A song of ice and fire sounds, the American countries “stand in line” on the situation in Venezuela

Foreign ministers or representatives of 17 American 武汉夜生活网 countries such as Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico issued a joint statement after meeting in Peru on the 8th, stating that they do not recognize the newly formed constitutional assembly in Venezuela.
  On the same day, the Bolivar Union of the Americas issued a statement in Venezuela, stating that the Constitutional Assembly was intended to help the country solve difficult problems, and its establishment was a sovereign act.
  Venezuelan opposition has recently called on its supporters to continue to block roads and hold demonstrations.
But on the 8th, only dozens of people appeared on the streets of the capital of Venezuela to participate in demonstrations.
  [Foreign pressure]After the opposition coalition won control of the Venezuelan parliament at the end of 2015, the country ‘s courts became increasingly fierce.
Since April this year, the conflict between the government and the opposition has intensified, and large-scale anti-government demonstrations have continued in the country. More than 120 people have died in the demonstrations.
  Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro announced on May 1 this year that he would start a constitutional assembly to reformulate the national constitution, maintain national peace, and resolve the current political crisis.
But the opposition has boycotted the Constitutional Assembly, saying its sole purpose is to ensure that Maduro does not step down.
  The Constituent Assembly election was held on July 30, and 545 people were subsequently elected as members of the Assembly.
On the 4th of this month, the Constituent Assembly was formally established.
  On the 8th, sponsored by the Peruvian government, 14 foreign ministers including Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and representatives of Canada and 3 other countries met in Lima, Peru, to discuss the situation in Venezuela.
  In a joint statement issued after the meeting, the foreign ministers or representatives of 17 countries condemned the collapse of Venezuela’s domestic democratic order, saying that it did not recognize the illegal Venezuelan Constitutional Assembly and any actions it took, and called on the government and the opposition to negotiate to resolve the current politicscrisis.
  At a post-conference press conference, Peruvian Foreign Minister Ricardo Luna said that the Venezuelan government was dictatorship and determined that the country had experienced an unprecedented regional crisis.
  Chile’s Foreign Minister Heraldo Munoz said at the press conference that the 17 countries have no intention to interfere in Venezuela’s sovereignty.
We want to rebuild a broken democratic order . Chile does not accept (in Venezuela) military coups, ‘self-coups’ or military riots.
  [Allies stand up]Later on the 8th, the American Bolivar Union held a meeting in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.
Maduro attended the meeting with representatives of Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador and other members of this organization.
  The Bolivar Union of the Americas issued a statement after the meeting, stating that the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly aims to help the country solve its problems. Its establishment was a sovereign act and called for dialogue to promote Venezuelan political and economic stability.
  The US government previously imposed sanctions on Maduro and others against the Venezuelan Constitutional Assembly.
  The Bolivar Union of the Americas condemned Venezuela’s economic sanctions in a statement on the same day, saying it was unacceptable interference and the sole purpose was to cause direct damage to the Venezuelan government.
  Agence France-Presse reported that Maduro said at the meeting that the U.S. pegs Venezuela’s oil and mineral resources.
  The American Bolivar Alliance, formerly known as the American Bolivar Replacement Plan, was established in 2004. At that time, the member countries included only Venezuela and Cuba.
Today the American Bolivar Union has 11 member countries, including Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and so on.
  The Associated Press reported that Venezuelan Constitutional Congress Chairman Delci Rodriguez announced on the 8th that the Constitutional Congress passed a decree on the same day, barring members from interfering with laws passed by the Constitutional Congress.
  Opposition leaders have recently called on supporters to continue their demonstrations.
But on the 8th, in Caracas, only a dozen people responded to the call and set up roadblocks as a protest against the Constitutional Assembly.
(Wu Baozheng) (Xinhua News Agency Special Feature) Original Title: The Song of Ice and Fire Played The American Countries “Stand in” on the Situation