Several methods for making summer soup

Several methods for making summer soup

Yang Yang in spring and summer, Yang in autumn and winter.

Summer is the season for growth of all things. The spleen belongs to the soil, and the soil can produce everything. The summer health is mainly based on the spleen soil, and the long summer belongs to the spleen.Lord, with the products of nourishing yin and shengjin.

Here are some delicious soups that will keep your summer table cool!


Ingredients for stewed catfish with ginseng: 3 grams of Codonopsis, 2 cordyceps, 200 grams of Scutellaria baicalensis, 2 slices of ginger, 6 grams of rice wine, chicken juice, salt, chicken broth, etc.

  Method: Cut yellow scallion into sections, rinse the blood and mucus with simmering water, and put into the cup.

After washing the medicine, inject it into the cup with ginger, rice wine, and chicken broth, cover it with cellophane, and seal it with a rubber band.

Stew into the steamer.

After 5 hours, add an appropriate amount of chicken juice and season with salt.

  Efficacy review: Scutellaria baicalensis is warm and sweet, rich in vitamins and various trace elements, especially the content of calcium and iron is the first in common freshwater fish.And can regulate blood sugar.

Codonopsis has a sweet taste, benefits lungs, supplements qi, nourishes blood, and promotes vitality.

Cordyceps is sweet and flat, beneficial to kidney and impotence, nourishing lungs and asthma, and stopping blood and phlegm.

Various flavors are prepared and eaten with rice wine to enhance the qi and spleen, nourish the lungs and reduce phlegm, and nourish liver and kidney.

  Suitable for children who have kidney deficiency, waist and knee weakness, faintness, blood deficiency after illness or postpartum, cough and shortness of breath, hemoptysis, spleen deficiency, stool loosening, drooping organs, chlorosis, and growth and development.


Maple bucket bitter gourd fresh mussel soup ingredients: 200 grams of mussel meat, maple bucket 5 grams, bitter gourd 50 grams, 2 slices of ginger, rice wine 6 grams, clear soup, refined salt and other appropriate amounts.

  Method: Slice the mussel meat, rinse the blood with water, and put into the cup.

The bitter gourd is decapsulated, sliced and washed, and the medicinal materials, ginger, rice wine, and clear soup are poured into the cup, covered with edible cellophane, and sealed with rubber bands.

After steaming in the steam box for 2 hours, season with just the right amount of salt.

  Efficacy evaluation: mussel meat is sweet, salty, cold, contains protein, nucleic acid, zinc, calcium and other nutrients, has the functions of nourishing yin and clearing heat, smoothing the liver and eyesight, enriching the skin, and softening and dispersing.

Maple bucket has a flat taste and sweetness, which is beneficial to nourishing yin and nourishing yin, and nourishing stomach and promoting fluid.

It can make up for the deficiency of the five internal organs, improve human immunity, suppress tumors, and improve symptoms of diabetes.

Bitter gourd tastes bitter cold, contains a large amount of vitamin C, has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing heat and heat, clearing the heart and eyesight, lowering blood pressure and lowering blood sugar.

The three flavors complement each other, nourishing qi and nourishing yin, nourishing and moisturizing dryness, clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing heat and preventing heat, improving eyesight, improving immunity, anti-cancer and anti-cancer, and antihypertensive and hypoglycemic effects.

  Suitable for crowds of people: dry mouth, nose, throat, dry stools, dry eyes, dry and dull skin, loss of appetite, fatigue, heat stroke, cancer patients, patients with yin deficiency and deficiency after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and high blood sugar and hypertensionEveryone is edible.


Black bean Chenpi carp soup ingredients: 20 grams of black beans, 3 grams of rind, 150 grams of carp, 2 slices of ginger, 3 grams of rice wine, broth, refined salt, white pepper grains, etc. each amount.

  Method: Cut the carp into deep-fried pieces and put in the cup.

After the black beans are soaked and softly washed, they are poured into the cup with the washed rind, ginger, rice wine, and broth, covered with edible cellophane, and sealed with rubber bands.

After steaming in the steamer for 1 hour, add an appropriate amount of chicken juice and season with salt.

