Look at the dull and dull skin one by one_1

Look at the roots of dull skin one by one

Girls before the age of 25 are full of vitality, natural and beautiful skin.

But after 25 years of age, the skin slowly went downhill, yellowing, freckles, dull, and silently covered his face over the years.

It really makes women feel helpless and upset. Is beauty really gone like this?

  Women need youth, health, and happiness. This is our beautiful and eternal topic. Now let’s take a closer look at the reasons for the worsening of our complexion. We should know from the roots and seize the youth.

  Root one: Irregular life schedules. OL beautiful women are stressed at work, often stay up late, and their life patterns are very abnormal. Analysis of reasons: Sleep quality cannot be guaranteed, skin metabolism cannot be fully operated at night, and it affects digestion and absorption.As a result, the skin is not sufficiently nourished, resulting in dull skin.

  Remedy: Normal rest time or adequate sleep is the most effective skin care method.

A good night’s sleep is better than how much health care medicine and skin care products you use!

From ten in the evening to three in the morning, it’s a good time for dead skin to “spit out new ideas.”

  Root two: Melanin accumulates peanuts at the center of the cheekbones, which is particularly dull, with melasma appearing in the corners of the eyes.

  Analysis of the reasons: UV rays throughout the year make melanin more concentrated. At this time, the results of sun protection have not been noticed for a long time!


  Rescue method: regular whitening care and exfoliating care, and at the same time not forgetting sun protection every day on sunny and cloudy days.

Don’t wait until the dots appear on the edge before you regret it. Preventing it before it happens. Whitening and sun protection is a lifelong job for beautiful girls.

  Root cause three: poor blood circulation. Females have poor blood circulation. Qi and blood are deficient. Oxygen is not immediately available to the skin. The whole looks like a haze.

  Analysis of the reasons: The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor makes the blood circulation more unsmooth, especially the strong contrast between the modern air-conditioning environment and the sunlight environment, so that the skin is really helpless.

  Remedy: Massage and bathtub can effectively improve the metabolic cycle.

Eat foods that invigorate blood and qi, such as red dates.

And normal sleep, diet and proper exercise can also help.

  Root four: Sebum accumulation Sebum accumulation will cause the small face of MM to sparkle in the T area.

  Analysis of reasons: This is the phenomenon of long-term mixing of makeup residues and sebum, coupled with greasy diet, resulting in dark skin.

  Rescue method: pay attention to oil control at all times, especially if the skin is oily.

In addition, the oil control must be cleaned, so that it can breathe smoothly and be healthy and healthy if the skin is clean.

  Root five: Texture disorder After the age of 25, the skin becomes prone to dryness, sagging, and texture disorder.

  Analysis of reasons: As the age increases, expired apples can be kept in the refrigerator for freshness. As age grows, water is lost, and naturally you must start to keep fresh for yourself.

  Remedy: Early anti-aging, UV protection, moisturizing.

Isolate UV rays for 356 days without snoring. Even if the UV rays are reduced in spring, we cannot relax. We must know how to take care of our skin at all times.

  Root six: Introverted personality, easily sulking. Although three-year-old is set to eighty, personality has been cultivated since childhood, but everyone feels happy and happy.

Analysis of reasons: If you are not cheerful and often feel uncomfortable with yourself, your skin will naturally be uncomfortable with you.

  Rescue method: Be optimistic regardless of adversity and adversity.

  Root cause 7: Irregular menstruation. Women with severe PMS have a few days of lethargy, recurrent emotions, and severe symptoms can cause skin damage.

  Cause analysis: PMS, in severe cases, can affect sleep and quality of life.

  Rescue method: pay attention to hygiene, reasonable diet, if it is born with severe premenstrual syndrome, you must find a doctor to regulate the body.

  Facial massage Tips to smooth the texture: 1. The head is the starting point, extending from the lower jaw to the two jaws, evenly.

  2. In order to prevent the corners of the mouth from sagging and sagging, vein massage can be done along the mouth.

  3. Facial muscles are slack and susceptible to aging. Tap lightly and tap the short muscles to improve.

Mild spondylolisthesis is not suitable for surgery

Mild spondylolisthesis is not suitable for surgery

[Introduction]Lumbar spondylolisthesis is caused by a change in the mechanical relationship of the lumbar spine caused by the fracture of the lumbar vertebral arch.

