Spring diet helps lungs and cough

Spring diet helps lungs and cough

Spring is warm and windy, and is a season of high incidence of respiratory diseases.

As a result, many people have cough.

Cough is a symptom of a variety of diseases. According to the theory of syndrome differentiation of TCM and the corresponding method of food, using food therapy can pass a good therapeutic effect.

  Wind cold cough is mostly induced by cold, which is most likely to occur when the human body is not adapted to the hot and cold climate.

In the early stage, nasal runny nose, sneezing, and itchy throat may be accompanied. At this time, Xingsu cake can be consumed.

Take an appropriate amount of flour, knead it into 3-5 balls after fermentation.

15 grams of almonds, peeled, ground and pressed into powder, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, mix well, and sprinkle on the surface of the cake.

Then wash 3-5 pieces of fresh perilla leaves, cover the surface of the cake, steam on the pan, and eat when cooked.

Almond bitter temperature and cough, Su Yexin is warm and fragrant, and the wind is cold.

Xingsu cake is sweet and delicious, has a good effect on wind cold cough, 1-2 times a day.

  Wind-heat cough In the spring, the temperature gradually increases, and the chance of upper respiratory tract infection increases. Most coughs are manifested as wind-heat cough, yellow or little sputum, red and swollen throat, yellow dry mouth, and some patients still have low fever.

For the first illness, you can use the following dietary prescriptions: 1 fresh egg of honeysuckle egg soup, put into a bowl and set aside.

15 grams of honeysuckle, add 200 ml of water, boil for 5 minutes, beat the eggs and boil, and serve once while hot.

Honeysuckle is sweet and cold, can clear heat and detoxify, and can treat inflammation and sore throat.

The prescription should be easy to take, once a morning.

  Take 10 grams of almonds and peel the almonds, and peel 15 grams of loquat leaves and wash them.

Wash an appropriate amount of rice, add water and almonds, cook the loquat leaves together and take them once a day.

Almonds cough, loquat leaves clear the lungs and cough.

But pay attention: the hair on the loquat leaves should be washed; when you eat porridge, remove the loquat leaves and discard them.

  Qi deficiency and cough are mostly chronic cough, which occurs frequently in spring. It is commonly referred to as “grass hair”, which is manifested as cough, dyspnea, shortness of breath, and impaired pulmonary breathing.

You can take walnut ginseng soup when you are sick.

Take 20 grams of walnut meat (unpeeled), 6 grams of ginseng (or 20 grams of codonopsis), 3 slices of ginger, fry with the right amount of water, take 200 ml of juice, add a small amount of rock sugar, once a day, warm before bedtime.

Walnut Ganwen Bushen Dingchuan, Ginseng nourishes, has a good effect on Deficiency Cough.

Do not take if there is more sputum or blood in the sputum.

  Phlegm cough is mostly chronic cough, often with shortness of breath, sputum, polychromatic white matter, thin stools, poor appetite, and even edema. This symptom is often seen in chronic bronchitis.

You can take Suzi Poria Poria Rice Porridge to reduce sputum lice, improve symptoms and ease the condition.

Take 15 grams of Suzi, 60 grams of indica rice, and 15 grams of Poria powder.

Suzi is wrapped in clean gauze, discarded when eating, and taken every night.

Suzi can reduce qi and phlegm, reduce the swelling of barley water, and also has the effect of nourishing the lungs and spleen.

The elderly with the highest blood pressure cough in winter and spring, and those with chronic bronchitis and sputum take more.

The magic of aloe vera: can treat a variety of diseases

The magic of aloe vera: can treat a variety of diseases

Three years ago, my father planted a small aloe vera seedling in six pots on the balcony.

Now these six aloe vera are more than one foot tall, and some of them have also blossomed.

The father sprayed the aloe vera with a small sprayer that was pinched every day. In the evening, he took a pot of aloe vera in the room and took it out in the morning.

