[How to eat Nanmei seeds to lose weight is the best]_ Nanmei seeds, role _ assumptions

[How to eat Nanmei seeds to lose weight is the best]_ Nanmei seeds, role _ assumptions

Many girls are losing weight now.

However, the effects of weight loss medicines and weight loss teas sold in pharmacies are not particularly obvious, and some drugs can even be metabolized by the human body.

There are also some women who lose weight by reducing the amount of meals. They eat less or do not eat every meal. Although they will lose weight, their immune system will be reduced.

Nanmei Seed is a very healthy weight loss product.

So, how to eat Nanmei seeds to lose weight is the best?

First, how to eat Nanmei seeds to lose weight is best to drink directly with water.

Take 30-60 minutes before meals every day.

About 5g (about 3 iron spoons), swallow with cold or warm water.


South eyebrow tremella.

Prepare Tremella, South eyebrow seeds, wolfberry, rock sugar: Soak the white fungus in cold water and add rock sugar: Soak the South eyebrow seeds in cold water: After the white fungus is boiled, add the wolfberry seeds: Pour the South eyebrow seeds: Cooked South eyebrowTremella fuciformis can be eaten in a bowl: Second, why can Nanmei seeds lose weight? Nanmei seeds can contact water or digestive fluid in the body. The multi-type insoluble dietary fiber on the surface of the seeds has the characteristics of self-swelling after absorbing water and can effectively inhibit fastingIt can reduce weight and excess food intake, increase satiety, maintain weight health, and is the best ingredient for weight loss.

After the Nanmei seeds have absorbed water and swelled, the surface of the small spheres tends to stick to the intestinal wall, which can reduce the chance of food contacting the intestinal wall.

The principle of weight loss caused by it is that eating will increase the feeling of fullness and control the diet, so that you will not want to eat more food.

Eat less other foods, absorb less calories, and naturally less meat.

Third, other methods of eating Nanmei seeds can be taken with fruit juice or warm water, and can also be used with fruits. If placed in yogurt (low-fat or non-fat yogurt is recommended), the taste is also good.

Fourth, the efficacy and role of Nanmei seeds 1.

Improve skin and constipation. Each 10G of South Brow Seed contains two and a half lettuce of dietary fiber. The surface of the small spheres will easily adhere to the intestinal wall after water absorption and swelling.Intestinal push rate, activation of metabolic functions, to avoid the accumulation of waste such as toxins and feces in the feces for too long, affecting the physical skills and appearance of the skin, is the most natural scavenger in the body, the most natural environmental protection for the human body.

Excessive intake of dietary fiber can absorb sugars in the stomach, reduce the absorption of sugars, reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood after meals, and inhibit the rise of blood glucose, plus the characteristics of fiber swelling with water, which greatly improves satietyIt is beneficial to the control of diabetes and weight. It is recommended that patients with obesity and diabetes consume high-fiber foods.


Reduce cholesterol and triglyceride absorption High-quality cellulose can promote the metabolism of blood lipids and lipoproteins in the body, reduce the absorption of intestinal plasma, and reduce trace concentrations in blood, reducing the risk of hypertension, stroke, and hypertension.

[How to make mullet tofu soup]_ mullet soup _ how to make _ how to make

[How to make mullet tofu soup]_ mullet soup _ how to make _ how to make

Muyu tofu soup has a relatively high nourishing health value, and it is also a more delicious food, but how can you make these delicious and healthy foods? Of course, you must also pay attention to understand some of its practices and steps. Friends who like to eat can refer to the followingpractice.

Method 1: Black fish, tofu, Xiuzhen mushroom, log mushroom, crab-flavored ginger, ham slices (preferably, it doesn’t matter), seasoning salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, sugar cooking method 1. Wash and cut black fish into pieces.

In my opinion this step is extremely difficult.

The body of the black fish is sticky and slippery, and it is very difficult to start. From time to time, blood will leak out, which is actually very disgusting.

In addition, the strong bloody smell will make others mistakenly think that I am dividing.

2. Heat the frying pan and pour the right amount of oil in the pot. It doesn’t matter if there is more of this amount, but too little.

And be sure to heat the pan first, then put the oil, then the principle of hot pan cold oil.

3, add ginger slices in the pot first, burst the fragrance, but it may be stinky to some people.

4. After the fragrance is released, pour the fish pieces into the pan and stir fry. The surface can be white, of course, it can be golden. Of course, the fish is not required to be cooked.

