Ten essential capabilities for success in the IT age

Ten essential capabilities for success in the IT age

1. Gradual resilience The information age is changing rapidly. If you want to succeed in this changing world, you must ask yourself to develop an extraordinary resilience.

At present, people all over the world are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the real network economy, transforming the decline of the network economy bubble, the rising gold content, and the human resources discovery-cultivation-abandonment cycle will be rebuilt, stronger, and human resources.The period of time has been greatly shortened. In this ever-changing environment, we are constantly under pressure to update our knowledge system.

If you are backward, you will be beaten. For people in the IT age, if you become slow, you will also be beaten. If you become slow, you may be eliminated by society.

With the fierce competition, more and more people want to continuously supplement and improve themselves by acquiring more effective information, lest they can’t keep up with the fast pace of the information age, so many expert critics come out to say the futureIn the mall is no longer eating big but not fast.

Relatively speaking, talent competition is “people eat people”, “fast people” eat “slow people”!

As a protagonist in the efficient and fast information age, how can you adapt to such a fast pace?

This requires the ability to adapt to changes in the environment in order to prepare for it from time to time.

  2. The ability to communicate and exert imagination In the information age, an important premise to be accepted by society as soon as possible is that we must have the ability to grasp information and obtain information, but to have these capabilities we must be good at communication andUse your imagination.

Because listen carefully, write clearly, read carefully, speak clearly, accurate narrative will have inestimable value.

Also in fast-paced work environments, communication barriers can become a fatal problem.

This ability is crucial. It can collect and obtain a wide range of knowledge information, so that some of the knowledge, thinking methods and observation perspectives can be used to guide the company to the future.

  3. The ability to observe and analyze the present society is intricate and complicated. To maintain a certain sober mind in a society that is still being chaotic and chaotic, we must require us to have a keen ability to observe things and analyze and process objects.

The current society is a network society. The network is invisible and intangible, giving people the feeling of nothingness, and when you quickly and conveniently purchase the required items on the Internet, you feel that it is real.

In order to gain wealth in this society, the ability to observe and analyze things must be correct in order to succeed, because the gain of wealth in the network economy is not through the perfect combination of the inherent knowledge that is mastered, but through the capture of imperfections.New knowledge.

We live in this kind of network economy environment. To find opportunities, it is more important to have keen insight to turn these imperfect new knowledge into original innovation.

  4. The ability to pioneer and innovate. Innovation is a necessary and sufficient condition for a country and a nation to achieve progress. Also for people in our IT era, innovation is an important guarantee for winning success. The ability to innovate is what every citizen of our society should strive to cultivate.Ability.
In the market in the context of the information society, various new knowledge and new business opportunities are emerging.

In this way, the candidate’s thinking ability, reaction ability, judgment ability and devotion to the pursuit of the company will become the criterion for the unit or business owner to weigh the available or unavailable one.

In the future, computers, product sales and management engineering will be required more and more with both theoretical and practical experience.

  5. Certain organizational and expressive abilities In this interconnected era, people in the IT era have begun to learn to use the Internet to communicate with people.

Indeed, Internet can bring convenience and speed to our communication, but it is undeniable that the emergence of various network languages affects our daily expression and organizational ability in a kind of decomposition. At this time, we should consciously strengthen cultivation in this area.Because wherever you go, organizational work is indispensable, such as allocating financial and material resources, setting up work processes, formulating marketing strategies, finding profit opportunities, and so on, all of which require high-level organizational capabilities.

In addition, the most productive IT people will be those who know how to express information and ideas to gain understanding and support from others.

Excellent lobbying skills are essential in future interpersonal communication.

  6, the courage to take responsibility and pressure The pressure mainly comes from the increase in workload and the speed of technological innovation. IT people in the information age in life are increasingly feeling that the pace of work is significantly accelerated.It is likely that the things you plan for cannot be completed safely, and the end result is that your own efforts may not yield anything.

