[How long can the milk last in summer]_Summer_Storage time

[How long can the milk last in summer]_Summer_Storage time

Milk is a very common food in life. Milk is rich in calcium, protein and traces. The taste of milk is rich and there are many changes. Drinking milk often has a lot of health benefits. Milk is possibleMany people like a food.

Everyone knows that milk has a shelf life, especially in the hot summer, when milk is not stored well, it will easily deteriorate.

Isn’t milk in the refrigerator bad in summer?

Normal temperature milk is sterilized by ultra-high temperature to meet the requirements of commercial sterility. It can be stored for up to 9 months at room temperature.

Because of the loss of active ingredients in raw milk, normal temperature milk does not deteriorate quickly without leaving the refrigerator.

Will pasteur milk break if it is left out of the refrigerator?

Pasteurized milk nutritionally retains the active nutrients in the milk, such as active calcium, active protein, etc. It is kept refrigerated at 2-6 ° C for a period of only 5-7 days.

In summer, the weather is hot. If you do not leave the refrigerator, fresh milk may deteriorate for 2-3 hours.

How long can the unopened milk last? The unopened milk is recommended to be finished within 24 hours.

Milk is susceptible to bacterial contamination after opening, and refrigerators cannot provide a sterile environment.

Long-term storage will also greatly reduce the flavor and nutritional value of milk.

How to save milk in summer1. Fresh milk should be stored in a cool place immediately. Do not expose the milk to light or light. It is best to keep it in the refrigerator.

Because of sunlight and light, several vitamins in milk are destroyed. Fresh milk is exposed to sunlight for more than one minute, and the B vitamins in milk will quickly disappear.

Even under faint sunlight, after six hours of exposure, only half of the B vitamins are left.

2. The milk is placed in the refrigerator and needs to be sealed to prevent other odors from entering the milk.

3. Pour milk into cups, teapots, and other containers. If you haven’t finished drinking, you should put the lid back on the refrigerator and never pour it back into the original bottle.

4. Be sure to pay attention to the storage conditions on the milk label. Fresh milk that needs to be refrigerated. Yogurt should not be stored at room temperature for a long time. After the milk delivered to the home is placed, it must be drunk in the morning. If you go home at night, it will deteriorateMaybe.

5, too cold has a bad effect on milk.

Some people like frozen milk in summer.

As everyone knows, when the temperature of milk is below zero degrees Celsius.

The trace amount, the protein is separated, and the casein is powdered and coagulated, the taste will be obviously weakened, and the nutrition will not be easily absorbed by the human body.

If people often drink frozen milk, they are also prone to gastrointestinal diseases such as gastric and duodenal ulcers, cholecystitis, and enteritis.

Therefore, milk should not be frozen, just refrigerate it.

[Practice of noodle cutting by Huanghua halogen knife]_The common practice of noodle cutting by Huanghua halogen_Practice of noodle cutting by Huanghua brine_How to do noodle cutting by Huanghua halogen knife

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[How to make Orleans roasted chicken]_How to make_How to make

[How to make Orleans roasted chicken]_How to make_How to make

If you want to make Orleans roast chicken, it is best to choose three yellow chickens. Choose the young chickens in the three yellow chickens. They taste smoother and softer. Do not choose old hens.

Orleans roasted chicken is relatively simple to make. The main thing is to choose the right ingredients. In addition, for better taste, you can use a toothpick to pierce the small holes on the chicken, and then put the sauce in it.
Ingredients: Chicken broiler 1, 70g of New Orleans barbecue.

1. Take a small bowl and pour 70 grams of New Orleans barbecue ingredients.

2. Add 70ml of water.

3. Stir well and set aside.

4. Remove the three yellow chickens from the head and neck, chicken feet, internal organs, clean them up, put them in small pots, and set aside.

5. Pour the prepared New Orleans barbecue sauce into a small bowl filled with whole chicken.

6. Press and knead evenly, so that the juice is filled inside and outside the chicken body.

7. Cover the plastic wrap (bag) and put it in the refrigerator freezer for more than one day and one night. During this period, the whole chicken will be penetrated twice to fully absorb the juice.

8. Place the marinated whole chicken in a baking sheet lined with tin foil.

9. Apply a layer of peanut oil to the surface.

10. Spread a layer of honey on the surface.

11. Preheat the oven at 250 ° C for 10 minutes. Then, put the marinated chicken at 250 ° C, 40 minutes, turn it in the middle, turn it over once, apply oil and honey.

12. Remove the roasted whole chicken and serve while serving.

Note 1: In order to enhance the taste, it is recommended to use chicken toothpicks to pour numerous small holes on the chicken body, and then pour in the sauce to marinate.