  Efficacy evaluation: Carp is flat and sweet, has spleen tonic, diuretic and swelling, clears heat and detoxifies, and passes through breast milk.

Black beans are warm and sweet, rich in protein and vitamins, and can nourish liver and kidney, dehumidify water, nourish blood and eyesight.

Chenpi is warm, spicy, bitter, and has the functions of regulating qi and strengthening spleen, and drying phlegm.

Used together, it is beneficial for swelling and swelling, strengthening the spleen and resolving phlegm, and relieving the effects of fertility.

  Suitable for people with all kinds of edema, oliguria, bloating, phlegm cough, and people with uneven skin can be eaten, especially those who are pregnant with edema and postpartum milk.


Ingredients for stewed mung bean in lily barley: 100 grams of lily, 50 grams of barley, 50 grams of mung beans, and moderate sugar.

  Method: After the raw materials are washed, put them into the cup with rock sugar.Add an appropriate amount of plain water into the cup, cover with edible cellophane, and seal with rubber band.

Serve in the steamer for 1 hour.

  Efficacy review: Lily is slightly cold and sweet, with the effects of nourishing yin and clearing lungs, moistening cough, relieving cough and soothing.

The rice is slightly cold and sweet, light, has spleen and water, clears heat and pus, relieves muscles and relieves paralysis, beauty and beauty, anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

Mung bean is cold and sweet, and you can choose B-vitamins, which has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, diminishing heat and diuretic, and removing annoyance and thirst.

The various flavors are modulated, together to nourish yin and lungs, relieve heat and thirst, and improve the effects of water and soothing nerves.

  Suitable for those who suffer from heatstroke in the summer, those who suffer from urinary deficiency, cough due to lung deficiency, or hot cough, or chest pain, spitting, or expectoration, who have urinary infections, those who suffer from insomnia, facial sores, acne, or cancerComplications are edible.

Snow White Good Skin Song Hye Kyo Private Skin Care

Snow White Good Skin Song Hye Kyo Private Skin Care

With a face like a peach blossom and a skin like curd, in Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, almost all these adjectives are used when it comes to beauty.

In fact, this is also very accurate and professional, the former is talking about skin color, and the rest is talking about skin quality.

For thousands of years, this has also been the perfect skin in the eyes of Chinese women.

  Facing the peach blossom, Song Huiqiao, Canghai, Haisangtian, changing times, before the pace of life and living environment are very different, it can’t be close to the pollution-free environment of ancient times. Beautiful women want to face peach blossoms, and their skin is like curds, of course, they must be big.a lot of.
Therefore, we should use more skin care products than before and pay attention to the application of the latest skin care technology.

Here let us see how Song Hye Kyo cares for the skin.

  Women who conquered men succeeded, but they were not the most successful. Men and women conquered women were called successes. However, women who can do this are rare, and Song Huiqiao is a rare one.

In addition to character and acting, the beautiful skin called protein porcelain muscle is another important factor.

  How good is Song Hye Kyo’s skin?

That is, the skin effect in the advertisement can be maintained under almost nude makeup.

Many celebrities have advertised skin care products, but many celebrities can be described as “unbearable” if they don’t wear makeup. It is even more sore when they look closer, and their skin is rough!

The effect seen in the advertisement was not known how many brain cells the photographer had died before it was repaired.

Light makeup has the skin in the advertisement, and it is really difficult to pick out the big-name female stars in the mainland.

  For the standard of perfect skin, Song Huiqiao’s point of view is the same as that of you and me. The first is to be white, or not to be pale, but to be a healthy white with a reddish white, like a peach blossom, and win the wind.

Let’s take a look at how she did it.

  Applying whitening masks for filming or advertising sometimes requires sun exposure. The most terrible thing is that the sun exposure lasts for several days. For a beautiful woman, the sacrifice is great.

However, Song Huiqiao can come back in vain every time, and has her own experience.

In order to quickly restore her original fairness, she applied a whitening mask and whitening essence every day, in order to accelerate the metabolism, remove the dark yellow skin after sun exposure, and restore the skin to its original redness.

  Washing her face with milk Another secret is to wash her face with milk daily, and often use a milk mask to make her skin smooth and velvety.

When filming on the set, in order to reduce the fatigue of the skin and keep the skin elastic, Song Huiqiao also adopted emergency measures such as cucumber mask.