At this time, the curvature of the lumbar spine increases, and the vertebral body may slide forward under the effect of the gravity of the upper body.

As the vertebral body slides, the intervertebral foramen combined by the upper and lower articular processes becomes narrower, and the nerve roots will be stimulated and compressed, causing lower back pain or channeling pain in both lower limbs.

  Most patients have degree Ⅰ spondylolisthesis. If they develop to degree Ⅱ, they can cause vertebral body compression of the spinal cord and secondary spinal stenosis, and patients with symptoms of weakness in both lower extremities and loss of urination.

Traditional Chinese medicine chiropractic plus practice can eliminate the need for surgery, and adjust the physiological curvature of the lumbar spine to improve its mechanical relationship, thereby achieving the purpose of resetting.

  Chiropractic treatment of lumbar spondylolisthesis, in addition to adjusting the mechanical balance of the spine by four-dimensional traction, is the most important method of practicing exercises.

Practicing exercises is not only a treatment method but also an important measure to avoid repetition. In addition, some mild slippage can be automatically reset by practicing.

  Bend over—buckling exercises: bend over 50?
100 times or sit on your back with your hands on your knees for bed sit-ups or stretch your feet with your feet on your back on a bed against a wall and hold for 30 minutes?
1 hour, 1 time each morning and evening. After exercise, some slight slippage can be reset automatically.

Newcomers, please do your homework in advance

Newcomers, please do your homework in advance

(1) Familiar with your own industry, company, department, position, and employment. If you choose to go to a company that you do n’t understand, it is a risk. Do n’t decide the first job easily. Generally speaking, the first workplace experience of newcomersIt is very important. It will make a new person have a fixed impression on the workplace and form a fixed psychological state, which will affect the previous career mentality and career planning.

The crux of all the problems that come later can be attributed to the lack of understanding of the corporate culture. These are often the survival rules of the enterprise, which ultimately determine what image you appear in the company, conduct daily work in a certain way, how to communicate with leaders andColleagues deal with.

If you are a caring person, you can adapt to the new environment as early as possible, and be more comfortable in your future life.

  Therefore, you should explore as soon as possible before and after you join the company: (1) Understand the development of the company’s industry: Is the industry a rising industry or a sunset industry?

In this way, you can know how the work experience accumulated after a few years will help your career development.

If you transfer to a related industry, you need to supplement certain skills, or you can conduct research in some areas to develop yourself.

You can continue to pay attention to industry comments in your work, listen to the views of seniors, and gradually deepen understanding.

  (2) Understand the company’s position within the industry, and pay attention to the company’s strategic development. Does the company belong to the industry leader or face internal and external problems, and its performance is declining.

This way you know how far you can go with the company, and your 3-5 year plan has taken shape.

Even if the company is not the best in terms of size, profit, and salary, but for a newcomer like a blank paper, having enough things to learn is the most valuable.

Work skills, corporate rules and regulations, corporate management, job accumulation, and knowledge of workplace etiquette, office politics, and other potential workplace rules are all important foundations for workplace survival.

  (3) Pay attention to career opportunities and be familiar with the internal organizational structure of the company.

Including the company has certain departments, the layout of each department, how it operates, the functions and parts of its own department in the company, the titles and ranks of colleagues within the department, and the company’s promotion mechanism.

With the concept of the company’s overall framework, you can initially clarify your development prospects in the company, thereby promoting initiative and implementing plans.

While doing your job and accumulating workplace experience, you can also actively prepare for your next job.

For example, to understand the professional definition of the desired profession and the vocational skills that should be possessed, the core competitiveness, and use the spare time to improve self.

  (4) Practical working procedures and working environment.

People and things related to your work must be familiar in the shortest distance; know the nature of your work and tasks, what are your job requirements, how much responsibility, how can you stipulate, and you must keep in mind; familiar with the company’s business scope andThe more detailed the content of the customer related to your position, the more helpful it will be to you; understand the work status of your predecessor in the position, so there is a comparison.

Knowing to what extent achievements will be appreciated and mistakes will be fired.