2. The temperature of each oven is not the same. The baking temperature should not be copied. It should be adjusted according to the actual temperature of the oven.

3, chicken wings and chicken leg roots are easy to roast, it is recommended to add tin foil when baking to prevent batter.

Sanqi Mutual Entertainment (002555): High growth in mobile games continues to focus on major developments

Sanqi Mutual Entertainment (002555): High growth in mobile games continues to focus on major developments

Core point of view: The company announced the 2018 annual report and the 19Q1 quarterly report: 1) The company’s revenue increased by 23 in 2018.

33% to 76.

300 million, net profit attributable to mothers fell by 37.

77% to 10.

10,000 yuan, 2 yuan (taxes included) for every 10 shares.

2) 19Q1 revenue increased by 95%.

5% reached 32.

500 million; net profit attributable to mother increased by 10.

8% reached 4.

500 million.

In 19H1, the company’s net profit attributable to mothers is expected to increase by 12.

3% -24.

8% reached 9-10 ppm.

1) The company ‘s mobile game market share has increased to 6. In 2018, the company’s mobile game market share has increased to 6.

5%, the follow-up product schedule is rich.

On the existing games, the company’s “Douro Continent” H5, “Knife passed on to the world”, etc. have achieved a monthly flow of over 100 million.

In the future, it has more than 12 self-developed projects including “Legend NB” and “Codename YZD”, 9 exclusive agent products such as “Xian Ling 2”, and more than 10 overseas product reserves.

The company continues to iterate in research and development, while maintaining the advantages of ARPG category, while achieving cross-category expansion in multiple areas; rich product supply at the issue end, and also trying alternative substitutions and categories; and establishing 佛山桑拿网 “three-dimensional marketing + precision promotion” in promotion services”” Method to build a new idea of systemic traffic management.

2) The selling expenses are high, and the subsequent net profit may be restored. According to the annual report, the company accrued 9 in 2018.

6 million goodwill was impaired, net profit adjusted for non-GAAP adjustments excluding the impact of goodwill, investment income, etc. increased by 6.

5% reached 15.

0 million.

In addition, high selling expenses in 18Q4 and 19Q1 dragged down the net profit margin. The quarterly report showed that the net profit margin in 19Q1 was 14% (selling expense ratio 66%); we expect the products to mature and the selling expense ratio may be partially controlled.

Investment suggestion: The company adheres to the development strategy of “high-quality, diversified, platformized, and integrated”, with strong core capital and strong prospective strategic layout capabilities.

And the company has established an alternative first-mover advantage in the issuance market, and subsequently tried to achieve diversified breakthroughs in product types and overseas markets.

We expect the company to achieve net profit for 2019-202018.

4 billion, 21.

6 ppm, the current sustainable corresponding PE is estimated to be 14.

9X, 12.

7X, referring to the current average PE of the game industry company in 2019 is 16X, and the company’s reasonable value should be about 14.

00 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: lower than expected flow, increased market competition, and the risk of maintaining a high sales expense ratio.

Qiaqia Foods (002557): Strong growth of core single products, gross profit margin, driving profit improvement continued

Qiaqia Foods (002557): Strong growth of core single products, gross profit margin, driving profit improvement continued

Core Views Core products are focused on high-quality resources, and strong single products still maintain high growth rates.

The company’s overall revenue growth in the first half of the year6.

02%, revenue of 9 in the second quarter alone.

4.7 billion / + 11.

78%, in the first quarter affected by the Spring Festival effect in the second quarter revenue growth rate rebounded.

Breakthrough into a single business: (1) The company’s sunflower seed business achieved revenue13.

7 billion / + 14.

29%, red bags are expected to maintain a steady growth of 5% -10%, blue bags of sunflower seeds will achieve a high-speed growth of more than 25%; (2) revenue from nut products2.

79 ppm / + 39.

83%, the overall growth rate is still strong under the dual drive of volume and price; (3) revenue from other products3.

38 ppm / -29%, major companies with negative revenue growth of other 成都桑拿网 products reorganized at the product side and channel side, focused core resources on the main industry and pushed the company to structurally upgrade nut products.

The increase in gross profit margin has significantly improved overall profitability.

2019Q1 / Q2 company achieved gross profit margin of 30.

38% / 33.

40%, increase by 1 every year.

45 points / 3.

19pct, the gross margin end showed a significant improvement and the marginal improvement range expanded.

Looking at the break-through business, sunflower seed / nut products achieved a gross profit margin of 36.