  Strict diet control Song Huiqiao’s skin is mixed skin, and occasionally acne.

Song Huiqiao’s secret is to stay away from all foods that are bad for the skin.

For example, chocolate, cola, black tea and other irritating food and drinks, Song Huiqiao is determined not to touch.

Song Hye Kyo especially added beverages that can improve the beauty, such as drinking ginseng tea and lemon juice. The nutrients of ginseng can accelerate blood circulation and have a rosy complexion. Lemon has a whitening effect.

In addition, when filming lack of sleep, Song Huiqiao will definitely eat more fruits to supplement water and vitamins, hoping to strengthen whitening from the inside out.

  Maintenance started from the details. Song Huiqiao, who was highly praised for her tender skin from an early age, said: “Because my mother’s skin is very white and tender, I think my good skin is partly due to heredity; however, after entering the showbiz as an actor,You have to work hard to maintain it.

Song Hye Kyo said that it is not normal for an actor to work and rest, whether it is staying up late and filming.

Long-term make-up, or stress caused by back lines, will affect the skin quality; shooting outside scenes will be exposed to sunlight, and filming in the studio must also face strong light, no matter how beautiful and natural it is, it will also be destroyed.

Therefore, girls who love beauty must pay attention to the details of life and find skin care products suitable for them.

  In paying attention to the details of life, Song Huiqiao imitated: “Like me, I must use warm water to wash my face, because too cold or too hot water will irritate the skin and disrupt the skin’s water and oil balance, but the skin will get worse and worse!

“There are tips for using skin care products. In terms of making good use of skin care products, Song Huiqiao points out that many girls tend to overlook:” I know that many girls will apply a mask before going to bed. This is a good habit;The skin that was originally full of water will be sucked away by the mask that has been dried, and the skin will gradually dry out.

“In addition, Song Huiqiao also told girls who are afraid of tanning that sunscreen products are also very skillful:” Because sunscreen products usually have the maximum benefit after being applied for 20-30 minutes.

So you have to pick it up half an hour before you go out.

If it is only when you go out, it will not work for the first half hour, and the sun protection effect will be greatly reduced.

“When using special eye creams and skincare products, Wu Peici said that other types of lotions should not be close to the eyes, except for eye creams. For areas or freckles that you want to protect from the sun, you can locally increase the dosage of the whitening cream.

Psychological adjustment methods for office workers

Psychological adjustment methods for office workers

Usually the first day to the third day of return to work is a period of high incidence of post-holiday psychological discomfort.

Some people will last about a week.

This phenomenon is usually precipitated by post-ganglion syndrome.

  Performance: restless, uneasy, uninteresting in eating, waking up while sleeping.

The thought of going to work soon was inexplicable in my heart.

“Anxiety” heart disease is afraid of facing change.

Especially in foreign companies, white-collar workers working in private companies are usually nervous about their positions, and many cases tell them that after the long vacation, new jobs will begin to change.

The future is uncertain, so Utah faces a rush to work after the holiday, and is afraid of facing changes and fear of setbacks.

  Ways to adjust your mindset: Some people should start with psychological adjustment and deal with it calmly.

Learn to make active self-adjustments, minimize highly stressful thinking and operation modes, and have a correct positioning of your own work ability.

  1. Think about the post-holiday work schedule and this year’s work goals.

Take your time and get ready.

  2. Consider more options for coping with change and improve your preparation.

  3, Victory and friends to communicate more, through the dangerous period of sudden changes in thoughts at the beginning of work.

Taking the initiative to find some friends to go shopping, chatting is also a good way to deal with depression. Talking can ease people’s tension and relax people.

  Performance: After a long vacation, re-adding to the normal and intense work suddenly feels strange, and even some people will have a deep discomfort.

It seems that the work to be done has no intention to finish it and cannot be extended.

  Ways to adjust your mindset: Pack your mood and adjust your own mentality to work.

  1. Imagination.

Sit in your seat, adjust to your most comfortable position, slowly close your eyes, start to take a deep breath, and let the scenes of past happy work appear in your heart or mind, such as getting praise, being affirmed, developing business, etc.