5, spray rice wine in the pot, this posture is like this: manipulate to cover most of the mouth of the wine bottle, and then sprinkle evenly in the pot, wait for a while.

6, add an appropriate amount of hot water in the pot, see how much soup you want to drink, boil.

Change the text to a small stew and wait until the soup turns milky.

7. Add an appropriate amount of salt to the soup and taste it with your mouth.

8. Change the fire and add Xiuzhen Mushroom, Log Mushroom, Crab Flavor Mushroom at the same time, cook for a while, and wait for the fragrance to dissipate.

9. Add a box of tender tofu and cook slightly.

10, add sugar, a little chicken essence, you can cook.

Practice two, practice of black fish tofu soup 1.

Clean the black fish and drain the water 2.

Tofu cut into pieces of mahjong 3.

Remove from frying pan and scallion ginger 4.

Slightly fry black fish 5.

Cooking cooking wine, add tofu, add hot water, boil on high heat6.

Turn to low heat and simmer for about 20 minutes 7.

Add white pepper, salt and a little MSG (may be omitted) to season 8.

Sprinkle green onions and parsley before serving.

[Braised pork rice bowl]_Braised pork rice bowl_How to make_How to make

Do you have a hot pot? What are you going to do with a pick-and-pick pot?
璇磋捣绾㈢儳鑲夊ぇ瀹堕兘鏄埍鍚冪殑锛岀孩鐑ц倝鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊兼槸鏈€楂樼殑锛岃€屼笖鍏ュ彛闈炲父鐨勯鑴嗭紝骞虫椂鐨勬椂鍊欑孩鐑ц倝鐩存帴鍚冨懗閬撴槸涓嶅ソ鐨勶紝鏈€濂芥槸鐢ㄧ孩鐑ц倝鏉ョ洊楗紝杩欐牱鐨勫懗閬撴槸闈炲父濂界殑锛屽洜涓轰竴浜涚啛鐨勭背楗仛濂界孩鐑ц倝鐩存帴娴囧埌绫抽キ涓娿€鎵€闇€椋熸潗鍒朵綔涓绘枡绫抽キ鎵€闇€杈呮枡浜旇姳鑲夈€佽姦绗嬨€佸▋濞冭彍銆佸捀楦泲鎵€闇€璋冩枡杈f2涓€佺櫧绯?0鍏嬨€佸1鐗囥€佸叓瑙?涓€?递 多 綔 珂 訂 硶 1 銆 妸 妸 浜 姳 姊 偏 忏 当 溏 庀 姘 姘 村  鐢?銆佽捣娌归攨锛屽叆灏戣娌圭儳鐑悗鎶婄櫧绯栧€掑叆鐐掓堡鑹茶嚦鐒﹂粍鑹诧紝鎶婅荆妞掑鐗囧拰鑲夊€Do you want to read it?銆佸鏋滆寰楅鑹蹭笉澶熸繁鍙堜笉鎯冲悆澶敎鍙互绋嶅井鐐瑰叆鍑犳淮閰辨补锛岀劧鍚庡€掑叆涓€纰楃儹姘村姞閫傞噺鐩愮儳寮€浜嗙剸鍗婁釜灏忔椂4銆佸彟璧蜂竴閿呮妸鎼厤鐨勮敩鑿滅敤鐑у紑鐨勭洂姘寸儷醡 熸 醜 鐩?The fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the key, the key, the partner, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, and the fan.

Huatai Securities (601688) March 2019 Commentary: Science and Technology Board Drives Surpassed Expected Investment and Investment Banking Revenue Increases MoM

Huatai Securities (601688) March 2019 Commentary: Science and Technology Board Drives Surpassed Expected Investment and Investment Banking Revenue Increases MoM

This report reads: The company’s GDR conversion exceeded 50%, and the dividends were basically released; the science and technology board significantly boosted the company’s direct investment and investment bank revenue in the third quarter, and the company’s investment bank has outstanding international business advantages. It will continue to benefit from the capital market reform and opening up and value-added holding.

Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating and maintain target price of 29.

87 yuan / share, corresponding to 19P / B 2.

2 times.

The company’s operating income for the first three quarters / net profit attributable to its parent was 177.


400 million, previously +41.

8% / + 43.

8%, return on equity 5.

83%, ten years +0.

95pct; Q3 returns to net profit of the mother 23.