  If you agree with the corporate culture, you need to make your values consistent with the values advocated by the company. After stepping into the company, you consciously integrate yourself into this team, restrict your behavior with corporate culture, and perform your duties with due diligence.

  (2) If you stay rooted, you will have a leafy saying: “A good start is half the battle.” You must first learn to adapt.

Learn to adapt to hard, tense and rhythmic grassroots life.

Your grassroots life experience may not be used to some systems and practices. At this time, you must not use your habits to change the environment, but to learn to follow the customs and adapt to the new environment.

The first is to be confident.

Self-confidence is the second important thing for college students to be patient, to give full play to their subjective initiative and creativity, to conduct specific analysis and treatment of everything, and to win the support and trust of colleagues with a down-to-earth work style.

Finally, we must learn to take root.

There is a famous saying in ancient times: “The general must rise from the soldiers, the prime minister must rise from the state.

“Reducing employment expectations should also be based on the clear planning of college students for their career development. In an industry that is ready to start gradually and continuously accumulate experience to improve their ability, it is possible to lay a good foundation for future career development., To form a continuous career development process.

  Do n’t let a company jump to another company if you ‘re not used to it. Do n’t think that hopping on your own terms is better than it is now. The outside world is not as simple as you think.

If you do n’t know a company well, do n’t change jobs easily. Generally, we will consider the stability of this employee when recruiting. For graduates, they can continue to grow and learn new things in the company. This is the most important thing.Now, if you come out twice a year, you will definitely find a job that is much better than now.

Dongzao is rich in vitamin C implantable cardiovascular disease

Dongzao is rich in vitamin C implantable cardiovascular disease

The biggest feature of Dongzao is its extremely high vitamin C content. The vitamin C content per 100 grams of pulp is as high as 380?
600 mg (vitamin C supplements generally provide 60 mg of vitamin C), which is 70 times that of apples and 16 times that of citrus, and even hawthorn, which was previously considered to be vitamin C, is out of favor.

  Dongzao is currently recognized as the best quality among 261 fresh jujube products, and it also has good medicinal and health care value: Jiedu Baogan Dongzao is rich in sugars and vitamin C and cyclic adenosine.It can improve the liver damage caused by various chemical drugs, and can promote the liver to synthesize protein, increase the serum albumin content, adjust the ratio of albumin and globulin, and reduce serum alanine aminotransferase levels.

Clinically, jujube can be used as an adjuvant treatment for chronic hepatitis and early liver cirrhosis.

  The disease-preventing winter jujube is rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, and contains a large amount of vitamin A, vitamin E and various trace elements such as potassium, sodium, iron, copper, etc. For healthy capillaries, maintain the elasticity of the blood vessel wall and resist atherosclerosisSpecimen hardening is very beneficial.

Dong jujube also contains rutin, which is an effective drug for treating hypertension.

Therefore, Dongzao is very helpful for complications such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, and atherosclerosis.

  Cyclic adenosine monophosphate caused by regulating immunity is an important physiologically active substance. It participates in a variety of physiological activities in the human body and can regulate the immune system. It can enhance myocardial contractility, protect coronary arteries, reduce plasma, and inhibit metabolism.

Small details magnify your visual age


Small details magnify your visual age

We used to say “actual age” and “skin age”, but we can only leave traces behind the passage of time, it is difficult to change anything!

But we found that the actual age is not counted at all, it is your “visual age” that counts!


The end face is clearly branded with the “eight” character, the law pattern, and the eight characters on both sides of the nose. You are really the protagonist of countless women!

It looks a little discouraged, and a little bit debilitating. It is even more exposed to age. The culprit that can’t make people think about youth, the deeper the lines, the older they will definitely be!


The complexion is not the difference, or even the uneven skin tone. It is a big problem that makes you look old for many years. I do n’t believe the family portrait of turning over the album at home. Under the same light, the children’s skin is delicate and uniform, and the old oneThe generation of blacks has at least three kinds of chroma.


The panda eyes are okay. The bags under the eyes are the most terrible. It seems that dark circles will only affect your overall state, and it will be dark for two days if you stay up overnight, but the bags under the eyes bring you into the old cold palace with 10 times the lethality., Have to guard!


The gloomy and even straightforward state of age “No spirit!

Looking dull!

10 years old!