I asked my father if he liked aloe vera very much. His father said that aloe vera is a treasure. The benefits of aloe vera are many. Specifically, three points can be said: First, for viewing and exercising.

  My father said that aloe vera is one of the most lovely flowers and plants. The leaves of aloe vera are green and rich, full of vitality, as beautiful as the innocent and lively children.

Especially when I see aloe vera blossoming, I always feel lucky and auspicious.

In the process of cooking aloe vera, regular hands are also an exercise that is good for the body.

  Second, aloe vera can make the indoor air fresh and good for people’s health.

  Aloe vera is a thick-leaf plant. When it is exposed to sunlight, it inhales oxygen and emits carbon dioxide. However, when it is exposed to sunlight at night or indoors, it absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen, which filters and filters indoor air.Make the indoor air fresher.

More nutrients are very beneficial to the human body.

  Third, aloe vera has medicinal value and can treat a variety of diseases.

  Aloe vera has the best effect of stomach and intestines. It has good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, and it is non-toxic. It can be taken by internal or external application and it is convenient to use.

For external use, just cut off the leaves of aloe vera, apply the juice directly to the affected area, peel off the hard skin of the leaves, and stick the gelatin juice inside the affected part, then wrap it and fix it.

When taking the inner serving, just cut off the next small piece of aloe vera leaves and wash it off. Remove the small thorns from the leaves and eat or mash and filter into juice. You can also take boiled water and add honey or sugar to adjust.

Aloe has no intermediates and can be used with confidence.

  Aloe vera topical treatment can treat burns, burns, knife wounds, abrasions, insect bites, bruises, eczema, macules, swelling, cracks, frostbite, acne, rough skin, hemorrhoids, wind pain, Hong Kong feet.

Curing the body’s blood, using aloe vera for a night can be effective.

  Oral administration can treat constipation secrets, gastritis, gastric ulcer, enteritis, cataract, hypertension, neurological cough, tonsillitis or laryngitis, loss of appetite, high blood pressure, hypertension disorder, indigestion, insomnia, neuralgia, rheumatic painWait.

To normalize stool function, take aloe vera twice a day (after meals) for 1 week.

Oral aloe vera should have a good weight, the daily dosage is about 10-15 grams, that is, the blade with a width of 3 cm is 3-4 cm long.

Infirm, the dosage of the elderly and children should be reduced appropriately.

Pregnant women and women with menstrual cramps and abnormal genital organs should not take it.

How much do you know about the benefits of applying cooling oil to all parts of the body

How much do you know about the benefits of applying cooling oil to all parts of the body

Too many post-80s may still have faint and refreshing oil in their memory, but for many post-90s and 00s, refreshing oil may only be a thing unique in history.

However, do you make it? The benefits of refreshing oil are really too much. What the ancestors left behind is really a good thing. Take a look at this article and tell your family not to confuse the heavens.

  In-house worm removal 1. Damaged worms appear on bamboo furniture. As long as they are embedded in each dust eye with cool oil, they can be cut off.

  2, ants, mosquitoes and other common stings, stings, can be cured with cool oil.

  3. Cool oil taste has toxic mosquito repellent effect.

For example, in each dark place in the room, put on the cooling oil with the cover uncovered 4?
5 boxes can prevent mosquitoes from entering the room all summer.

  Treatment tips 1, pediatric anal swelling, if you do not understand it will be a fuss, a small disease doctor, in fact, it is very simple, use cool oil on the anus instead of coating, the day the more.

This disease is due to pediatric fire poisoning accumulating in the liver meridian and stasis in the anus. The refreshing oil and its irritating effect on the skin are treated with cooling oil, which not only detoxifies and swells, but also causes qi to stasis.

It also has a good effect on redness and swelling of the anus of an adult, and fire poisoning accumulates in the liver meridian and stasis in the anus.

Therefore, cooling oil can cure the symptoms of hemorrhoid sac in the early and middle stages.

  2. For lumbar, leg, and bone pain caused by rheumatism, three or four days after the beginning, you can apply cool oil to the painful points or nearby key points to apply it.