The network economy is coming. Remember, “coming soon” is coming, not coming.

The growth, maturity and decline of the network economy will inevitably have a process, but its growth rate seems too cruel for IT people.

While IT feels the thrill of success brought by IT, it also has to bear the tremendous pressure brought by IT.

The ultra-high mobility of the IT industry promotes the network economy, but it is not fair to IT people and is not welcome.

They may consider changing careers and fearing layoffs while fading out of the halo tomorrow.

The mental endurance is a big test for IT people.

  7, unique business expertise, usually when we look at the ability to adapt to society, we will only evaluate from a certain aspect, in fact, those who really adapt to society should be those who have only a few abilities or qualities at the same time, and itselfThe more capable and qualified people are, the more adaptable they are.

Therefore, in the IT era, it is no longer enough to have professional technical knowledge. Talents in the IT era require fast and efficient “paperless office”.

This requires that we must combine our professionalism with the use of computer networks. People with deep professional skills must understand and apply computer and network technologies to their professions.

Professional expertise in computer software development and e-commerce operations is the first priority for employers and companies.

Ability to initially process information.

In the network age, it is not enough to collect information widely. It is more important to understand the information and use it to make the value of information fully tapped.

  8, extraordinary work ability In a market economy that pays attention to economic benefits, every enterprise hopes that the employees it recruits will soon be competent for their own work and achieve good results in the work.

At this time, work experience has become an important asset for the quality of an IT person.In the eyes of many units or business owners, people with rich work experience are the ones who can create impressive performance for the company.

  9. The ability to unite and collaborate with others. The social division of labor in the information age is becoming more and more detailed. A certain project or project usually requires some people to work together to complete.Give full play to your own sense of ownership and teamwork with other collaborators.

The team spirit in the network age is beyond the performance of one person, and it is a substitute and guarantee for high-quality and efficient results.

The cause must develop, and the power of unity and cooperation is greater than all.

Therefore, companies now like to have the ability to prevent and adapt, and have a team spirit.

  10, step-by-step transferability transferability is an ability based on action, which refers to analysis, writing, reasoning, management and so on.

In the efficient and fast information age, no company or individual is immutable. They also cross the rhythm of the times and continue to “ebb and flow”. In the process of these movements, it is impossible for everyone to be pure in life.The land can only be a certain occupation. Today, in the continuous updating of enterprises and industries, our personal learning skills and personal traits are gradually updated in continuous job applications. If we want to successfully adapt to this constantly moving society,It must require that the ability of our IT people must also be in “movement”, and this “movement” ability is what we call transferable ability.

This ability is even more important for those IT people who want to switch to another industry.

Correct the six culprits of the dry muscles of the commuter


Correct the six culprits of the dry muscles of the commuter

The weather in June was really cloudy. Last week, a sudden freeze was terrifying. It was not soothing for two days, and it was a sultry rainy day. Then there was high temperature.

In the air-conditioned environment of an office building, my skin can’t help but be in a hurry: dry skin appears to be itchy, somehow red spots appear, the face after applying makeup appears tight, and the base makeup is always undressed .The root cause of all skin problems is dehydration!

  Six culprits of dry muscles in commuters: 1.

The air-conditioned environment quickly dries out the skin’s surface and deep layers.


Office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, scanners, and computers bring more radiation and static electricity than you think, quickly draining skin moisture.


Don’t think that the sun at 8 or 9 in the morning is just a small problem. It will also absorb moisture and leave UV rays.


Environmental pollution in the city makes the skin dry, and indoor air pollution is ten times stronger than wooden boards.


Summer smells a lot, so spray more perfume to cover up?

The alcohol content in the perfume will also take away skin moisture, you must not think of it.


Traveling to and from work, commuting, lunch time, indoor and outdoor huge temperature difference is the biggest killer of beautiful skin, making the skin dry, sensitive and fragile.

  Opinion one: The lotion contains alcohol, it will make the skin drier, skip it!