  2. Warm up slowly.

Before going to work, organize your ideas, such as your work schedule, etc. When you go to work, look at the relevant information, pictures, documents, etc., and get some contacts with customers, such as greetings to each other. These slow contacts and warm-ups are conducive to entryNormal working condition.

  3. One of the most effective ways to adjust the biological clock before and after work is to exercise.

Reasonable exercise can regulate the biological clock through the interaction of muscles and nerves.

Jogging or doing some simple fitness exercises can help relieve stress and excitement, refocus your attention, and face your upcoming tasks.

  4. Don’t participate in activities that cause emotional excitement before and after work. You should quietly sort out the work that you should do the next day to avoid closing the busy schedule when you go to work.

  5. Don’t be enthusiastic about discussing long vacations with colleagues after work to avoid distractions.

Sleep well, use hypnotics with caution

Sleep well, use hypnotics with caution

First of all, patients should first adjust from the psychological and lifestyle, can not use medicine as much as possible.

First find the cause of insomnia, for the cause of treatment.

If you have depression, you can ask a psychiatrist, accept psychological intervention, and restore your health.

Life should also be regular, including going to bed at regular intervals, getting up; not drinking irritating substances and alcoholic beverages such as tea and coffee before going to bed; even trying to drink hot milk before going to bed, using warm water foot bath, foot treatment, etc.

  Medication is considered when the above conditioning still does not improve sleep.

  Pay attention to the following three points when choosing a drug: First, use a proprietary Chinese medicine with few adverse reactions. Commonly used are Qiye Shen’an, Zaoren Anshen, Anxin Bud Brain and other proprietary Chinese medicines. You can also find experienced Chinese medicine practitioners to prescribe decoction.

  Second, if the above measures still do not correct insomnia, then consider Western medicine treatment.

Drugs that have no inhibitory effect on the central nervous system or that inhibit lighter skeletal muscle should be preferred, starting with small doses.

A variety of drugs include buspirone, zolpidem and the like.

These drugs should also be used under the guidance of a doctor, because with the increase in drug dosage, their inhibition of the nervous system and adverse reactions to muscles may also occur.

  Although diazepam has an improved sedative effect, it also inhibits the central nervous system, such as inhibition of breathing, skeletal muscle, etc., may increase dyspnea, induce bradycardia, blood pressure, heart failure and so on.

When the cardiopulmonary function is not good, the blood pumping function of the heart and the oxygen exchange function of the lungs are reduced. Therefore, if the above patients or the elderly suffer from insomnia, the use of the dose should be more cautious for the choice of the drug, especially the use of the tranquillizing sleeping pills.

Long-term use of diazepam drugs, the drug efficacy is reduced, it is easy to produce dependence, addiction, once taken in large quantities will cause coma and respiratory arrest, resulting in serious adverse consequences.

  Third, patients should not use Chinese and Western medicine without authorization.

A certain bromine preparation combined with Anshen Pills and Zhenjing Pills containing cinnabar will form toxic mercury bromide in the body, which may cause serious adverse reactions.

  In addition, patients who often snoring, especially those who suffer from apnea syndrome due to obesity, should be treated according to the above guidelines if they need to be treated with insomnia, to avoid adverse consequences.

Moxibustion for treating fetal malposition

Moxibustion for treating fetal malposition

Zhiyin acupoint is the bladder meridian acupoint of the foot, the kidney meridian qi is approaching, stimulation to the yin can stimulate the bladder meridian qi, adjust the kidney meridian qi, and balance the yin and yang, and it can also pass along the renal meridian to the abdominal cellTo maintain and mediate the qi and blood in the uterus to correct the fetal position.

Modern medicine also proves that moxibustion to the Yin point can excite the pituitary-adrenal cortex system, thereby enhancing the fetal position activity, helping the fetal position to rotate and achieving the purpose of correcting the fetal position.

  During the treatment, let the pregnant woman take the supine position and bend her knees, because this is the time when the abdominal wall is most relaxed.

The practitioner uses a lighted moxa to align moxibustion on the outer side of the small foot of the pregnant woman’s abdomen with an inch (about the width of a chive leaf) to the yin point. The degree of warmth of the small toe outside the foot of the pregnant woman is not burning.