800 million, +86.

6%, 6 more than the monthly report.

700 million, exceeding our expectations.

Looking at the month-on-month comparison, the third-quarter incremental performance was mainly contributed by investment income and investment bank income, and the science and technology board significantly boosted the company’s direct investment and investment bank revenue.

Maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-21 to 0.



25 yuan.

The company’s investment bank has outstanding international business advantages and the science and technology board layout is leading in the industry. It will continue to benefit from the reform and opening up of the capital market. The company currently has 19P / B1.

3 times the increase.

Investment and investment bank revenues have grown strongly, and the market share of the retail business is expected to grow steadily.

1) The company’s Q3 brokerage business income was -12 from the previous quarter.

8% (market share base turnover -13.

At the end of the period, the amount of securities traded at the end of the period was flat, and the scale of the two financial institutions was +6.

5% (market +4.

2%), the company’s retail business market share maintained an upward trend.

2) The company’s investment bank income in the third quarter6.

0 billion, + 68% month-on-month, Wind shows that in the third quarter, the company issued 4 single shares for the first time to reorganize the science and technology board project, and the refinancing raised the amount of funds to increase more than three times.

3) In the third quarter, self-operated investment income and associate investment income were 25.

2 billion / 8.

700 million, +12.

900 million / + 7.

600 million, the listing of science and technology board projects led to a substantial increase in the company’s related investment income.

4) In the third quarter, the company’s asset management revenue was + 15% month-on-month, compared with + 19% in the past, maintaining a rapid growth momentum.

5) At the end of the period, the company repurchased financial assets under resale at -34% MoM to 17.7 billion, and the scale of equity pledge continued to drop.

GDR conversion exceeded 50%, and a 都市夜网 pressure was basically released.

The company disclosed that as of October 24, the company had 3,987 GDRs, which was less than 50% of the initial issuance. At the same time, it closed the closing on October 29, and the company’s A shares were 1 premium to GDR.1%, we think the GDR has released too much previous pressure on A shares.

Catalysts: The implementation of capital market reform and innovation policies; increased market activity.

Risk warning: the stock market has fallen sharply; industry supervision has become stricter.

Depth-Company-Yili (600887): Performance is slightly lower than expected in the long term

Depth * Company * Yili (600887): Performance is slightly lower than expected Long-term bullish layout improvement

Yili shares released the semi-annual report for 2019.

1H19 实现收入\净利449.7\37.800 million, an increase of 13 previously.

6%\9.7%,2Q19 实现收入\净利218.9\15.100 million, an increase of 9 previously.

4%\11.8%,1H19\2Q19 EPS 分别为0.62\0.25 yuan, the performance is lower than our expectations.

Key points of the support level Revenue growth in 1H19 was slightly higher than in the early planning, 2Q19 fluctuated slightly, and the product structure maintained an upward trend.

(1) 1H19 income increased by 13.


6%, slightly lower than 15 of Mengniu.

6%, of which 2Q19 increased by 9.

4%, a slight fluctuation, may be due to the uneven recognition of revenue quarter.

(2) In terms of categories, the income of 1H19 liquid milk, milk powder and cold drinks increased by 13 each time.

2%, 13.

4%, 15.

At 4%, the growth of each category was the most balanced.

According to Nielsen data, Yili’s room temperature liquid milk 1H19 market share is 38.

7%, up 2 per year.

4pct, maintaining rapid growth, Kantar data shows that the market penetration of liquid dairy products at room temperature in 1H19 increased and increased by 2.

7pct, channel sharing has steadily improved.

The performance of low-temperature liquid milk was average, with a market share of 15 in 1H19.

9%, a decline of 1 in ten years.

1pct, we judge it may be related to the expansion and expansion of related product inputs.

Infant formula 1H19 market share is 6.

3%, a year rose 0.

6 points.

(3) In general, the product structure has maintained an upgrade trend. Revenue from key products such as 1H19 Gold Code, An Mu Xi, Chang Qing, Yi Yi Tian, Jin Ling Guan, Qiao Le Zi increased by 30%.

1H19 / 2Q19 net profit for ten years 9.

7% / 11.

8%, the gross sales gap increased, and the increase in employee compensation increased.

(1) The 深圳丝袜会所 gross profit margin of the company’s main business in 1H19 decreased slightly by 0.