  Correction: About 50% of the lotion will contain a certain amount of alcohol, but the alcohol content of a few brands is within a safe range. A very small amount of alcohol does not make the skin dry.

For extremely dry, sensitive skin types, choose a mild lotion that is labeled as alcohol-free.

  Moisturizing small step: In order to upgrade the moisturizing effect, you can tear the cotton pad, soak it in lotion, and apply it on the two toes and forehead that are most likely to dry. In just 5 minutes, the skin immediately saturates.

  Opinion two: Anti-aging, whitening is more important. I choose those effective essences. As for moisturizing, Ignore it!

  Correction: Wrong!

Dry skin’s absorption will be greatly reduced. Just like a dry sponge, the water will directly filter and cannot be absorbed at all, while the wet sponge has excellent absorption and can better absorb various nutrients.

  Moisturizing small step: Who says that the skin can only ingest one kind of essence, you can choose the appropriate essence according to your skin care needs, such as whitening, firming, anti-aging, etc., and then use the moisturizing essence to synchronize the skinReach multiple beauty goals.

  Opinion three: Summer skin is very greasy. Wouldn’t it be more greasy to use a lotion cream? Skip it!

  Correction: Even if you use a very expensive lotion, moisturizing spray, this is just a hydration exchange. You also need a moisturizing lotion and cream to help you lock in moisture.

After fully hydrating your skin, you will find that the excessive secretion of oil will also slow down, because the water and oil in the skin tend to balance.

  Moisturizing small step: want to avoid greasy feeling, I recommend you choose crystal dew, gel light moisturizing products, exclude the special impurities of oil content greatly reduce the greasy feeling, leaving the skin fresh all day.

  Viewpoint four: It ‘s troublesome to apply it to the shells one by one. It ‘s better to apply sunscreen directly!

  Correction: lotion, essence, moisturizer, sunscreen . Each of these steps is essential. Applying sunscreen directly without basic maintenance will make the skin more dry and rough.

  Moisturizing small steps: If you want comprehensive hydration care, but don’t want to make the steps cumbersome, you can choose a multi-effect product that takes care of moisturizing + repairing. One product can meet many skin needs.

In addition, a moisturizing cream with a sun protection index is also a good choice to help reduce the number of skin care steps.

However, if you are traveling or long-term outdoor activities, you must still apply sunscreen carefully and do not take it lightly.

  Opinion 5: It is said that the spray will be sprayed and dried, I dare not use it.

  Correction: The spray is sprayed more and more dry because of a problem with the use method: After spraying a wet spray, there is no follow-up maintenance, and there is no need to press the tissue paper to dry.The moisture itself is taken away, so it will be sprayed and dried.

Finding the right method to use, moisturizing spray is a good helper for instant hydration.

  Moisturizing small step: for immediate hydration, moisturizing spray can also be used to set makeup.

After applying the foundation, the dialysis moisturizing spray 20 cm away from the face can make the makeup more delicate and natural.

  Opinion 6: The cleansing mask cannot be applied for too long, there is no problem with the moisturizing mask, apply it for a while, and the skin will be more hydrated!
  Correction: Except that the sleep mask can be transferred and used, other moisturizing masks should follow the product’s instructions. Generally speaking, it is better to use 10-15 minutes, and should not exceed 20 minutes.
Especially the woven mask, once the time is too long, after the mask paper dries, it will absorb the moisture in the skin, making you apply and dry.

  Moisturizing small step: let the moisturizing mask increase the effect by 50%. The secret lies in absorbing the moisturizing essence first, and then applying a woven moisturizing mask. The mask forms a closed and hydrating space, allowing the double moisturizing power to penetrate the skin.

Huanghua medicated diet has extraordinary effects

Huanghua medicated diet has extraordinary effects

The nutritional value of yellow flower is very high, containing 14 protein per 100 g.

1 gram, aunt 1.