“Most of these adjectives are used to describe what seems to be happening after encountering a dull complexion. State age guides the complexion and it may really grow old at once.


Aside from freckles, other freckles + 3 years old freckles mainly appear only on the cheekbones and nasal bones, and are as shallow as cute as foreign children, but can be different from sunburn or dry patches, with a large range and dark colorsIt’s definitely 3 years older than your actual age!


The fish tail at the corner of the smile is heart disease. The fish tail at the corner of the eye is really blooming when you smile. You can rest assured that young girls rarely do this. This is only the case with women who are aging at first.Good thing.


The contours are blurred. People who are not too vague are tangled with wrinkles and ignore the contours. Quickly observe whether the contours of the left and right cheekbones and the homeopath to the chin are clear. Take a picture of your face at a glance.


The horizontal stripes of the neck can’t fool people. Who do you think is the age of a star, the horizontal stripes of the neck are 呗!

Neglected, your skin looks tender, and no one believes you are still in the 20s!

Meaning of Yoga Asana

Meaning of Yoga Asana

What is yoga asana?

I am afraid that everyone has rarely thought about this problem, but just think that we have various postures and movements in yoga practice.

  Yoga posture is actually our “natural position of the body”.

Law means everything.

In the classic literature of yoga, there are “84 thousand asanas” in asanas.

The meaning of 84,000 is a metaphor, meaning various kinds of behaviors or actions of our body itself. Because our body consciousness becomes the needs of various materials, the needs of various behaviors are generated, and it also causes all kinds of troubles andThe source of pain.

If it is the pulse of the current society, impetuousness is a common problem of ordinary people, and the behavior derived from it is really “idealism”; everything is aligned with desire.

The “Faju Jing Jing” proposes a countermeasure method of “manipulation is good, self-regulation is better”.

It is a very effective cooling agent for people of any society in any era.

Yoga is known for its gentleness, tune, and tune, so it is called tune.

In fact, the human heart itself does not move, because the human features and body, corresponding to the external environment of soundness, fame, power, and other circumstances, make the heart turn troubles and pain with the situation.

  Now, driven by the economic benefits of the social market, yoga’s asana has been changed from its true appearance to become mechanical physical skills.

If you do a few moves or activities for the purpose of physical relaxation and health, it is beyond reproach.

However, if you consider these movements as low, medium, and advanced practice of yoga, it is a big misunderstanding, and the majority of yoga enthusiasts are dating in the wrong consciousness territory.

  The yoga asana itself is through the practice of yoga that allows us to find a position suitable for ourselves, and free us from those complicated daily asanas!

However, the current status quo is this, making various distorted body movements, and naming all kinds of hints; such as: weight loss, body shaping, beauty, etc.

  In Hada ‘s body suggestion, merging the worship of the sun and the moon was originally that the ancient Indians practiced yoga and used the principle of spiritual worship and the natural union of the sun and the moon as a unity of our Taoists.

But the fact is this, one or several sets of physical movements, constant pursuit of difficulties, one that can stand upside down, split, makes people think that this is a master of yoga, but I do not know, some kind is listed in India as: Yoga acrobaticsThe stream, which belongs to the kind of performance or display on the street, has no connotation of yoga practice at all.

These postures are basic skills in sports such as gymnastics, martial arts, and dance. Therefore, this type of posture is not a practice of yoga.

Regulating the body in a certain action is a bondage and bondage to ourselves, so our mind becomes this bondage and bondage, and we think that we are practicing yoga there, which is a fundamental right.Myth of Yoga.

  The meaning of yoga practice is the liberation of the mind, the harmonious wisdom of the mind and the body, the liberation from the complicated contradictions, and the return to our own cool, pure heart.

No matter what action the body has, if there is no consciousness of the mind, I can’t do any position suitable for myself, and without spiritual cultivation, then we can’t talk about yoga at all.

How can we keep our hearts from the temptations of the outside world?

You can tell yourself conceptually: Why are you so stupid and unable to control yourself?

Why so dissatisfied?

We can use yoga practice{eight branch method}to borrow, worship, meditate and other methods, using the heart to send something, the heart has the placement and concentration, can be free from the influence of the outside world.

The “Legislative Classic” said, “Make a heart and do nothing.