1pct, of which 2Q19 -1.
4pct,分产品看,1H19 液体乳\冷饮\奶粉毛利率同比-3.3\+16.1\-6.2pct.

3.H19 Ministry of Agriculture announced the trend of rising raw milk prices.

6%, expected, we judge that the company may increase the intensity of buying gifts promotion.

1H19\2Q19 销售费用率同比降1.0\3.1pct, through the increase in revenue scale, the proportion of advertising marketing expenses decreased, the absolute value of 1H19 increased by only 2%, and the staff budget increased by 33%.

From the perspective of gross sales difference, the intensity of 1H19 expenses has been reduced.

(3)1H19\2Q19 管理费用率(不含研发)同比升0.9\1.5pct, mainly due to a 69% annual increase in employee compensation.

It is estimated that we maintain the budget profit forecast, and the EPS for 南宁桑拿 2019-20 is expected to be 1.

18, 1.

35 yuan, an increase of 12% and 15% each year. In the long run, we believe that the improvement of the dairy leader’s layout can be expected, and maintain the buy rating.

The main risks faced by the rating industry are increasing demand, raw milk prices soaring, and leading competition intensifying.

Sleep well, use hypnotics with caution

Sleep well, use hypnotics with caution

First of all, patients should first adjust from the psychological and lifestyle, can not use medicine as much as possible.

First find the cause of insomnia, for the cause of treatment.

If you have depression, you can ask a psychiatrist, accept psychological intervention, and restore your health.

Life should also be regular, including going to bed at regular intervals, getting up; not drinking irritating substances and alcoholic beverages such as tea and coffee before going to bed; even trying to drink hot milk before going to bed, using warm water foot bath, foot treatment, etc.

  Medication is considered when the above conditioning still does not improve sleep.

  Pay attention to the following three points when choosing a drug: First, use a proprietary Chinese medicine with few adverse reactions. Commonly used are Qiye Shen’an, Zaoren Anshen, Anxin Bud Brain and other proprietary Chinese medicines. You can also find experienced Chinese medicine practitioners to prescribe decoction.

  Second, if the above measures still do not correct insomnia, then consider Western medicine treatment.

Drugs that have no inhibitory effect on the central nervous system or that inhibit lighter skeletal muscle should be preferred, starting with small doses.

A variety of drugs include buspirone, zolpidem and the like.

These drugs should also be used under the guidance of a doctor, because with the increase in drug dosage, their inhibition of the nervous system and adverse reactions to muscles may also occur.

  Although diazepam has an improved sedative effect, it also inhibits the central nervous system, such as inhibition of breathing, skeletal muscle, etc., may increase dyspnea, induce bradycardia, blood pressure, heart failure and so on.

When the cardiopulmonary function is not good, the blood pumping function of the heart and the oxygen exchange function of the lungs are reduced. Therefore, if the above patients or the elderly suffer from insomnia, the use of the dose should be more cautious for the choice of the drug, especially the use of the tranquillizing sleeping pills.

Long-term use of diazepam drugs, the drug efficacy is reduced, it is easy to produce dependence, addiction, once taken in large quantities will cause coma and respiratory arrest, resulting in serious adverse consequences.

  Third, patients should not use Chinese and Western medicine without authorization.

A certain bromine preparation combined with Anshen Pills and Zhenjing Pills containing cinnabar will form toxic mercury bromide in the body, which may cause serious adverse reactions.

  In addition, patients who often snoring, especially those who suffer from apnea syndrome due to obesity, should be treated according to the above guidelines if they need to be treated with insomnia, to avoid adverse consequences.

Communicate with leaders instead

Communicating with leaders is not a flattering

When it comes to slipping and clapping horses, most people will immediately outline the image of a nod to their superiors and a charming face.

Some people will despise such people, but in work, it is a misconception to take the initiative to communicate with leaders as a flatterer.

  Manager Li has been working in a company for some years. He has a strong working ability and is just right. He is very well received by his subordinates.

He often insists on his opinions in front of leaders, and is therefore very proud. Moreover, as a decent person, he should say less and do more, so he never actively seeks leadership to communicate.

Over the years, some colleagues of average ability have been promoted, and only Manager Li is still standing still.

He summed it up, thinking that the reason was that he was too upright, and the leader only liked the flattery.

So he became cynical.

  Does Manager Li have no problem at all?

Not really!

Leaders are not immortals and sages. If you don’t actively seek him to communicate, he may not seek you actively and may not fully understand your efforts and performance.