28% / 21.

26%, a year up 0.

38pct / 5.

54 points.

The improvement in sunflower seed profit has mainly broken through the increase in the structural proportion of blue bag products and the price increase of some red bag products in the third 武汉夜网论坛 quarter of last year, while nut products benefited from the price increase and mechanization rate in the third quarter of 2018.

The sales side is still exerting strength, and the strong single products in the second half of the year will continue to be expected to increase volume.

2019H1 overall sales expenses achieved 2.

$ 6.9 billion / +9.

94%, sales expense ratio increased by 0.

48pct, the cost rate level has increased slightly.

At present, the company is still working hard at the sales end to expand advertising in more than first and second tier cities (Q3 cooperates with Focus Media), promote the double promotion of daily nut single product market awareness and recognition, and gradually increase consumption in first and second tier cities.For growth, companies in third- and fourth-tier cities are expected to sink space. In 19, the number of cities covered is expected to increase to 50 / + 66.


Equity incentives have continued to advance, and employees’ interests have been aligned to provide significant motivation for subsequent performance improvement.

As of the end of June, the company had repurchased 19 shares in total.

580,000 shares, accounting for 0 of the company’s total share capital.


Not more than 50% of the repurchased shares will be used for employee stock ownership plans. Equity incentives will continue to promote the binding of employees and the company’s core interests, and the company’s growth momentum will follow.

Financial Forecast and Investment Suggestions Due to the faster-than-expected growth of blue bag products and the increase in overall gross profit margin, we adjusted the EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 1.


19/1.36 yuan (1 before adjustment).



28 yuan), maintaining a 30-year P / E ratio of 19 years, corresponding to a target price of 30.

3 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: Sino-US trade war, rising costs of imported nuts, new product growth is less than expected, overseas market development is less than expected

AVIC Hi-Tech (600862): To withdraw from real estate and further focus on the main business and enter a new stage of development

AVIC Hi-Tech (600862): To withdraw from real estate and further focus on the main business and enter a new stage of development

Investment Highlights: Event: The company released 杭州桑拿网 the “Announcement on the Proposed Transfer of 100% Equity of Jiangsu Zhihao, a wholly-owned subsidiary”, and plans to publicly transfer the 100% equity of Jiangsu Zhihao held through Beijing Stock Exchange.

Opinion: Exit real estate in order to better focus on the development of the main business.

According to the announcement, if the listing transaction can be successfully completed, Jiangsu Zhihao will no longer replace the company’s consolidated statement scope.

In addition, the company’s announcement is pre-disclosure of information and does not constitute a transaction.

The counterparty is unclear and the transaction contract has not been signed.

The reorganized company intends to transfer Jiangsu Zhihao this time in order to focus on the development of new aviation materials and the main business of aerospace 淡水桑拿网 special equipment, and to commit to orderly withdraw from the real estate business within five years when major asset reorganizations were performed in 2015.

At the same time, the total assets of Jiangsu Zhihao in 2018 was 26.

300 million, with a net asset of 7.

83 trillion, a high asset-liability ratio (the company’s overall asset-liability restructuring in 2018 was 50.


We believe that in the subsequent gradual withdrawal from the real estate business, the company’s overall balance sheet will improve.

The historical burden has been continuously reduced and entered a new stage of development.

In 2017, the company made a provision for inventory depreciation of 107.72 million yuan; an accrued benefit of RMB 88.55 million; and an impairment provision for goodwill of 1082.

840,000 yuan.

At present, the company has no goodwill formed by reverse acquisitions. At the same time, according to the company’s “2018 Annual Results Pre-increasing Announcement”, at the same time, during the company’s original reorganization in 2018, the value of the value-added booths for the merger caliber generated by the reverse acquisitions constituting the business decreased by approximately43.7 million yuan, 18 years without accrued benefits for employees.

We believe that the company will gradually reduce its historical burden and enter the market lightly. At the same time, the real estate business exits, and the company is currently entering a new stage of development.

Continue to be optimistic about the future performance of AVIC Composites.

Since the company’s major asset reorganization in 2015, the company’s subsidiary AVIC Composites has a recent net profit CAGR of 26.

67%, of which the net profit growth rate in 2018 was 28 in ten years.


We are optimistic about the future performance of AVIC Composite Materials to maintain rapid growth.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

As the current real estate matters have not yet been implemented, we basically maintain the previously reported earnings growth forecast. It is expected that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

25, 0.

27, 0.

31 yuan, combined with the estimated situation of comparable companies, gives the company a PE estimate of 35-45 times in 2019, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 8.