15 each time?
20 minutes of moxibustion every day?
2 times, the fetal position will stop.

Although this method is good, it is not suitable for everyone.

Usually, it should be done after 6 months of pregnancy, because the abnormal fetal position before 6 months may turn back on its own.

In addition, if the umbilical cord is around the neck, there is little amniotic fluid, and the abdominal wall is too tight, the fetal position is not easy to correct.

  In addition, for maternal urinary retention, acupuncture can also be used with moxa box moxibustion, the effect is also good.

The mother also took the supine position, while acupuncture the calf Sanyinjiao and Yanglingquan points, use Ai box moxibustion to reduce 3 saliva points (Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, Zhongji), and then take the needle.

Because Yinlingquan belongs to the foot taiyin spleen meridian, it is good for water and dampness.

Sanyinjiao belongs to the acupoint of the foot Sanyin Meridian (foot sun spleen, foot jueyin liver liver, foot shao yin), and has the functions of conditioning liver, spleen and kidney.

Using both together, the effect is very significant.

Diet Health Turtle Ointment

Diet Health Turtle Ointment

Guiling ointment is mainly made of precious eagle-mouth turtle and earth chrysanthemum.

It is mild, not cold and dry, suitable for all ages, and has the functions of clearing heat and dampness, strengthening blood and regenerating muscles, relieving itching, removing acne, intestinal laxative, nourishing yin and kidney, and nourishing and refreshing the skin.Selling at home and abroad.

  Guiling ointment is mainly made of hawk turtle and earthy Poria.

The hawk turtle is a precious Chinese medicine that can clear heat and detoxify.

In addition to these two main drugs, it is supplemented with raw land, dandelion, and silver flower to enhance the efficacy.

Guiling ointment has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, extracting toxins and regenerating muscles, nourishing yin and kidney, and improving health and beauty.

It is mild in nature, not cool and dry, and suitable for all ages.

  According to investigations, Guiling Ointment was developed by Zhizhonghe (founded in 1763), a centuries-old herbal conditioning expert, which can promote metabolism, clear heat and reduce fire, moisten lungs and cough, and also beauty and nourish yin and kidney.

With sore throat, hemorrhoids, cripples, and constipation, eating it can also help improve the effect.

Modern nutrition research has found that Guiling Ointment contains a variety of active binary and amino acids, which have the characteristics of low content, low content, and low cholesterol, and can regulate blood lipids and blood sugar.

  However, because Guiling Ointment can promote blood circulation and is a cool and detoxifying food, it is not suitable for women during menstruation and pregnant women, and it is not suitable for those who are weak.

The best time to capture a man!

The best time to capture a man!

It’s not just a man’s right to show love to a loved one. As a woman, you can also do it beautifully.

But timing is the most important thing.

If the “appearance” is not timely, I am afraid it is a waste of emotion; if the “show rate” is too high, it will surprise him.

When to take the initiative, it depends on you being smart and adapting.

  Surround him with gentleness. He already has a girlfriend, but your presence makes him even more fascinated and wants to develop with you.

And he was born with a heart of Xi Yuqingxiang, unwilling to easily hurt the heart of the original girlfriend.

The longer you delay, the greater the threat you will face. It is better to take the initiative and consolidate your position in his mind.

This is also an opportunity to show and test your charm. You should approach him intentionally or unintentionally, care for him, and make him feel your gentleness everywhere.

Don’t go to ask about his girlfriend, give him more consideration and let him be considerate to you.

  The better he is, the better the man is, the more he is spoiled by the woman. Although you are his girlfriend, he doesn’t seem to take you seriously enough.

You’re not tangled for a while-just a little, but you’re left aside for a while, and sometimes you hear him walking close to a girl.

This is because maybe he hasn’t been able to determine what he wants, maybe he wants to try your reaction.

Don’t let him succeed, and come to him with “the other way, but also the other way”, make him think you have a lot of charm, you also have many ministers.

The more difficult you are to grasp, the more men want to conquer.

  He hasn’t held your hand for six months. He is all right, but you are still not satisfied, because he didn’t even touch your hand.

It’s your luck and your misfortune to meet such a person. Only you take the initiative.

You just need to pretend to be “active” once inadvertently at the right time.