If you are reluctant to get in touch with the leader in order to avoid suspicion of a bullshit, the leader thinks you are self-assertive and you are afraid to reuse you.

So Manager Li should reflect on some of his own practices.

  In ancient China, the moral concept attached great importance to “clear reputation”. When a gentleman who did not fold his back was chanting “all the world is turbid and I am alone”, my heart was filled with a sense of tragedy and moral superiority.

What modern society needs is a doer who is willing and good at cooperating and communicating with others.

Absolutely for leaders or subordinates, effective communication assists the successful development of the work.

A competent person like Manager Li, if he takes the initiative to communicate and communicate with the leaders, he does not need to be greedy, he will allow the leaders to fully understand their abilities, character, appreciation and value, and effectively improve their own departments and even the entire companyPerformance.

Therefore, such “clear reputation” is nothing but a chicken rib in a narrow field of vision.

  Another possibility of getting close to leadership is to overemphasize your personality.

A person with a strong personality often has the sole esteem of me, and cannot tolerate the mistakes of others, let alone others to point out their mistakes, even if this person is a leader.

He will see the leader as Adou, and he has Zhuge Liang’s ability.

He equated approaching leadership with flattering, and flattering was incapable.

Of course, those who have the ability do not need to make flattery. Instead, the leader has to “throw the cottage” to listen to his “Longzhong pair”.

Obviously, this emotional intelligence is not high.

  Management psychology research shows that 80% of a person’s success comes from emotional intelligence, and only 20% comes from IQ.

An important quality of emotional intelligence is thinking in other places.

If Manager Li is the leader, he will definitely hope that his subordinates can tell him the work situation in a timely and comprehensive manner, so as to make decisions on the basis of complete information.

  Therefore, more normal work communication with leaders will not damage reputation and personality, but will achieve a win-win situation.

Small details magnify your visual age


Small details magnify your visual age

We used to say “actual age” and “skin age”, but we can only leave traces behind the passage of time, it is difficult to change anything!

But we found that the actual age is not counted at all, it is your “visual age” that counts!


The end face is clearly branded with the “eight” character, the law pattern, and the eight characters on both sides of the nose. You are really the protagonist of countless women!

It looks a little discouraged, and a little bit debilitating. It is even more exposed to age. The culprit that can’t make people think about youth, the deeper the lines, the older they will definitely be!


The complexion is not the difference, or even the uneven skin tone. It is a big problem that makes you look old for many years. I do n’t believe the family portrait of turning over the album at home. Under the same light, the children’s skin is delicate and uniform, and the old oneThe generation of blacks has at least three kinds of chroma.


The panda eyes are okay. The bags under the eyes are the most terrible. It seems that dark circles will only affect your overall state, and it will be dark for two days if you stay up overnight, but the bags under the eyes bring you into the old cold palace with 10 times the lethality., Have to guard!


The gloomy and even straightforward state of age “No spirit!

Looking dull!

10 years old!

“Most of these adjectives are used to describe what seems to be happening after encountering a dull complexion. State age guides the complexion and it may really grow old at once.


Aside from freckles, other freckles + 3 years old freckles mainly appear only on the cheekbones and nasal bones, and are as shallow as cute as foreign children, but can be different from sunburn or dry patches, with a large range and dark colorsIt’s definitely 3 years older than your actual age!


The fish tail at the corner of the smile is heart disease. The fish tail at the corner of the eye is really blooming when you smile. You can rest assured that young girls rarely do this. This is only the case with women who are aging at first.Good thing.


The contours are blurred. People who are not too vague are tangled with wrinkles and ignore the contours. Quickly observe whether the contours of the left and right cheekbones and the homeopath to the chin are clear. Take a picture of your face at a glance.


The horizontal stripes of the neck can’t fool people. Who do you think is the age of a star, the horizontal stripes of the neck are 呗!

Neglected, your skin looks tender, and no one believes you are still in the 20s!

A must-have guide for beginners

A must-have guide for beginners

Maybe all coaches will tell you that the first step to learning yoga is to learn to breathe.

But how to practice yoga is the most effective?

  First, the correct breathing can be effective. Just like jumping aerobics, just focusing on whether the movement is beautiful and in place will only do half the work with half the effort.

Everyone knows that breathing is the most important.

Adjust your breathing, spit out new ideas, and put your mind into a quiet state, so that you can really approach the heart and convey the true meaning of yoga.