1 gram, 62 carbohydrates.

6 g, calcium 463 mg, phosphorus 173 mg, and multivitamins, especially carotene, are high in content, up to 3 per 100 g dry product.

44 milligrams, the highest among vegetables, no less than carrots.

Modern scientific research proves that Huanghua has better brain-building, nourishing, and anti-aging functions. Japanese scientists have listed 8 kinds of brain-building foods, and put Huanghua as the first place. Therefore, it is also called “brain-building dish”, which is good for human health., Intellectual development is very beneficial, people with excessive neurological fatigue should take a lot of food, it is also a good medicine for the elderly with mental decline.

Early medicine has also proven that day lily has a good effect on reducing animal serum complications itself, and high plasma is a common disease in middle-aged and elderly people.

Therefore, it does not prevent eating day lily as a daily vegetable, which is very beneficial to prevent the adverse effects of cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and nervous breakdown.

Huanghua is a treasure throughout the body, and folks also use its flowers to treat bloody stools, urination problems, constipation, and postpartum lactation; etc. Roots can be used to stew chickens, treat anemia, less menstrual flow, and senile dizziness.

Huang Huagen was found to have anti-tuberculosis and schistosomiasis effects at an early stage.

  There are many ways to eat yellow flowers, such as fried, boiled, braised, burned, and hot. Due to its nutritional value and delicious flavor, it has gradually become a high-level side dish at the banquet or made a variety of delicious soups and medicated dishes.

Here are a few medicinal meals suitable for home-made preparations.

  Tofu Huanghua Tang 1 tofu (about 250 g), yellow flower 50 g, pork lean 50 g (sliced).

Put the yellow flower and tofu in the pot first, add water and cook for 20 minutes, then add pork thin slices and cook for a while. Season with ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, green onion and serve. It has the effects of nourishing kidney, nourishing blood and passing milk.Applicable to kidney deficiency, low back pain, tinnitus and deafness, memory loss, less gas burnout and maternal milk deficiency.

  Pork trotter yellow flower soup yellow flower 50g (soaked), 1 trotter was washed and cut into small pieces, put in the pot with yellow flower, seasoned with ginger, pepper, salt, stewed until the trotter was cooked and ready to eat, The effect of prolactin, suitable for postpartum lactation or lack of milk.

  Lean meat Huanghua soup lean meat slices 50 g, Huang Hua 30 g, Huang Jing 15 g.

First cut the yellow flower and yellow essence into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook for 10 minutes, add the lean meat and cook until cooked, season with ginger, pepper, green onion, monosodium glutamate and eat, with nourishing yin, moistening, nourishing qi and spleenGong, applicable to sputum-free dry cough caused by liver, spleen, lung, and kidney yin deficiency, lung cough, blood, hoarseness, dry throat, soreness at waist and knees, fatigue, physical wasting, and loss of appetite.

  Portulaca yellow flower porridge Portulaca oleracea 20 g, yellow flower 20 g, previous rice 100 g, first soak the yellow flower in warm water and cut into sections with the portulaca, add an appropriate amount of water into the pot and cook it with rice all the time.

When the porridge is thick, add brown sugar to taste and serve.

This porridge has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing qi, and stomach and diarrhea, and is suitable for acute and chronic diarrhea.

  Jujube Huanghua porridge Jujube 20 g, yellow flower 30 g, glutinous rice 150 g.

After soaking the yellow flower, cut into sections, dejure the jujube, add glutinous rice to the pot and add an appropriate amount of water to cook the porridge. When cooked, add the yellow flower and jujube to the boil for a while. It can also be flavored with honey or rock sugar.The effect of improving appetite and sleeping is suitable for postpartum or post-natal physical weakness, fatigue, fatigue, lack of gas, sluggishness, loss of appetite, dizziness, upset, forgetfulness and dreams.

Cold dew health


Cold dew health

Chun Yu was shocked by the spring and clear days, and summer was busy with summer and summer.