“As long as the mind is settled at some point, faith and wisdom will be achieved, and all good things can be done.

If the mind is constantly tempted by the external realm, your personality will be unstoppable and your career will not be smooth.

Even if the environment is chaotic and complicated, if our hearts still live in peace, this is really a blessing for our healthy and happy life!

Badminton, the best parent-child sport

Badminton, the best parent-child sport

By the age of five, the child can pick up the racket against his parents.

Psychologists believe that playing badminton is one of the best and best parent-child interactions.

  The benefits of badminton sports for children’s physical development. Relaxing the cervical spine. When playing badminton, the action of returning the high ball is equivalent to the ballet’s backward arm, so that the cervical spine and the spine are in a relaxed state.That is to say, it can prevent the effects of high spinal pressure from suppressing the growth and increase the benefits of cervical spondylosis.

With the popularization of computers and the increase in schoolwork, the juvenile age of cervical spondylosis deserves parents’ attention. At any age, playing badminton is one of the best solutions to prevent cervical spondylosis.

  In addition to speeding up the brain reaction, in order to accurately return the ball, children playing badminton no longer have a flexible brain reaction. Expert studies have found that half a year of badminton exercise can make children’s quick judgment time start from zero.

3 seconds reduced to 0.

1 second, the best can be shortened to 0.

05 seconds).

  Promoting height growth To play badminton, children need to move quickly back and forth constantly, and the rapid movement under the feet brings considerable benefits to stretching the thighs, stretching the surrounding ligaments and the ligaments wrapped around the calves.

Children who have been playing badminton since the age of five or six are about 5 cm taller than their peers.

  Improving eyeball function Ophthalmologists have found that eyes must quickly follow the movement of badminton during the game. This pair of 5?

A 9-year-old’s perfect eyeball function has unexpected benefits.


9 years old is the most critical period for the development of children’s eyeballs, and the amblyopia rate of urban children at this stage is about 8% and the myopia rate is 14%, which are all shocking figures.

Experts believe that this is closely related to the fact that children are more in “study” and lack of ball games, especially badminton, a slightly strong “small ball”.

When badminton is flying at high speed, the human ciliary muscle contracts, the lens ligament inside the eyeball relaxes, the lens’s inherent elastic curvature becomes larger, the refractive index increases, and the direction of the incoming ball can be clearly seen; when the ball returns, it is just rightOn the contrary, the ciliary muscles relax, the suspensory ligament connecting the lens is tense, and the lens becomes loose, ensuring that you can see the badminton in the distance.

In the continuous batting and returning, the key parts of the child’s eyeballs such as the ciliary muscles, the lens and the suspensory ligament are all exercised, to prevent the development of amblyopia and myopia, and even to treat internal vision (to the eye),All have certain auxiliary effects.

  So, how to increase children’s interest in badminton practice?

Parents may wish to try the following solutions: Prepare a racket suitable for the child. A racket that matches the height of the arm will effectively improve the quality of the child’s return and enhance their confidence in playing badminton.

You can also prepare a fun cartoon racket for your child, and let him carry the racket on his way to the court to improve his return rate and pride.

  Basic exercises?

Participate in the family’s upside-down golf game: The child who is new to badminton will likely miss the ball or fail to return the ball. This shows that the child still lacks the coordination ability of the eye, hand, racket, and ball. You can let him use the racket first.Tumble the ball to cultivate the sense of the ball. After dozens of consecutive flips, the child is required to raise the ball high and then flip.

It can host a family game of subversive golf, subversion and transcendence. The longer the duration, the better.

  ?Parents serve as “ball machines”: After the child learns to play the ball, parents can throw the ball to the child at a distance of about 5 meters, allowing him to hold the ball back.

Then gradually increase the change in the direction of throwing the ball, so that the child can adapt to the way of returning the ball in various postures, laying the foundation for formal confrontation.

  ?”Let the child technique” in badminton: Parents do not hinder “drawing as a prison” in their position, such as drawing a circle with a diameter of 2 meters, even if they lose the ball when they hit the circle; they can also let the child freely choose the “windward location” or “Headwind venue. ”

  Parent-child singles and doubles matches are aimed at beginners who want to win and fear to lose, to improve the child’s winning face and self-confidence. The opponent’s parent who has less skill in the game and the child form a doubles match against the other, but pay attention to feeding the child intentionallyThe ball brings opportunities to play; when the child’s ball skills get longer, it can become a singles match; the longer the ball skills mean that the parents form a “joint fleet” to let the children stand alone.