  After the quarrel, you won a great victory in the battle of wits in the early stages of love, and your relationship with him entered the heyday.

Unfortunately, this phase is fleeting, and you, like all your lovers, have an argument, and then you move angrily on each side.

You can be sad and disappointed, but never be angry.

Grumpy is the patent of the old-fashioned woman. It does not benefit you at all. If you are wrong, you might as well call him after the anger subsides, and he will naturally have a step to go down.

The compensation he will give you will certainly be unexpected, because your generosity will make him ashamed.

  He suddenly talks about you and you are enjoying the sweetness of love with all your heart, but suddenly he is abnormal and does not contact you for days or avoids dating with you.

This makes you vaguely disturbed, but it is better to explore the truth while sitting waiting in peace.

Is it his parents’ coercive policy, or is his career facing major choices that involve you?

Only by knowing what is going on can you prescribe the right medicine.

Try to understand the truth as soon as possible, and brake accordingly.

  He has been reluctant to open a proposal for marriage and has gone through all kinds of ordeals. You have finally come to fruition and your relationship is stable.

But he didn’t propose marriage to you lately, all the friends around you have already become, and friends often make fun of you when you party, you are also a little confused.

Don’t hesitate if you are ready to be his bride.

No matter whether he is because his economic foundation is not sufficient or he is worried that he cannot adapt to his new role as a husband, you must encourage him not to pay too much attention. If he ca n’t open his mouth, you can explain it and force him “to Liangshan” to get what you want.Wanted results.

  How is your “attack” just right?

Communicate with leaders instead

Communicating with leaders is not a flattering

When it comes to slipping and clapping horses, most people will immediately outline the image of a nod to their superiors and a charming face.

Some people will despise such people, but in work, it is a misconception to take the initiative to communicate with leaders as a flatterer.

  Manager Li has been working in a company for some years. He has a strong working ability and is just right. He is very well received by his subordinates.

He often insists on his opinions in front of leaders, and is therefore very proud. Moreover, as a decent person, he should say less and do more, so he never actively seeks leadership to communicate.

Over the years, some colleagues of average ability have been promoted, and only Manager Li is still standing still.

He summed it up, thinking that the reason was that he was too upright, and the leader only liked the flattery.

So he became cynical.

  Does Manager Li have no problem at all?

Not really!

Leaders are not immortals and sages. If you don’t actively seek him to communicate, he may not seek you actively and may not fully understand your efforts and performance.

If you are reluctant to get in touch with the leader in order to avoid suspicion of a bullshit, the leader thinks you are self-assertive and you are afraid to reuse you.

So Manager Li should reflect on some of his own practices.

  In ancient China, the moral concept attached great importance to “clear reputation”. When a gentleman who did not fold his back was chanting “all the world is turbid and I am alone”, my heart was filled with a sense of tragedy and moral superiority.

What modern society needs is a doer who is willing and good at cooperating and communicating with others.

Absolutely for leaders or subordinates, effective communication assists the successful development of the work.

A competent person like Manager Li, if he takes the initiative to communicate and communicate with the leaders, he does not need to be greedy, he will allow the leaders to fully understand their abilities, character, appreciation and value, and effectively improve their own departments and even the entire companyPerformance.

Therefore, such “clear reputation” is nothing but a chicken rib in a narrow field of vision.

  Another possibility of getting close to leadership is to overemphasize your personality.

A person with a strong personality often has the sole esteem of me, and cannot tolerate the mistakes of others, let alone others to point out their mistakes, even if this person is a leader.

He will see the leader as Adou, and he has Zhuge Liang’s ability.

He equated approaching leadership with flattering, and flattering was incapable.

Of course, those who have the ability do not need to make flattery. Instead, the leader has to “throw the cottage” to listen to his “Longzhong pair”.

Obviously, this emotional intelligence is not high.

  Management psychology research shows that 80% of a person’s success comes from emotional intelligence, and only 20% comes from IQ.

An important quality of emotional intelligence is thinking in other places.

If Manager Li is the leader, he will definitely hope that his subordinates can tell him the work situation in a timely and comprehensive manner, so as to make decisions on the basis of complete information.

  Therefore, more normal work communication with leaders will not damage reputation and personality, but will achieve a win-win situation.