In the autumn, the autumn frost is cold, and the winter snow is cold and the winter is cold.

This is the twenty-four solar terms summed up by the ancient ancient working people in constant practice.

At the beginning, they only noticed that in different climates, the position of the sun was different at the same time. So they set up a bamboo pole on the ground to observe the change of the shadow of the bamboo pole. The shortest day of the bamboo pole shadow was the summer solstice.The longest day of the shadow is the winter solstice. Gradually, they found that when the length of day and night is similar in the spring and autumn, they are also defined as the spring equinox. Because the time between two and two is too long to meet the production needs.In addition, other festivals were formulated. In the Qin Dynasty, the Spring Festival, the rain, the summer, the heat, the autumn, the summer, the white dew, and the frost fell. In the Han Dynasty, the 24 solar terms have all been determined and our current 24 solar terms.It’s exactly the same.

銆€銆€According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, each of the 24 solar terms has different health priorities. Today is the cold dew. It is the beginning of the season of alternating heat and cold. During this time, we should pay attention to what we should, and we should selectively replace it.Kind of food to maintain yourself?

銆€銆€The autumn health (cold dew) cold dew is separated in the twenty-four solar terms, and it is distributed every year from October 8th to 9th.

The history book records that “the cold finger is cold, and the cold is cold when it is cold. It will be condensed, hence the name cold dew.”

“The dew is cold and will condense.”

“Because of the arrival of cold dew, the climate turns from heat to cold, and everything grows with the cold, and gradually falls. This is the season of alternating heat and cold.

In nature, the yin and yang gas begins to change, the yang is gradually receding, and the yin is gradually growing. The physiological activities of our human body should also adapt to changes in the natural world to ensure the balance of physiology (yin and yang) in the body.

銆€銆€In the four-time health, the motherland medicine emphasizes “spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter Yangyin”.

Therefore, the autumn season must pay attention to the maintenance of yang in the body.

When the climate is getting cold, it is the yang of the human body that converges. When the yin essence is hidden inside, it should be based on the maintenance of yin essence. In other words, the autumn health can not leave the principle of 鈥渃ultivating income鈥?

銆€銆€Since the ancient autumn is the golden autumn, the lungs are gold in the five elements, so the lungs and the golden autumn gas correspond, “when the golden autumn, the dry air is ordered”, at this time, the evil spirits are easy to invade the human body and consume the lungs.If it is improperly nursed, the body will have a series of dryness symptoms such as dry throat, dry nose and dry skin.

Therefore, the diet of the autumn season should be nourishing yin and moistening (lung).

The ancients said: “The dryness of autumn, it is advisable to eat hemp to moisten dryness.

“At this time, you should eat more sesame, glutinous rice, previously rice, honey, dairy products and other soft food, while increasing chicken, duck, beef, pig liver, fish, shrimp, jujube, yam, etc. to increase physical fitness; eat less spicy productsSuch as pepper, ginger, onion, garlic, because of too much spicy food should hurt the human body.

銆€銆€Spiritual nursed back can not be ignored, because the climate is getting colder, the sunshine is reduced, the wind is falling, and it often causes a sense of desolateness in some people’s hearts, and it is emotionally unstable and easy to feel sad.

Therefore, maintaining a good mentality, taking advantage of the situation, venting stagnation, and cultivating optimism and open-mindedness is one of the irreplaceable aspects of health care.

銆€銆€In addition, when the autumn is cool, people’s living time should be adjusted accordingly.

I have found in many years of clinical treatment that every time the climate becomes cold, the number of patients suffering from cerebral thrombosis will increase. The reason for the analysis is colder and the people’s sleep time is increased. Because people are slowing down when they sleep, blood flow slows down.It is easy to form a blood clot.

“Ask the four questions and adjust the spirit” clearly pointed out: “Autumn March, early morning and early rise, and chickens.