Spring health and liver nourishment

Spring health and liver nourishment

The warm and cold spring has come, but many people are still unable to adapt to climate change. People with low immunity or hyperexcitability are prone to colds or allergies.

Chinese medicine practitioners said that spring health is more focused on nourishing the liver, and promoting the balance of yin and yang and immunity of the body through proper dietary conditioning.

It is not difficult to stay away from spring diseases.

  Spring health and liver rejuvenation Many people think that prevention of colds and diseases should first strengthen their resistance, but modern people are rich in nutrition and have a small proportion of weak people. The really important thing is to maintain the balance of the immune system, which is the balance of the body’s yin and yang.

People with low immunity are susceptible to illness, colds, wound infections, and prone to bleeding disorders; hyperimmunity can easily cause autoimmune disorders, leading to lupus erythematosus and rheumatic diseases.

  According to the theory of health care in traditional Chinese medicine, spring belongs to wood, and it is appropriate to nourish the liver. Regarding nourishing the liver and qi, to nourish the liver and yin, it is recommended to choose more grains and cereals in daily diet; seasonal vegetables and fruits such as strawberries, asparagus and dark green vegetables such as spinach;; other comprehensive nuts, sweet dates and other sweet foods, but the amount should not be too much to avoid obesity; avoid ingesting odor and flavorful ingredients and hurt the liver.

In addition, the skillful use of Chinese medicinal materials in the dishes can add flavor to the food, enhance the value of food and liver health, promote immune balance, and prevent complications such as colds and allergies caused by spring wind evil.

  Four medicated diets can be used to raise liver and ginseng stewed live fish ingredients: one live carp, 25 grams of astragalus, 25 grams of codonopsis, 10 ml of cooking wine, 5 grams of ginger, 10 grams of spring onion, 3 grams of salt, chicken essence, and 2 grams of monosodium glutamate.Wash the astragalus and codonopsis for later use; clean up the carp and fry it to golden brown. Put all the ingredients except MSG and carp together in the pot and cook, boil on high heat, and simmer on low heat untilConcentrate the soup, remove the astragalus and codonopsis, and add MSG to taste.

  Efficacy: nourish the heart and spleen, nourish qi and nourish blood.

  Ingredients for Tremella Pork Liver Soup: 10 grams of Tremella, 50 grams of pork liver, 50 grams of Chinese cabbage, green onion ginger, raw flour, salt, soy sauce, and one egg.

  Method: Put the Tremella in warm water and soak it, and then remove the pedicle root to make it torn into pieces. Wash the pork liver and cut into thin slices for use. Wash the cabbage and cut into about 5 cm sections for use. GingerSlice and slice shallots for later use. Put pork liver in a bowl, add appropriate amount of raw flour, salt, soy sauce, beat eggs and mix well for later use; casserole heating, put oil and steam to 60% heat, add ginger and shallotsAdd fragrant, then add about 300 ml of water, add tremella, pork liver and boil for 10 minutes.

  Efficacy: It has the effect of nourishing liver and eyesight, nourishing lungs and nourishing yin, and improving human immunity.

  Ingredients for Dangshen Red Date Stewed Ribs: 30g Dangshen, 8 red dates, 500g ribs, ginger, spring onion, monosodium glutamate, pepper, and cooking wine.

  Method: Wash the codonopsis and cut into 3 cm sections for use; wash the red dates to remove the cores for use; wash the ribs and cut into about 4 cm sections for use; wash the ginger and shallots, pat ginger, and cut the shallots into sections for use;Then put the ribs, codonopsis, red dates, ginger, spring onions, and cooking wine into the stew pot, add the right amount of water, first boil the fire, and then cook it with simmered heat, and finally add salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper to taste.

  Efficacy: It has the effect of nourishing qi and activating blood, enhancing the body’s resistance.

  Ingredients for anchovy soup for Angelica: 500 grams of anchovies, angelica, territory, 15 grams of yam, and 3 grams of salt.