  Second, how many times a week should I practice?

  If you can persist every day, the effect is the best.

If you can’t guarantee to spend one or two hours a day practicing, 20 minutes a day is better than 3 hours a week but doing it only once, the effect is much better.

  Third, who is practicing yoga?

  People who lack physical energy are in a fiercely competitive environment, their lives are stressful, and their brains are at a high level of tension . A busy day is like a discouraged ball with exhausted energy and poor energy.

It’s time for their bodies to recharge.

“Energy” does not refer to large muscles, but guarantees the normal functioning of the body. It is supported by a steady stream of strength. It can make people feel clear and refreshed.

  People who do not want to age quickly experience increasing age, and the destructive effect of gravity on the body is becoming more and more obvious.

Maybe your weight hasn’t changed, but your back is a bit hump, your lower abdomen is protruding, your upper arms are getting bloated, and your body is getting stiffer.

Yoga can make the body vomit new ideas, relax muscles and maintain vitality, maintain elegant and compact body, light and agile posture.

  Chronic vertebrae pain, insomnia, depression, sexual dysfunction, etc., all belong to the “epochal disease”, which discards many people.

Yoga posture with breathing, through the stimulation of acupuncture points and meridians, to promote Qi and blood circulation, body adjustment, heart adjustment, gas adjustment, send fresh blood to aging somatic cells, massage internal organs, help the body restore normal functions.

  People with bad moods yoga are quiet and no longer fretful.

It can improve the concept of dealing with people, look at the problem from a different angle, and the sky is wide.

  Fourth, how to wear yoga?

  Comfortable, stretchy clothing that is best practiced barefoot to enhance the perception of the feet.

  Traditional yoga clothes are naturally the first choice, and tight-fitting fitness clothes cannot replace it.

Generally speaking, yoga clothes are mostly comfortable and loose, but it is not necessary to wear wide robes and large sleeves.

The trousers are preferably loose fit with drawstring.

It is recommended that you prepare two trousers.

One is sports-style casual pants, plus a lady-style loose straight-leg pants, which allows you to step freely, and the shape is beautiful.

In addition to the style, the fabric is very important. Be sure to choose a professional fabric with good shape retention, perspiration and breathability.

  In addition, don’t show your navel without what you wear.

Because the exercise stresses the abdomen at any time, tighten, so that the organs and magnetic fields in the abdominal cavity continue to work.

At this time, if the navel is exposed to the wind, it is not good for the body. It is better to wear a longer jacket.

  Five, how to eat yoga?

The principle of chewing slowly is to chew food more than 12 times.

People who chew slowly can fully mix food with saliva, help the digestion and nutrition of the stomach, keep the body healthy, and ensure the energy brought by food.

Eat less seasonings. Don’t put too much salt, chili, pepper when cooking.
There are also plant spices and processed spoiled spices.
The seasoning itself is not harmful, but the taste is too strong. Long-term use will dull the sense organs and prevent practitioners from experiencing the subtle changes in nature.

And the toxic digestive system causes too much stress.

10 every day?
15 cups of clean water. A large amount of water can clean the toxins in the body, maintain the body water balance, and make the energy temperament more pleasant.
In short, Yue food is light food. Eat more fruits and vegetables instead of red meat.

Some people say that it is “vegan”. The spirit of yoga is to promote but not reluctantly, but at least it should be vegetarian.

  Do not eat solid food 3 hours before the exercise, and do not eat half an hour after the exercise.

Do not drink a lot of water for 1 hour before and after the exercise.

Do not shower in the next hour.

Because the pores are open at this time, the body feels very sharp, and the irritation caused by the cold and hot will cause harm, and wash away some secretions and qi that are good for the body.

Summer moxibustion

Summer moxibustion

Tian moxibustion is called “San Futian?”

“Sky moxibustion”, that is, the method of performing moxibustion on three volt days, is a combination of Chinese medicine time medicine, acupuncture and external treatment of Chinese medicine.

The specific method is to paste Chinese medicine on the corresponding points according to the disease to be prevented, so as to achieve the effect of moxibustion.

  Tian moxibustion includes “San Futian?

Tian moxibustion “and” three or nine days? ”

Tian moxibustion “, but the common one is” San Futian? ”

Sky moxibustion. ”

Tian moxibustion is generally performed three times, and intensive moxibustion can also be performed before and after. The time is strictly regulated, that is, the first day, the middle day, and the last day.