“Early lying to conform to the collection of Yin essence; early to take the spleen of sedative, in order to avoid the formation of blood clots, I suggest that you follow the solar terms, time-sharing to ensure health.

The most beautiful river bay in the Yellow River in Qiankun Bay


The most beautiful river bay in the Yellow River in Qiankun Bay

When I locked this trip to Qin and other places, I found that there was a scene of “Qiankun Bay” on the Internet.

I went to Yanchuan County two years ago. I only knew that this was the distribution center of red dates.

Time passes, now you will find that Yankun Bay has become a fashionable place to visit.

銆€銆€A cold wind blew at the Nanchuan station in Yanchuan, and there was almost no car waiting for the bus.

One inquired that all the buses were out of service no matter whether it was snowing or raining.

As a last resort, I hired a motorcycle to run to Xiaocheng Village.

銆€銆€All the way is a mountain road, and there are thousands of miles everywhere.

The road is not turning left or bending right, almost no 50 meters is straight.

On the way, I reminded Mog to slow down from time to time, and he still opened unscrupulously.

I thought, if I still have a life return, I would rather walk out of the mountain and stop riding a motorcycle.

銆€銆€Although the driver found a military coat for me before departure, the road still felt very cold.

The cold wind blows people away from the eyes, I don’t like to appreciate the scenery along the road, I just hope to arrive at Qiankun Bay earlier.

銆€銆€The most beautiful river bay in the Yellow River, when I stood in front of Qiankun Bay, I felt that the hardships all the way were worth.

In fact, I have traveled too much in the Yellow River Bay and I have seen too many big rivers.

But I have to say that once the bay is out, there is no more worth seeing in the world–it is so perfect and so spectacular.

No wonder some people say: The world’s ninety-nine bends in the Yellow River, the most beautiful is Qiankun Bay; it is no wonder that it is listed as a national-level geological park, named “Yellow River Snake”.

銆€銆€With a large angle of 320 degrees, it turned into a perfect Yellow River Bay.

There is an island called Qiangdao on Qiankun Bay. It is said that when the son-in-law took a bath here, she was seen by a child on the shore. When she was angry, she threw a shoe and the shoes became a shoe island.

銆€銆€The shoe island is not high, so you can leave the water of the Yellow River and never drown it.

銆€銆€I am not coming, not in the cold weather, there is no one.

Ice and snow, in sharp contrast with black soil not covered by snow, white and black, reminiscent of the two colors of the gossip.

銆€銆€When I came to Xiaocheng Village, I lived in a “farmhouse”. The owner was old and named Cheng Hua.

The old man said that there are many poisonous snakes here, there are three-legged snakes that can stand up, and there is a big head and a short body. This snake is very poisonous, and people can live for less than an hour after being bitten.

The snake here is also very afraid of people. When you see someone, you will take off a layer of skin.

Everyway, people can find a new snake skin nearby.

銆€銆€Everything here is original.

When I went to the house to sing in the evening, I found the stars full of stars and looked like fireworks nights.

銆€銆€In the morning, I wandered around Qiankun Bay. From time to time, I saw a lot of traces on the snow. It can be said that it is not a livestock. It should be left when wild animals move around at night.

I screamed on the mountain beam and stunned a large group of birds and scared me.

銆€銆€The millennium ancient plaque and the “Bagua” Fuyi Xiaocheng Village have a cave, which is a thousand years old.

It is said that no matter when the age, no matter who lives in it, there is no exception to the grandson, so it is also called “no child hole.”

No child hole naturally no one dares to live, and later it is abandoned.

銆€銆€There are paintings on the wall of the cave. The people on the painting are different from the Han people. They look like wild slaves. It is suspected that the kiln was built by foreigners.

In recent years, Tugang Township not far away has confirmed that certain cemeteries are Hellian, and it is confirmed that this area was once a genus of ant slaves.

銆€銆€Walking along Qiankun Bay, some small villages at the end are called Fuyi Village.