  Method: Anchovy slaughtering, washing and reserve; Angelica, territories, yam washed, put into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil over high heat and then cook over low heat for about 1 hour, and then put the treated catfish intoStew for about 20 minutes and add salt to taste the soup and fish.

  Efficacy: It has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, stopping bleeding and cooling blood, and strengthening spleen and stomach.

Massage eye area to suppress dark circles

Massage eye area to suppress dark circles

Ensuring adequate sleep, paying attention to light diet and strengthening exercise are the roots of eliminating dark circles.

  The panda is a national treasure, looks cute, and is embarrassing. Many people like it.

But if you have your own “mixed” pair of panda eyes, then the mood may only be described as “depressed”.

  According to experts, the skin around the eyes is the thinnest part of the body, while melanin activity is very strong. Once exercise or lack of sleep, it is easy to appear dark circles.

However, the acupuncture points around the eyes are also very rich. Practice has proved that frequent massage of the eye can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism and alleviate dark circles symptoms.

  Because the orbicularis muscle of the eye is a ring-shaped fiber, it is necessary to make a ring massage to eliminate dark circles.

Apply some eye cream around your eyes before you massage.

Then massage the bamboo hole (slightly shallow depression between the brows), the silk bamboo spots (the part where the eyebrows are slightly sunken), the temples (the depressions at the eyebrows and the outer eye line), and the Yintang points (the middle point of the two brows)The eye points (the depression above the inner corner of the eye) and the acupoints of the fish tail (outer corner of the eye) make the blood circulation around the eye speed up and reach the effect of Shutong meridians.

Preventive massage is usually 3-5 minutes each time, 2 times a day; therapeutic massage can be 10-15 minutes each time, 2-3 times a week.

  Experts and experts must pay attention to the degree of massage. If the force is too large and can not promote blood circulation, it will cause damage to the eye skin. In severe cases, fine lines will be produced.

Of course, to ensure adequate sleep, pay attention to light diet, strengthen exercise is the root of eliminating dark circles.

Easily eliminate dark circles in 10 minutes without effort


Easily eliminate dark circles in 10 minutes without effort

Do you work overtime and stay up late?

Has it become a “giant panda” again?

The formation of dark circles does not happen overnight. Elimination also requires “long years”. Be patient.

However, at this many festivals, I am anxious to come back beautifully, of course, there are also quick-acting slowing and covering methods.

  Have you ever carefully watched the rest and revolving movements of youthful dark circles, and the dark circles also have different “positions”, there is a kind of “black”, which comes out from the inside, slightly blue.

This panda eye is not a skin problem, or even a deeper microvascular problem. There are basically three types of -1.

Poor blood circulation.

  Red blood cells consume more oxygen, hypoxic red blood cells increase, and blood stagnation.

Look at the fracture of the elbow. Why is the vein blue?

It is because the blood circulation is slow.

Lack of sleep is the main culprit of cell hypoxia and poor circulation, so sleeping well is the most effective way to improve dark circles.

Another big factor for improving dark circles is exercise, including whole body and local.

Girls get cold hands and feet in winter, usually because of lack of exercise and poor microcirculation, resulting in the formation of dark circles around the eyes, strengthen exercise to improve microcirculation.

At the same time, local exercise is more important. Frequent eye exercises are performed, and turning the eyeballs up and down, left and right is very beneficial for strengthening the microcirculation of the eyes.


Capillaries are thick.

  Some people are born with dark circles, which may be a genetic cause.

Eye skin is very thin, of course, especially if the natural capillaries are relatively large.

This kind of dark circles is a bit “unhelpful”, you can go to the hospital to try laser surgery.

Some thick capillaries are formed the day after tomorrow. Sometimes long-term blood circulation is not smooth, and the capillaries become thickened due to spots, or long-term drinking will also cause blood vessels to dilate. This is the same reason as drinking flushes.

Drink in moderation to promote circulation, but don’t overdo it. At the same time, use some eye creams that can promote circulation, such as Biotherm Eye Oxygen Purifying Lotion, OLAY Whitening Eye Essence (Netizens use experience).

They all have detoxifying effects, a cooling sensation can constrict blood vessels, and it is more effective to correct dark circles.