25 yuan / share, “previous market” rating.

risk warning.

(1) Market demand has declined; (2) Market competition has intensified.

Living in a house like this will have the best living room 6 standards

Living in a house like this will have the best living room 6 standards

Appropriate temperature, soft lighting, lush greenery . the comfortable living room environment is pleasant.

Studies have found that a comfortable living environment can not only be pleasant, but also prevent disease and strengthen the body, and a cluttered living environment can cause dozens of diseases and even cancer.

What should an optimal living room look like?

May wish to refer to the following 6 standards.

Room temperature: 20 ℃ Research has found that constant room temperature is of great significance to health.

Room temperature around 20 ℃ is most comfortable.

This temperature is good for the body to emit excess heat. If the room temperature exceeds 25 ° C, the human body starts to absorb radiation from the outside, and it will feel hot.

If the room temperature exceeds 35 ° C, the sweat glands of the human body begin to start. Through sweating, the body’s transformation will occur, which will lead to accelerated heartbeat, accelerated blood circulation, dizziness, fatigue, and other discomfort.

Meanwhile, when the temperature is at 8 ℃?
At 18 ℃, the human body will prolong heat dissipation; when it is lower than 4 ℃, it will feel cold.

At the same time, 20 ° C is also the best sleep temperature.

When the room temperature is above 24 ° C, sleep will become lighter, and the number of body movements and wake-ups (wake-up and turn-over) during sleep will increase.

If the sleep temperature is below 18 ° C, it is not easy to enter deep sleep.

Humidity: 40% of the north has entered the winter heating period. The interior is warm and slightly dry at the same time.

Studies have found that the frequency of flu is closely related to high air humidity.

Experts said that when the indoor air humidity is lower than 40%, dust, bacteria, etc. are easily attached to the mucous membranes, irritating the throat, causing cough, and easily causing respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and hypertension.

However, too much humidity is not good for health, and people may feel nauseous, lose appetite, irritability, tiredness, dizziness, etc.

A study by the University of Otago in New Zealand found that living in a moldy room nearby would increase a child’s risk of allergic diseases such as high blood pressure and eczema.

In high humidity environments, mold and the like are more likely to breed.

According to experts, according to indoor indoor air standards, indoor humidity in summer is 40%?
80% is appropriate, should be controlled at 30% in winter?

The indoor humidity suitable for the elderly and children is 45%?
50%, comfortable room humidity for patients with respiratory diseases such as hypertension is 40%?
Between 50%.

In southern China, rainy days in the summer and heavy humidity in spring should reduce the window opening time. When the weather is fine, open the windows more to ventilate and disperse humidity. Wardrobes and cabinets can put some absorbent boxes or desiccants.

In winter in northern areas, the air is dry. You can use a humidifier, spray some water indoors, or mop the ground twice a day.

It should be noted that if using a humidifier, it is best to use pure water, and the machine should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Ventilation: It is guaranteed to produce “exhaust gas” in the room at all times for half an hour every day: garbage in the kitchen, bathroom, and trash can cause air pollution after one night; long-term unclean carpets, wrapped pillows that are not dried, are extremely easyBreeding of malicious insects; excessive dust accumulation on the tops of bookshelves and furniture aggravates the pollution of floating objects in the air . especially after the heating period in the north, many people close their windows at home, afraid of cold air coming in.

The indoor air circulation was not smooth, and the physical resistance of too many people began to decline, and they were constantly “attacked” by the disease.

Experts say that ventilation is an effective way to improve indoor air.

Every day at 9 o’clock?
11 o’clock, 14 o’clock?
15 o’clock is the best time for ventilation. It can ventilate the kitchen, bathroom, and living room for half an hour.

If you encounter haze, open the window as little as possible, and use air purifier and humidifier together.

Kitchens should be equipped with good purifying hoods to minimize frying and frying with high soot pollution, not to mention smoking indoors.

In addition, regular dust removal every half or one month reduces harmful particles in the air.

It should also be reminded that some high-rise buildings have poor ventilation and the window opening time should be relatively long.
Light brightness: not more than 90%. Most households only pay attention to appearance, energy saving and power when selecting and using lamps. They often encounter the standards of healthy lighting environment such as the illuminance and color temperature of lamps.

In fact, too many lamps in the room, too bright not only waste resources, and then cause a lot of irritation to the eyeballs, easy to cause emotional irritability.

Each space in the home has different functions and different requirements for light intensity.

Generally speaking, the brightness of living room, study, dining room and other spaces is stronger than that of bedrooms and kitchens.

The indoor light should be kept as soft and uniform as possible without glare and shadows.