Yanchuan County said that before the Qing Dynasty, it was commensurate with “Fuxi”, and it was modern. For the sake of simplicity, it was said to be “Fuyi.”

Legend has it that Fuxi lingered here, looking up at the heavens, and realized the heavens and the earth, the sun and the moon, the yin and yang, the softness and the softness, and invented the Taiji gossip.

銆€銆€Some villages are called 鈥淩an Pan Village鈥? which is about 5 kilometers away from Xiaocheng Village.It is extraordinary above it – backed by the mountains, the former section of the Yellow River.

There are many eucalyptus trees in the middle of the village, which symbolizes the endless life.

There are three old plates in the village that are lined up. Needless to say, the name of the village is taken from this.

銆€銆€8 kilometers south of Qiankun Bay, it is called “Qingshuiguan”.

Around the Ming Dynasty, local shops were everywhere, and it was a cargo distribution center with dozens of miles.

銆€銆€The greetings of the local villagers are very unique. One mouth asks me if I want to write a living鈥攖he terminology of Wenyu comes from a mountain villager who is far away from civilization. Some people ask me if I am painting or taking pictures.

It seems that the people who come here are not ordinary people.

They are not coming to play, but to find beauty.

Early winter health begins with a lazy sleep


Early winter health begins with a lazy sleep

Early winter health begins in the early winter season, the best time tonic and health is coming, but don’t worry about tonic, first sleep enough for your lazy sleep.

It’s good to sleep well, winter health begins with laziness, diet and medicated diets should also be well eaten, and your winter will be comfortable and uncomfortable.

After sleeping in the winter, the weather gradually turns cold, and the winter is like a day. Experts suggest that winter health should be in line with nature.Eat more nourishing food, you can start to make up.

Start by sleeping late.

Winter morning exercise time can be expected as appropriate, see the sun to exercise.

When the temperature comes out after the sun comes out, the air quality will also get better.

Outdoor activities should be selected from 9:30 am to 4 pm for maximum comfort, with a slight heat.

Diet should be nourishing and moistening.

After the winter, the diet can be properly thick, and the ingredients are mainly nourishing yin.

Therefore, drink warm water in winter.

In addition, you can also choose sand ginseng, polygonatum, lily, fig, white fungus, scorpion, soft-shelled turtle, mangosteen and other ingredients for nourishing yin soup or stew.

Dress to be thin and moderate.

After entering the winter, the temperature is low, the climate is dry, and it is prone to frostbite and chapped by cold stimulation.

Therefore, winter protection against cold and warmth should be done “appropriately.”

The clothes are too thin and too thin, which not only consumes yang, but also catches a cold; the clothes are too thick and too thick, the yang is not hidden, and the cold evil invades.

The mood should be smooth and bleak.

In winter, all things are dying, often making people feel touched, unhappy, and the best way to change this bad mood is to participate in recreational activities, such as dancing, playing chess, drawing, practicing calligraphy, listening to music, etc., so as to eliminate the low mood in winter. Encourage the spirit.

Exercise is not sweating.

Winter sports should pay attention to “winter”, no longer sweating like spring and summer exercise.

Excessive sweating, cold wind blowing, easy to catch cold, catch a cold.

Winter sports should pay attention to cold and warm, grasp the degree of goodness, such as Tai Chi, swimming and other light intensity sports are more suitable for winter.

Lidong diet health tips Li Dong, is a good time tonic, everyone is ready to eat something?

As the saying goes, “three nine to make up a winter, no pain in the coming year”, winter is also a good time to make up, according to this traditional folk custom, “Lidong” represents the beginning of winter.

It represents the beginning of winter.
“Winter, the heavens and the earth are closed, and the water is iced.”

“The natural world is full of yin and yang, and everything is hidden in the yang, waiting for the spring.

鈥淐old鈥?is the main feature of winter climate change. In addition to winter protection and warmth in winter, diet and health care is also very important.