Use the wrong cup = drink poison!

The earliest cup is the safest?

Use the wrong cup = drink poison!
The earliest cup is the safest?

In life, we often use glass, ceramic, plastic, stainless steel cups, etc. When buying cups, most people usually buy these when they see them beautiful, completely replace the material of the cup.

In fact, if the wrong cup is used in life, it may have a serious impact on human health.

So, are some cups more secure?

  1, glass safety index: 5 stars among various styles of glass, the safety index of glass cups can be described as the highest, because the glass contains more or more chemicals during the firing process, useWhen drinking from a glass cup, we don’t have to worry about drinking toxic chemicals.

  2, ceramic cup safety index: 4 stars / 1 star If the ceramic cup is without any pattern and is not stained with color glaze, then it is an excellent choice for drinking water, the safety index is 4 stars.

However, if your ceramic cup is stained with colored glaze, and the color of the cup is rich and the pattern is beautiful, then its safety index is only 1 star. Xiaobian advises you to change the cup quickly.

  3. Safety index of stainless steel cups: 3 stars If stainless steel cups are used only for boiling water, the general problem is not great, but because stainless steel cups are alloy products, it is best not to use stainless steel cups for acid drinks (if juice, carbonated drinks, coffeeEtc.), so as to prevent the release of metal substances contained in stainless steel, which may affect health.

In addition, when cleaning stainless steel cups, do not use strong oxidizing bleaching powder, soda, etc., to avoid chemical reactions.

  4, plastic cup safety index: 2 star plastic cups are cheap, so there are many people who buy them, but plastic cups are often added with plasticizers during the production process. If plastic cups are used to boil hot water, harmful substances will easily dissolve into the water., Harmful to health.

  5. Disposable paper cup safety index: 0 star disposable paper cups are made of paper. Why is the safety index so low?

Because most paper cups are added with fluorescent whitening agents during the production process, if this chemical is eaten into the stomach, it will easily mutate cells and be harmful to the human body!

Moreover, the regular use of paper cups is also a very environmentally unfriendly practice.

Postpartum Weight Loss Yoga Gets You Slim Back

Postpartum Weight Loss Yoga Gets You Slim Back

Many mothers no longer have a big discount on their bodies after giving birth, and their physique has also dropped a lot.

If you practice yoga properly after giving birth, you will not only speed up the recovery of your body, but also regulate the various mental illnesses your child encounters.

Now I will introduce you to 6 types of postpartum yoga, so that you can quickly restore a slim figure.

  First, description of candle motion: lie on your back, bend your knees to your chest, place on the floor, cross your fingers under your head.

When inhaling, straighten your legs upwards, with your dorsal fossa close to the floor, your navel inward, close to your spine, and the tighter the ground, the easier it will be to move.As on the ceiling, don’t hold your breath, keep this position, and feel comfortable as the limit.

When you are finished, exhale and slowly lower your legs to the ground.

If this is difficult, bend your knees to your chest and place your feet on the ground.

At some point, the abdominal muscles strengthen and you can gradually lower your legs.

  Muscle: Strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and the yacht.

  Be careful not to put your legs on the ground when you are finished with a problem such as pain, without bending your knees to your chest first, and then placing your feet on the floor.

  Second, twisted ridge motion description: legs straight forward sitting on the floor or mat, bend the left leg, left heel close to the perineum, then bend the right leg, put the right foot on the left thigh.

You can also sit in a lotus seat. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you can also place your right foot on the ground in front of your left foot.

Put your left hand on your right knee. If your right foot is on your left thigh, try putting your right hand on your back to see if you can catch the thumb of your right foot.

Inhale and lift the sternum.

Exhale, hold your right knee by your left hand, and twist your body to the right.

If you can catch your right foot, you can use your right foot to twist your body, move your right shoulder backward, your left shoulder trying to move forward, and your eyes looking towards your right shoulder.

Close your eyes, keep your posture, take 8 breaths, and slowly turn forward when you exhale the last time, and relax your legs together.

Repeat the exercise on the other side.

  The tip increases spine contraction, narrows the waistline, and massages the internal organs.

  Third, supine twist motion description: lying on your back, bend your knees to your chest, open your hands apart, palms facing down at right angles to your body.