The brightness of the adjustable light source is best controlled at 60%?
80%, the maximum brightness should not exceed 90%.

In addition, in terms of color, possible rotating lights should be avoided.
In the living room, study, and kitchen, the headlights that play the main role of lighting are best to choose cold colors, that is, white light; bedrooms, bathrooms, and balconies should use warm yellow light sources.

For local lighting, use a light-shielding table lamp to block the transmitted infrared radiation contained in the new light source.

Minimize the installation of mirrors, glass and other accessories on wooden boards.

Finally, whether in the office or at home, try incandescent instead of fluorescent.

Ultraviolet and blue light from the retina can cause damage to the skin and retina.

Green plants: Putting green plants in two pots of 10 square meters can not only purify the air, increase the oxygen content, but also relieve tension.

A study by the University of Exeter in the UK found that placing potted plants in the workplace can improve employees’ psychological comfort and business performance, and reduce the chance of employees switching.

Experts said that plants should be selected and placed according to the size of the room.

Balconies, halls and other sunny areas are suitable for green plants.

In general, about 10 square meters of room, 1.

5 meters tall plants are more suitable for two pots.

Putting green plants by the window can absorb dust, purify the air, prevent drying, and effectively reduce noise pollution.

Large size and many leaves are preferred, such as golden diamond, green dill, evergreen, green tyrant and so on.

Due to photosynthesis, green plants absorb carbon dioxide during the day, but as soon as night, they will grab oxygen with people and release impurities such as carbon dioxide.

Therefore, it is best not to enlarge the potted plants in the bedroom, if you put them, you should also move them out at night to avoid insufficient oxygen supply, causing dizziness and difficulty breathing.

It is best to choose smaller plants such as green dill and spider plant, not more than two or three pots.

Sunlight: At least 2 hours of sunlight a day is a necessary condition for life. Studies have found that sunlight in a room can be repeated for 2 hours a day.

The “National Standard for the Planning and Design of Urban Residential Areas of the People’s Republic of China” also stipulates: “The standard for sunshine in residential areas in large cities is ≥ 2 hours on the cold day and ≥ 1 hour on the winter solstice. In buildings where the elderly live, the winter solstice has less than 2hour.
“A well-lit room has a great psychological and physical impact, especially the elderly and children.

Children are at the stage of physical development. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can help them synthesize calcium in their bodies and strengthen bones. Most of the elderly suffer from bone loss. Sun exposure to sunlight can prevent osteoporosis to a certain extent.

If the room is dark due to the orientation, the US “Architecture and Interior Design” website suggests that the room can be made bright and spacious by using colors.

Frequently used areas such as the living room or bedroom should be painted with bright and bright colors such as light blue or mint green to make the room open and spacious.

Look at the dull and dull skin one by one_1

Look at the roots of dull skin one by one

Girls before the age of 25 are full of vitality, natural and beautiful skin.

But after 25 years of age, the skin slowly went downhill, yellowing, freckles, dull, and silently covered his face over the years.

It really makes women feel helpless and upset. Is beauty really gone like this?

  Women need youth, health, and happiness. This is our beautiful and eternal topic. Now let’s take a closer look at the reasons for the worsening of our complexion. We should know from the roots and seize the youth.

  Root one: Irregular life schedules. OL beautiful women are stressed at work, often stay up late, and their life patterns are very abnormal. Analysis of reasons: Sleep quality cannot be guaranteed, skin metabolism cannot be fully operated at night, and it affects digestion and absorption.As a result, the skin is not sufficiently nourished, resulting in dull skin.

  Remedy: Normal rest time or adequate sleep is the most effective skin care method.

A good night’s sleep is better than how much health care medicine and skin care products you use!

From ten in the evening to three in the morning, it’s a good time for dead skin to “spit out new ideas.”

  Root two: Melanin accumulates peanuts at the center of the cheekbones, which is particularly dull, with melasma appearing in the corners of the eyes.

  Analysis of the reasons: UV rays throughout the year make melanin more concentrated. At this time, the results of sun protection have not been noticed for a long time!


  Rescue method: regular whitening care and exfoliating care, and at the same time not forgetting sun protection every day on sunny and cloudy days.

Don’t wait until the dots appear on the edge before you regret it. Preventing it before it happens. Whitening and sun protection is a lifelong job for beautiful girls.

  Root cause three: poor blood circulation. Females have poor blood circulation. Qi and blood are deficient. Oxygen is not immediately available to the skin. The whole looks like a haze.