So what is good for winter health?

Lidong diet health is mainly based on increase.

The cold climate in winter affects the body’s endocrine system, which increases the secretion of thyroxine and adrenaline, thereby promoting and accelerating the decomposition of three major heat sources such as protein, trace and by-products, so as to increase the body’s ability to protect the cold, thus causingThe human body is excessively lost.

Therefore, winter nutrition should be based on increased heat.

You can eat lean meat, eggs, fish, milk, beans and foods that can be put into carbohydrates and unfortunate food.

Lidong health should pay attention to vitamin supplements.

Winter is also the off-season of vegetables. Therefore, often after a winter, the body has vitamin deficiency, such as lack of vitamin C, and this causes people to have oral ulcers, swollen roots, bleeding, constipation and other symptoms.

Then people can eat some potatoes, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes and so on.

They are all rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, and vitamin A, red sweet potato and starch-containing carotene.

Eat more potatoes, in addition to vitamin supplements, as well as the role of heat inside.

In addition, in the winter road listed in the road, in addition to Chinese cabbage, you should also choose cabbage, heart radish, white radish, carrots, bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, rapeseed and so on.The vitamin content of these vegetables is relatively rich, and it is necessary to change the varieties frequently, and to properly mix and supplement the human vitamins.

Lidong winter can not be blindly tonic.

At the same time of replenishing winter, it should be noted that when supplementing, it is necessary to make the stomach and stomach have an adaptation process. It is best to do the introduction first. Generally speaking, you can replace the beef stew with red dates, peanuts and brown sugar, and cook some raw.Ginger jujube beef soup is eaten to adjust the function of the spleen and stomach.

Drinking hot porridge in winter is also a good choice for health.

For example, eating 鈥淟aba porridge鈥?helps to increase conversion and nutritional function.

Wheat porridge has the function of nourishing the heart, the sesame porridge can benefit the essence and nourish the yin, the radish porridge can be eaten and phlegm, the walnut porridge can nourish the yin and solid, the porridge can strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, the jujube porridge can benefit the yin and nourish the yinWait.
It is recommended to use the winter health regimen to supplement the winter, but what health diet is relatively better?

Silver ear Luo Han Guo 鐓?chicken effect: enhance physical fitness, prolong life.

Ingredients: 40 grams of white fungus, 1 chicken, 4 mangosteen, Nanxingli, 200 grams of carrots, two slices of ginger, salt amount.

Measures: Wash the white fungus and soak it in water; the chicken is gutted, rinsed with water after drowning; peeled carrots and cut into thick pieces.

Add appropriate amount of water into the soup, add chicken, mangosteen, apricot, white fungus, carrots and ginger. After opening, change to slow fire and continue to simmer for about 3 hours. Add seasoning to season.

Ginger beef rice effect: Qi and stomach, kidney and spleen.

Ingredients: 100 grams of fresh beef, 5 grams of ginger, 500 grams of previous rice, soy sauce, peanut oil, the right amount.

Practice: chop the fresh beef, knead into a meat-like shape, put on the dish, then add ginger juice, mix well and add soy sauce, peanut oil and then mix.

Put the previous rice scouring into the casserole, add the appropriate amount of water, cook the rice as usual, and when the water in the pan will dry, pour the beef into the rice and steam for about 15 minutes until the beef is steamed.

Fried double mushroom effect: tonic stomach, phlegm and cold.

This dish also enhances the body’s immune function and is more suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia.

Ingredients: water-flavored mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, vegetable oil, soy sauce, sugar, water starch, monosodium glutamate, salt, rice wine, ginger, fresh soup, sesame oil.

Practice: Wash mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, slice, fry the wok and heat into the oil. After the double mushrooms are fried, put the ginger, soy sauce, sugar, and yellow wine to continue to stir-fry. Add the fresh soup to the roast and let the MSG.Salt, thicken with water starch, topped with sesame oil, and put on the plate.