Inhale, slowly exhale your knees to the right when you exhale, and point them correctly to the ground. At the same time, step forward without leaving the ground. Turn your head to the left and look at your left hand. Place your shoulders on the ground, twist your waist instead of the top.Breathe 5-8 times.

Then inhale and slowly return your head and knees to the starting position.

Exhale, turn your knees to the left, turn your head to the right to look at your right hand, and keep breathing 5-8 times.

Inhale and return your head and knees to the starting position.

When practicing, keep your left and right knees uncomfortable and keep your feet tight.

  The distal end eliminates tension in the jaw, makes the spine more flexible, and allows the waist to be exercised.

  Fourth, description of downward dog-like movements: start from kneeling, put your hands on the ground, raise your hips; inhale, straighten your legs, straighten your arms instead, and keep your palms pressed to the ground.Press down on the front end and try to step on the floor with your heels. Pay attention to keep your hips straight and your tailbone up. Keep breathing 8 times.

  Severe: Eliminate fatigue, slow heart rate, strengthen legs, strengthen leg contraction, relieve scapular stiffness, relieve shoulder arthritis, relieve headache, insomnia, back pain, fatigue.

This asana gently stimulates your nervous system. Frequent practice of this asana can make your whole body “return to old age.”

  Fourth, description of downward dog-like movements: start from kneeling, put your hands on the ground, raise your hips; inhale, straighten your legs, straighten your arms instead, and keep your palms pressed to the ground.Press down on the front end and try to step on the floor with your heels. Pay attention to keep your hips straight and your tailbone up. Keep breathing 8 times.

  Severe: Eliminate fatigue, slow heart rate, strengthen legs, strengthen leg contraction, relieve scapular stiffness, relieve shoulder arthritis, relieve headache, insomnia, back pain, fatigue.

This asana gently stimulates your nervous system. Frequent practice of this asana can make your whole body “return to old age.”
  Fifth, chest balance action description: Sitting on the mat, legs extended forward, grasp the foot, lift the sternum.

Lift your feet off the ground while inhaling, forming a “V” shape with your body.

You can also grasp the soles of your feet or big toes. If you ca n’t reach them, you can hold your hands in alignment.

  The retina strengthens the muscles of the abdomen.

  Be careful not to bend your spine and keep your sternum up, otherwise your body will lose balance.

  6. Description of cobra-style movements: prone, feet close together, feet on the ground, lower jaw, forehead touching the ground, elbows bent, hands flat on the chest, breathe evenly.Inhale, gradually lower your jaw, tilt your head upwards and backwards, and leave your upper body slowly away from the ground at the same time (feeling to bend the spine segments at both ends backwards, using abdominal muscle strength instead of arm strength).Forward, keep breathing normally.

When exhaling, continue to bend back and forth, the right side has been tilted back, the abdomen is still attached to the ground, and the eyes can be turned upwards and downwards at the same time.

Relax, the upper body slowly returns to the lying position in order from the pelvis, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, cervical spine, lower jaw to forehead.

  Symptoms: Promote normal thyroid and adrenal function, eliminate fatigue, increase heart and lung capacity, and soothe physiology.

It can strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, neck and hips, and has the effect of strengthening the chest, abdomen and beautifying the hips.

  Tip: Do not use explosive force when practicing this style. Try to make your body as comfortable as possible.

  The advantage of postpartum yoga is that the supporting tissue of the pelvic floor and the ligaments are in a relatively relaxed state, making it easier to complete certain postures.

Regular and moderate yoga training helps new mothers to eliminate the physical and psychological problems, recovery from typical physical shape, insomnia, emotional changes caused by hormonal imbalances, and the battles faced by taking care of newborns.

Various specific asanas for postpartum yoga, effective breathing, calm meditation, make the new mother’s body shape, radiant skin, abundant breast milk, and full energy.

  Benefits of Postpartum Yoga: 1. Helps firm leg and abdominal muscles and reduce excess meat.

  2. Tighten the abdomen to prevent sagging breasts after breastfeeding.

  3. Relieve and treat postpartum cervical and lumbar fatigue.

  4. Cultivate calm mood and relieve postpartum depression.