  Tian moxibustion indications are all respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, wheezing bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, chronic nephritis, chronic colitis, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, allergies, etc. in colds (including children).

It has good therapeutic effect on children with repeated long-term cough, repeated respiratory infections, usually weak and sick, and cold constitution.

  The contraindications of Tianmoxibustion are acute episodes, fever, throat inflammation, infants under one year old, pregnant women, tuberculosis, severe cardiopulmonary insufficiency, a large number of blisters will occur in a short period of application, and skin topical medications are prone to allergies.

  Origin of Tian Moxibustion The original written records of Tian Moxibustion therapy were found in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, that is, between 420 and 589 AD, it used no fire, no moxa, and used several Chinese herbal medicines to make powders and paste them on acupoints to achieve the effect of moxibustion.method.

The Ming Dynasty Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica from 1518-1593 also introduced that traumatic moxibustion can be truncated.

  The historical written records of the acute healing of tian moxibustion therapy are in the summer “San Fu” in Zhang Lu’s “Zhang Shi Yi Tong” written by Zhang Lu in the early Qing Dynasty. White mustard seed coating is used to prevent healing. It is an ancient traditional therapy.

  When is San Fu Tian?

Why is it necessary at this time that the “sky moxibustion” San Futian appears between Xiaoshu and Dashu, which is the hottest day of the year with the highest temperature and recurrence.

  ”Fu” means that the weather is too hot and should not be moved. Sanfu is the hottest 30 to 40 days of the year in the Central Plains. Sanfu is calculated according to the lunar calendar. It is about mid-July to early August in the solar calendar.between.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that heaven and man are one, and in the hottest year of the year, the human body’s yang is the most vigorous for three days (beginning, middle, and last days).The evil effect is excellent.

So Sanjiu moxibustion has always been a good way for Chinese medicine practitioners to strengthen their bodies and treat difficult and complicated diseases.

  The working principle of Tian Moxibustion uses the “three volts” of the hot climate of the sky, applying Xin Wen, sputum, channeling, and passing through asthma drugs, which can improve the efficacy of the drug, achieve warming Yang Qi, dispel internal cold chills, and make the lungs qiAscending and descending normally, warming the spleen and kidney, enhancing the body’s resistance to disease, preventing the occurrence of these diseases.

Acute, allergic rhinitis is a currently intractable disease. The course of disease is as short as a few years, as long as several decades, and it is easy to recur. It is easy to be induced when the qi is deficient. Therefore, Chinese medicine believes:.
Therefore, patients must be patient and insist on treatment.

Tian moxibustion experience in various places believes that the long-term application of the patch and the number of times, the higher the efficacy, the effect is good, so we must adhere to the “San Fu” days of patching.

  Western medicine research found that after moxibustion therapy can improve the macrophage phagocytic capacity, increase the e-rosette formation rate and lymphocyte conversion rate and other body cell immune functions. At the same time, blood phage acid cells significantly reduce the immunoglobulin and complement C3.Decreased content significantly inhibits the body’s allergic state, and at the same time promotes the activation of adenylate cyclase on the airway smooth muscle cell membrane, so that adenylate cyclase catalyzes the synthesis of CAMP (plasma cyclic adenosine monophosphate) in the cell and increases CAMPAt the level, it can coordinate the enhancement of airway smooth muscle function, can resist the invasion of Fengfengxie, and help prevent it.

  Children moxibustion, physical fitness and treatment of diseases are more obvious than adults.

  Cautions in the day moxibustion avoid sticking at the application site. After the application, the skin has a mild burning sensation and the skin becomes red. This is a normal phenomenon. Generally, the drug can be removed after 3-4 hours of application. Avoid pasting the application time.long.

If the local burning is uncomfortable, it can be removed in advance.

After applying the medicine, local blisters can be applied with kaleidoscope oil.

If blisters are caused by applying medicine for a long time, the wound should be protected from infections, scalds, ointments, and foods that are prone to purulence, such as beef, roast goose, duck, peanuts, taro, and tofu.

If you have skin allergies, you can take anti-allergic ointment, and quit fish, shrimp, raw chicken and other allergenic foods. If necessary, go to the hospital for treatment.

On the day of patching, fasting to cold and hot and spicy things was not fasted.

And take a bath with warm water, avoid entering the ice room.