There are many benefits to cold weather

The climate we experience in life is either high or low.

It is always there when the climate is pleasant, but such opportunities are rarely encountered in Guangzhou.

In Guangzhou, or so to speak, the high temperature in Guangdong is either high or low, and most of the season is high.

In the low temperature season, many people do not exercise because of the temperature, and are unwilling to go out for exercise. In fact, this is the most physically unhelpful.

Today, I will tell you how to take care of your body during low temperatures.

What I want to teach you today is the low temperature regimen.

  The so-called low temperature health is that people are in a relatively low temperature state in order to reduce the rate of cell metabolism.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” points out that “the high person has the longevity and the lower one has the discouragement.”Short.

  Similarly, the north is colder, the temperature is lower, and the low-temperature season is especially low, so the life expectancy of people is longer. In the south, the air is hot, the temperature is higher all year round, especially the summer is higher, and the life expectancy is shorter.

Why is that?

Because cold can reduce human body temperature, low body temperature causes slow cell division, slow metabolism and energy saving, so aging comes late and life expectancy is long.

  According to research, when a person’s body temperature decreases by 3 ° C, a person’s metabolic rate can be reduced by half, and the body’s oxygen consumption is only 50% of normal.

In a certain sense, the low temperature in the low temperature season can make people’s body temperature drop. When the body temperature is low, the cells divide slowly and the metabolism is slow, so aging comes late and life expectancy will naturally increase.

  Someone is more suitable for low temperature health1.

People with Yin Deficiency: According to Chinese medical theory, people with Yin Deficiency most need low-temperature health.

Because people with yin deficiency are afraid of heat, it often manifests as palms, feet, heart and mouth fever, and low-temperature health can lower the temperature of the human body and restore the yin meridian, so low temperature is good for nourishing yin.


Brain Worker: The brain is most afraid of heat.

At night during the low temperature season, the yin is heavy and the temperature is low. This low temperature condition is most conducive to brain work.


Women: Women can’t live without the protection of yin throughout their lives. The “yin” in Chinese medicine includes all liquid substances in women’s bodies, such as saliva, blood, digestive juices, tears, and vaginal discharge.

The excessiveness of these “yin” determines whether the individual is healthy, especially women between the ages of 20 and 40. If the “yin” is not properly maintained, they will feel unwell throughout their lives.

  How to keep a low temperature

Wear one less piece of clothing: Wear one less piece of clothing to reduce your body temperature; reduce, the temperature in the room should not exceed 24 ° C.

Cold water bath and winter swimming also help to maintain low temperature. The cold water bath can make the human body go through the process from heat to cold and then from cold to hot at the time of alignment. Because the cold water bath causes the blood vessels to contract and expand rapidly, the telescopic movement is like doing gymnastics.Similarly, it has the reputation of “vascular gymnastics”.


Eat a bite less: Some scholars abroad have confirmed that eating less can reduce the body temperature of animals, leading to a reduction in the rate of death by more than 1/3, so eating less can ensure your health and longevity.

There is also a limit to the digestion and treatment of food by cells, and there are certain substitutions of cells. As time passes, death naturally comes.

One less bite per meal is beneficial to the extension of cell life.


Serenity and relaxation: If you are low-key and relaxed, it is conducive to reducing the rate of cell metabolism and lowering body temperature, which is conducive to extending people’s life.

And nervous mood will increase the cell’s metabolic rate and raise body temperature, which will change people’s life.

Of course, when people are in a quiet state, their spirits and their organs can be in a good state, which is good for health.


Consumption of yin-nourishing foods: products for nourishing yin, including aquatic plants such as rice, coriander, etc .; overwintering plants such as Chinese cabbage, radish; plants growing in the shade, such as winter mushrooms, mushrooms; foods mature at low temperatures, such as winter pears, winter dates;In cold seasons, drink plenty of well water and groundwater to nourish yin; eat animals with low body temperature such as ducks and fish.

  Of course, low-temperature health is a principle of health, and it must be implemented step by step when it is implemented, and it is not too unreasonable for people with Yang deficiency and cold intolerance.