  Analysis of the reasons: The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor makes the blood circulation more unsmooth, especially the strong contrast between the modern air-conditioning environment and the sunlight environment, so that the skin is really helpless.

  Remedy: Massage and bathtub can effectively improve the metabolic cycle.

Eat foods that invigorate blood and qi, such as red dates.

And normal sleep, diet and proper exercise can also help.

  Root four: Sebum accumulation Sebum accumulation will cause the small face of MM to sparkle in the T area.

  Analysis of reasons: This is the phenomenon of long-term mixing of makeup residues and sebum, coupled with greasy diet, resulting in dark skin.

  Rescue method: pay attention to oil control at all times, especially if the skin is oily.

In addition, the oil control must be cleaned, so that it can breathe smoothly and be healthy and healthy if the skin is clean.

  Root five: Texture disorder After the age of 25, the skin becomes prone to dryness, sagging, and texture disorder.

  Analysis of reasons: As the age increases, expired apples can be kept in the refrigerator for freshness. As age grows, water is lost, and naturally you must start to keep fresh for yourself.

  Remedy: Early anti-aging, UV protection, moisturizing.

Isolate UV rays for 356 days without snoring. Even if the UV rays are reduced in spring, we cannot relax. We must know how to take care of our skin at all times.

  Root six: Introverted personality, easily sulking. Although three-year-old is set to eighty, personality has been cultivated since childhood, but everyone feels happy and happy.

Analysis of reasons: If you are not cheerful and often feel uncomfortable with yourself, your skin will naturally be uncomfortable with you.

  Rescue method: Be optimistic regardless of adversity and adversity.

  Root cause 7: Irregular menstruation. Women with severe PMS have a few days of lethargy, recurrent emotions, and severe symptoms can cause skin damage.

  Cause analysis: PMS, in severe cases, can affect sleep and quality of life.

  Rescue method: pay attention to hygiene, reasonable diet, if it is born with severe premenstrual syndrome, you must find a doctor to regulate the body.

  Facial massage Tips to smooth the texture: 1. The head is the starting point, extending from the lower jaw to the two jaws, evenly.

  2. In order to prevent the corners of the mouth from sagging and sagging, vein massage can be done along the mouth.

  3. Facial muscles are slack and susceptible to aging. Tap lightly and tap the short muscles to improve.

Ten essential capabilities for success in the IT age

Ten essential capabilities for success in the IT age

1. Gradual resilience The information age is changing rapidly. If you want to succeed in this changing world, you must ask yourself to develop an extraordinary resilience.

At present, people all over the world are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the real network economy, transforming the decline of the network economy bubble, the rising gold content, and the human resources discovery-cultivation-abandonment cycle will be rebuilt, stronger, and human resources.The period of time has been greatly shortened. In this ever-changing environment, we are constantly under pressure to update our knowledge system.

If you are backward, you will be beaten. For people in the IT age, if you become slow, you will also be beaten. If you become slow, you may be eliminated by society.

With the fierce competition, more and more people want to continuously supplement and improve themselves by acquiring more effective information, lest they can’t keep up with the fast pace of the information age, so many expert critics come out to say the futureIn the mall is no longer eating big but not fast.

Relatively speaking, talent competition is “people eat people”, “fast people” eat “slow people”!

As a protagonist in the efficient and fast information age, how can you adapt to such a fast pace?

This requires the ability to adapt to changes in the environment in order to prepare for it from time to time.

  2. The ability to communicate and exert imagination In the information age, an important premise to be accepted by society as soon as possible is that we must have the ability to grasp information and obtain information, but to have these capabilities we must be good at communication andUse your imagination.

Because listen carefully, write clearly, read carefully, speak clearly, accurate narrative will have inestimable value.

Also in fast-paced work environments, communication barriers can become a fatal problem.

This ability is crucial. It can collect and obtain a wide range of knowledge information, so that some of the knowledge, thinking methods and observation perspectives can be used to guide the company to the future.

  3. The ability to observe and analyze the present society is intricate and complicated. To maintain a certain sober mind in a society that is still being chaotic and chaotic, we must require us to have a keen ability to observe things and analyze and process objects.

The current society is a network society. The network is invisible and intangible, giving people the feeling of nothingness, and when you quickly and conveniently purchase the required items on the Internet, you feel that it is real.

In order to gain wealth in this society, the ability to observe and analyze things must be correct in order to succeed, because the gain of wealth in the network economy is not through the perfect combination of the inherent knowledge that is mastered, but through the capture of imperfections.New knowledge.

We live in this kind of network economy environment. To find opportunities, it is more important to have keen insight to turn these imperfect new knowledge into original innovation.