But keep in mind that improving dark circles is a “tugging war” and you ca n’t give up for a while.


Fractured blood vessels.

  This is a more serious degree, a bit because “internal bleeding” and “Wu Qing block” is a principle.

Severe blood stasis can cause this rupture. There are two other conditions that can easily lead to fragile rupture of capillaries, namely rhinitis and smoking.

You can see that people with rhinitis not only have dark circles under their eyes, but also the middle of the nose bridge is a bit blue. The first is poor circulation, and more importantly, long-term replacement and wiping actions can cause huge damage.

Smoking can cause poor circulation and weak blood vessels. Everyone knows this, so you can stop smoking or not.

  Quickly eliminate “Panda Eyes” If you have to go to work the next day after staying up late, or rush to an important party, the elimination of dark circles is not a day or two thing, is there any emergency remedy?

  For half an hour, remove the makeup first. While washing your face, gently pat the eyes with a warm towel to open the circulation, and then immediately apply cold water to the eyes to stimulate the contraction of blood vessels.

Then make an eye mask to replenish the eyes with moisture while making the eyes feel soothing.

When applying eye cream, gently insert around the eye circles, the process of clicking is relatively slow, silent number 1, 2, 3, but also slower when popping up, the same light number 1, 2, 3.

Finally, drop some eye drops that have a cooling and calming effect to moisturize the eyes. Do not leave them dry and difficult to rotate.

  Cover for ten minutes. After the eye cream is completely absorbed, lightly apply concealer or liquid foundation on the edges of the dark circles, and gently spread inward from the edges of the dark circles. Note that the edges of the dark circles are the focus.If you pass it, if the inside of the ring is too white, or it causes a polishing effect, your eyes will feel swollen.

Enhance the makeup of the upper half of the eyes, such as eyelashes, eyeliners, etc., and add white highlights to the brow bones, which can divert people’s attention from dark circles.

  The above is a kind of dark circles that young people are more likely to have, and another type of dark circles is that older people are more likely to exist.

This kind of dark circles is often dark brown, and the shades are not uniform. At first glance, it is a skin problem. There are three reasons for this dark circles.Melanin precipitates.

  The makeup on the eyes is very heavy, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc. If the makeup is not removed enough, the accumulated melanin will really scare people and form dark spots on the eyes. In fact, it is dark circles. Look at yourselfAre the edges of the upper and lower eyelids darkened?

Therefore, you must take care of your makeup every day. You can choose a special makeup remover for the eyes and lips. Pour the makeup remover on a cotton pad and apply it on the eyes for 5 seconds to “melt” the makeup. Then gently wipe it off, then use a cotton swab.Remove makeup from the details, such as the eyelids, corners, etc.

When you wash your face, you should also focus on cleaning. After washing, it is recommended to use a cotton swab to clean the details again. This will completely clean it. Pay attention to the gentle movements.

If you already have melanin, you can use some whitening eye cream.

If you can use some whitening serum before the eye cream, the effect will be more significant.


There is another kind of melanin pigment, which is melanin pigment.

Because the skin of the eyes is extremely thin, it is also very weak. Once exposed to ultraviolet rays, the skin will activate its own “protective device”-melanin pigment to resist, so this pigment used to protect the skin becomes dark circles.
Therefore, the eyes must be sunscreen. You can choose a physical sunscreen for the eyes; you can also choose a foundation with a sun protection index and a foundation to protect the sun. Of course, the eye cream itself contains a sun protection index.


Dry and suspend.

  The other kind of dark circles is actually not dark but dark.

Winter dry eye skin looks particularly opaque.

After washing your hands, apply lotion on one hand and leave it on the other. You will notice that the color will be different. In fact, it is not the color, but the skin that is plumped and moisturized will naturally be brighter.

The slack eye skin is uneven, uneven, and dull because of the relationship of light refraction. It is naturally different from old hands and young hands, so if there are bags under the eyes, it will often cause blackness.Visual perception of the eye circles.

Therefore, if you are in this category, you must choose some eye creams with high moisturizing, repairing, and moisturizing degrees. These eye creams tend to be thicker, oilier, and more suitable for evening use. At the same time, strengthen the technique to help massageabsorb.