This is the dehumidifying and moisturizing effect of the refreshing table using the cooling oil.

  3, body odor, cool oil frequently applied, long-rooted.

This is also a cool solution to the table also.

  4, treatment of simple diarrhea: the cooling oil rubs between the tailbone and the prostate, and rubs back and forth until the skin feels slightly hot.

At the same time, apply a small amount of cooling oil on the navel to cooperate with it, which has a certain effect on simple diarrhea.

Apply cool oil on the navel, rub it with your palm and cover it 2?
3 minutes for diarrhea caused by cold in summer.

  5. Applying cool oil to the navel can treat constipation.

  6. When the sore throat starts, apply cool oil on it, and repeatedly rub it with your palm until the skin becomes hot. 1?
Remission or disappear after 2 hours.

My tonsils have a tingling sensation at first, rub the outer skin of the tonsils with cool oil until the fever.

Apply at least 3 times in a round, don’t be reluctant to use it.

Early, middle, and later, especially before bedtime.

Of course, you can also take some anti-inflammatory drugs according to your own needs, which usually work the next day.

  7, cotton balls dipped in cool oil at least on the diseased teeth can relieve pain.

  8, mild burns, gently apply to the affected area, can alleviate pain, avoid the emergence of blisters, the earlier the treatment the better.

  Method: burned and burned 3?
Within 5 minutes (the faster the effect, the better), cover the affected area with cool oil, and the thickness should not be less than 1?
2 mm (minimum area requires thicker thickness).

It usually only needs to be applied for tens of minutes to half an hour, but the area is longer than the time required.

  Feeling: It feels hot and painful when applied (because its heat is being dissipated).

  Principle: The cold and heat are equal to each other.

Verification effect: Repeatedly used.

  9. Patients with corns can apply the cooling oil to the corns several times a day, and then use the lighted cigarette to bake the cooling oil into the corns.

In this way, the corns will recover on their own, and the patient will not feel pain, and there will be no marks on the affected area after healing.

  10. German football players also found another wonderful use of Longhu refreshing oil: After it is applied on the chest and calf belly, it can reduce the feeling of chest tightness when running, and it is more comfortable to run after the calf is activated.
  11. Cooling oil and wind oil essence both have the function of refreshing the table and decoction of incense sticks, and have a certain stimulating effect on the skin, so it can relieve itching, anti-inflammatory, swelling, repair the normal metabolism of epidermal cells, so that many skin diseases are used for a long time.Healed; can be used to cure many diseases according to acupoints, such as painting in two temples, Fengchi acupoints, mountain roots, people, the front hairline, etc., which can refresh, heal headaches, and open consciousness.

  Home Use 1. Apply cool oil to the front and back of the clothes that have just been stained with paint stains. After a few minutes, wipe them with a cotton ball along the line of the cloth to remove the paint stains.

When removing old paint stains, apply more cooling oil. The paint can be peeled off after it wrinkles on its own.

Wash the clothes once and the paint stains will be completely removed.

  2, in addition to toilet odor: put a box of cool oil open the lid and place it in the corner, the odor will be eliminated immediately.
The uppermost layer in the box is scraped off about half a month, and so on until one box of cooling oil runs out, and one box of cooling oil can be used for about 2 to 3 months.

  3, in the severe winter, some people froze with their hands and feet, uncomfortable, at night, it is even more difficult to fall asleep.

Wash your hands and feet with warm water before you go to bed, and then apply cold oil to the pimple.

  4. Those who go out often have motion sickness, apply some cool oil to their masks, and wear them before getting on the boat.

  5, put the cooling oil in the shoe cabinet, you can eliminate the odor.

  6, apply the cooling oil on the gum stains, the stains will soften after a while, and they will fall off with a clasp.

  7, repeated application with cool oil, you can eliminate the ballpoint pen and autograph ink on your hand.