  4. The ability to pioneer and innovate. Innovation is a necessary and sufficient condition for a country and a nation to achieve progress. Also for people in our IT era, innovation is an important guarantee for winning success. The ability to innovate is what every citizen of our society should strive to cultivate.Ability.
In the market in the context of the information society, various new knowledge and new business opportunities are emerging.

In this way, the candidate’s thinking ability, reaction ability, judgment ability and devotion to the pursuit of the company will become the criterion for the unit or business owner to weigh the available or unavailable one.

In the future, computers, product sales and management engineering will be required more and more with both theoretical and practical experience.

  5. Certain organizational and expressive abilities In this interconnected era, people in the IT era have begun to learn to use the Internet to communicate with people.

Indeed, Internet can bring convenience and speed to our communication, but it is undeniable that the emergence of various network languages affects our daily expression and organizational ability in a kind of decomposition. At this time, we should consciously strengthen cultivation in this area.Because wherever you go, organizational work is indispensable, such as allocating financial and material resources, setting up work processes, formulating marketing strategies, finding profit opportunities, and so on, all of which require high-level organizational capabilities.

In addition, the most productive IT people will be those who know how to express information and ideas to gain understanding and support from others.

Excellent lobbying skills are essential in future interpersonal communication.

  6, the courage to take responsibility and pressure The pressure mainly comes from the increase in workload and the speed of technological innovation. IT people in the information age in life are increasingly feeling that the pace of work is significantly accelerated.It is likely that the things you plan for cannot be completed safely, and the end result is that your own efforts may not yield anything.

The network economy is coming. Remember, “coming soon” is coming, not coming.

The growth, maturity and decline of the network economy will inevitably have a process, but its growth rate seems too cruel for IT people.

While IT feels the thrill of success brought by IT, it also has to bear the tremendous pressure brought by IT.

The ultra-high mobility of the IT industry promotes the network economy, but it is not fair to IT people and is not welcome.

They may consider changing careers and fearing layoffs while fading out of the halo tomorrow.

The mental endurance is a big test for IT people.

  7, unique business expertise, usually when we look at the ability to adapt to society, we will only evaluate from a certain aspect, in fact, those who really adapt to society should be those who have only a few abilities or qualities at the same time, and itselfThe more capable and qualified people are, the more adaptable they are.

Therefore, in the IT era, it is no longer enough to have professional technical knowledge. Talents in the IT era require fast and efficient “paperless office”.

This requires that we must combine our professionalism with the use of computer networks. People with deep professional skills must understand and apply computer and network technologies to their professions.

Professional expertise in computer software development and e-commerce operations is the first priority for employers and companies.

Ability to initially process information.

In the network age, it is not enough to collect information widely. It is more important to understand the information and use it to make the value of information fully tapped.

  8, extraordinary work ability In a market economy that pays attention to economic benefits, every enterprise hopes that the employees it recruits will soon be competent for their own work and achieve good results in the work.

At this time, work experience has become an important asset for the quality of an IT person.In the eyes of many units or business owners, people with rich work experience are the ones who can create impressive performance for the company.

  9. The ability to unite and collaborate with others. The social division of labor in the information age is becoming more and more detailed. A certain project or project usually requires some people to work together to complete.Give full play to your own sense of ownership and teamwork with other collaborators.

The team spirit in the network age is beyond the performance of one person, and it is a substitute and guarantee for high-quality and efficient results.

The cause must develop, and the power of unity and cooperation is greater than all.

Therefore, companies now like to have the ability to prevent and adapt, and have a team spirit.

  10, step-by-step transferability transferability is an ability based on action, which refers to analysis, writing, reasoning, management and so on.

In the efficient and fast information age, no company or individual is immutable. They also cross the rhythm of the times and continue to “ebb and flow”. In the process of these movements, it is impossible for everyone to be pure in life.The land can only be a certain occupation. Today, in the continuous updating of enterprises and industries, our personal learning skills and personal traits are gradually updated in continuous job applications. If we want to successfully adapt to this constantly moving society,It must require that the ability of our IT people must also be in “movement”, and this “movement” ability is what we call transferable ability.

This ability is even more important for those IT people who want to switch to another industry.

Correct the six culprits of the dry muscles of the commuter


Correct the six culprits of the dry muscles of the commuter

The weather in June was really cloudy. Last week, a sudden freeze was terrifying. It was not soothing for two days, and it was a sultry rainy day. Then there was high temperature.

In the air-conditioned environment of an office building, my skin can’t help but be in a hurry: dry skin appears to be itchy, somehow red spots appear, the face after applying makeup appears tight, and the base makeup is always undressed .The root cause of all skin problems is dehydration!

