% of your calories are consumed before the evening.


The essence of eating on time.

銆€銆€About 30 minutes after training, your body needs to consume about 50-100 grams of sugar. At this time, the body absorbs sugar like a sponge, which is more integrated and quicker than usual. If you don’t add it at this time, your bodyThe protein in it is converted into sugar to supplement the lost energy.

銆€銆€In the 60-90 minutes after training, muscle cells will quickly take up amino acids. If no protein is taken to make amino acids at this time, the muscles will be broken down to provide the necessary amino acid source. Therefore, in the hour after training, 20 should be taken.-40 grams of protein that provides amino acids to muscle tissue for repair and growth.


Cooking food.

銆€銆€Because the cooking methods are different, the nutrients in the food will change greatly. Improper methods will reduce the vitamins and minerals in the food and destroy the protein.

銆€銆€Try to cut the food as soon as possible, so as to avoid food dehydration and nutrient decomposition.

Vegetables can be cooked as long as Microsoft is cooked. If it is cooked, add a minimum amount of water.


Eat natural food.

銆€銆€Try to avoid processed and delicate foods, which usually contain large amounts of sugar, sodium and sodium, and many vitamins and minerals have been destroyed.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
銆€銆€The canned beverages sold in the market are all sterilized by high temperature and treated manually, and their nutritional value is greatly reduced.


Chew slowly.

銆€銆€Chewing is the most important process before food is broken down and digested.

Insufficient chewing can reduce digestion efficiency, causing indigestion and flatulence.

銆€銆€Try to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, eat small, chew a little.


Drink water.

銆€銆€Most people will feel that their body is full of water. This is wrong, because the less you drink, the more your body will save every drop of water stored in the body.

Moisture is very important for the metabolism of adults, the digestion and absorption of proteins and the operation of organs, but drinking too much water during eating can interfere with the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

銆€銆€Add carbonated drinks and try to avoid adding them together with meals. These drinks can replace and neutralize stomach acid.

Other beverages, such as coffee, may cause the body to excrete some minerals.

In short, no drink can be better than water for you.

6 natural antibacterial dishes in summer, each should eat a few more mouthfuls


6 “natural antibacterial dishes” in summer, each should eat a few more mouthfuls

The human digestive tract is suffering from chewing, swallowing, absorption, excretion and other important functions, which is our “life channel”.

Summer is a season of high incidence of digestive tract diseases. If you eat a little wrong, it will easily cause stomach upset, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Some foods in nature have a natural antibacterial effect, and proper addition in the diet can avoid minor illnesses and minor pains.

Onion organic sulfide is the main source of spicy onion.

Studies have shown that this active substance has an inhibitory inhibitory effect against Staphylococcus aureus, diphtheria, etc., and has health effects such as lowering blood pressure and preventing cancer.

It is best to eat raw onions or stir-fry for a short time, otherwise the active substances will be destroyed.

Allicin in leek can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as Shigella and Staphylococcus aureus; leek can also replace fiber and promote disturbance of peristalsis.

Scrambled eggs with chives and fried pork with chives are good choices.

The anisole in fennel has antibacterial effect and has a good inhibitory effect on Escherichia coli and influenza bacillus. It can prevent a variety of infectious diarrhea and promote the healing of inflammation and ulcers.

The tender stems of fennel, the leaves as vegetables, the aroma is rich, in addition to adding some meat to make stuffing, it is also used to make fennel scrambled eggs.

Purslane research shows that purslane has a strong inhibitory effect on complications such as Escherichia coli, Shigella, Salmonella typhi and Staphylococcus aureus, especially for dysentery bacilli. It is commonly used to treat enteritis and dysentery.disease.

Purslane fresh food, dry food homologous.

Before you prepare, you must remove the roots and use it to make soup, steamed vegetables, and cold salad.

Houttuynia cordata is poisoned by an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory houttuyin (鐧竏iacetaldehyde), which is also a source of astringency.

Houttuynia can effectively inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus pneumoniae and other pathogens.

Fresh houttuynia, leaves and roots can be eaten, can be fried, cold salad or soup.

Active substances such as perillin in perilla basil have certain inhibitory effects on Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, Escherichia coli and the like.

In Japan, perilla leaves are often used as a side dish for sashimi to prevent cold food poisoning.

Perilla can also be added to salad dressings or used to cook porridge.

In addition, you can also order basil leaves when you eat barbecue or other seafood.