  8. Apply wind oleoresin to the sticky paper on the utensil to expose it easily, and there are no traces.

What are the early symptoms of tuberculosis in children?

What should be paid attention to in diet?

What are the early symptoms of tuberculosis in children?

What should be paid attention to in diet?

Pediatric tuberculosis refers to a chronic infectious disease caused by a child infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

What are the early symptoms of tuberculosis in children?

How should Mom and Dad prevent it?

Look at these questions and see if they are mentioned.

Early symptoms of tuberculosis in children Children with pulmonary tuberculosis have different symptoms. In the early stage, they mainly showed inactivity, lack of energy, temper, or crying for no reason. They may also have night sweats, facial flushing, weight loss, weakness, loss of appetite and indigestion.And other symptoms.

When there are patients with open tuberculosis in the family, and the baby has not been implanted with BCG, parents should be highly vigilant if they have a baby’s complications, and they are separated or swollen in a swollen lymph node. Seek medical attention, armor and early diagnosis.treatment.

Children should pay attention to the issue of tuberculosis diet 1, to ensure the intake of excess protein and heat.

Mom and Dad should be based on the baby’s weight (protein: 2.

4 g / kg, heat energy 100-120 kcal / kg), to provide enough protein and heat for the baby to supplement the baby’s body consumption.

2, control temporary supplements, pay attention to nutritional mix.

When the baby is suffering from tuberculosis, Mom and Dad should control the slight intake (1-2 g/kg) according to the weight of the baby. At the same time, it should be reasonably matched with the baby’s diet, pay attention to the combination of the vegetarian diet, and the diet should not be too greasy to affect the baby’s digestion.
3, pay attention to the supply of cellulose and vitamins.

Mom and Dad should pay attention to the supplement of cellulose, let the baby eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, coarse grains, keep the baby’s stool smooth.

In addition, the baby can eat more foods with vitamins A, D, C and B vitamins to enhance the body’s resistance.

Related Recommendations for the transmission of tuberculosis in children There are some measures to prevent tuberculosis in children. What are the causes of tuberculosis in children? What are the good treatments for children? What are the characteristics of tuberculosis in children?

You should understand these eight clinical features.

Symptoms of aneurysms have some common symptoms of abdominal aortic aneurysms


Symptoms of aneurysms have some common symptoms of abdominal aortic aneurysms

Abdominal aortic aneurysms occur in older men, with a male to female ratio of 10:3, especially for smokers, and smoking significantly increases the risk of aneurysm rupture.

A sophisticated abdominal aortic aneurysm is a complication below the level of the renal artery.

What are the symptoms of abdominal aortic aneurysm?

Let’s take a look at the following.

Symptoms of abdominal aortic aneurysm suggestive of abdominal aortic aneurysm require surgical treatment. Symptoms include: (1) Pain: a common symptom before rupture, mostly in the umbilical cord and mid-upper abdomen.

When an aneurysm invades the lumbar vertebrae, there may be pain in the lumbosacral region. If a fracture or waist headache occurs recently, it often indicates that the tumor is on the verge of rupture.

(2) Rupture: Patients with acute rupture appear as sudden lumbar peripheral pain with shock performance and even die before admission.

If the peritoneum is broken, the hemorrhage can be formed by hemorrhage. The abdominal pain and blood loss can be several hours or days, but the hematoma often has the possibility of rupturing into the peritoneal cavity and causing death.

The tumor body ruptures into the inferior vena cava, creating an aortic venous bag, which can cause heart failure.

Occasionally, the tumor can break into the duodenum and cause massive bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.

(3) Other serious complications: acute thrombosis may occur in the tumor, and thrombosis may cause arterial embolization of the lower extremity.

Intestinal obstruction can occur in the duodenal compression, and the inferior vena cava can cause peripheral edema.

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What should I do to prevent an aneurysm?

Be alert to a splitting headache with spray vomiting!

What are the ways to prevent cerebral aneurysms in the winter?

Three methods need to pay attention!