  Six culprits of dry muscles in commuters: 1.

The air-conditioned environment quickly dries out the skin’s surface and deep layers.


Office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, scanners, and computers bring more radiation and static electricity than you think, quickly draining skin moisture.


Don’t think that the sun at 8 or 9 in the morning is just a small problem. It will also absorb moisture and leave UV rays.


Environmental pollution in the city makes the skin dry, and indoor air pollution is ten times stronger than wooden boards.


Summer smells a lot, so spray more perfume to cover up?

The alcohol content in the perfume will also take away skin moisture, you must not think of it.


Traveling to and from work, commuting, lunch time, indoor and outdoor huge temperature difference is the biggest killer of beautiful skin, making the skin dry, sensitive and fragile.

  Opinion one: The lotion contains alcohol, it will make the skin drier, skip it!

  Correction: About 50% of the lotion will contain a certain amount of alcohol, but the alcohol content of a few brands is within a safe range. A very small amount of alcohol does not make the skin dry.

For extremely dry, sensitive skin types, choose a mild lotion that is labeled as alcohol-free.

  Moisturizing small step: In order to upgrade the moisturizing effect, you can tear the cotton pad, soak it in lotion, and apply it on the two toes and forehead that are most likely to dry. In just 5 minutes, the skin immediately saturates.

  Opinion two: Anti-aging, whitening is more important. I choose those effective essences. As for moisturizing, Ignore it!

  Correction: Wrong!

Dry skin’s absorption will be greatly reduced. Just like a dry sponge, the water will directly filter and cannot be absorbed at all, while the wet sponge has excellent absorption and can better absorb various nutrients.

  Moisturizing small step: Who says that the skin can only ingest one kind of essence, you can choose the appropriate essence according to your skin care needs, such as whitening, firming, anti-aging, etc., and then use the moisturizing essence to synchronize the skinReach multiple beauty goals.

  Opinion three: Summer skin is very greasy. Wouldn’t it be more greasy to use a lotion cream? Skip it!

  Correction: Even if you use a very expensive lotion, moisturizing spray, this is just a hydration exchange. You also need a moisturizing lotion and cream to help you lock in moisture.

After fully hydrating your skin, you will find that the excessive secretion of oil will also slow down, because the water and oil in the skin tend to balance.

  Moisturizing small step: want to avoid greasy feeling, I recommend you choose crystal dew, gel light moisturizing products, exclude the special impurities of oil content greatly reduce the greasy feeling, leaving the skin fresh all day.

  Viewpoint four: It ‘s troublesome to apply it to the shells one by one. It ‘s better to apply sunscreen directly!

  Correction: lotion, essence, moisturizer, sunscreen . Each of these steps is essential. Applying sunscreen directly without basic maintenance will make the skin more dry and rough.

  Moisturizing small steps: If you want comprehensive hydration care, but don’t want to make the steps cumbersome, you can choose a multi-effect product that takes care of moisturizing + repairing. One product can meet many skin needs.

In addition, a moisturizing cream with a sun protection index is also a good choice to help reduce the number of skin care steps.

However, if you are traveling or long-term outdoor activities, you must still apply sunscreen carefully and do not take it lightly.

  Opinion 5: It is said that the spray will be sprayed and dried, I dare not use it.

  Correction: The spray is sprayed more and more dry because of a problem with the use method: After spraying a wet spray, there is no follow-up maintenance, and there is no need to press the tissue paper to dry.The moisture itself is taken away, so it will be sprayed and dried.

Finding the right method to use, moisturizing spray is a good helper for instant hydration.

  Moisturizing small step: for immediate hydration, moisturizing spray can also be used to set makeup.

After applying the foundation, the dialysis moisturizing spray 20 cm away from the face can make the makeup more delicate and natural.

  Opinion 6: The cleansing mask cannot be applied for too long, there is no problem with the moisturizing mask, apply it for a while, and the skin will be more hydrated!
  Correction: Except that the sleep mask can be transferred and used, other moisturizing masks should follow the product’s instructions. Generally speaking, it is better to use 10-15 minutes, and should not exceed 20 minutes.
Especially the woven mask, once the time is too long, after the mask paper dries, it will absorb the moisture in the skin, making you apply and dry.

  Moisturizing small step: let the moisturizing mask increase the effect by 50%. The secret lies in absorbing the moisturizing essence first, and then applying a woven moisturizing mask. The mask forms a closed and hydrating space, allowing the double moisturizing power to penetrate the skin.