[Can pregnant women eat bird’s nest]_Bird’s nest_Pregnancy_Can I eat

The diet of pregnant women has a lot of attention, because this is also to better ensure their healthy growth, and the nutritional value of bird’s nest is relatively high. Pregnant women can eat bird’s nest.

First, bird nests are very popular among pregnant women.

Many pregnant women believe that the consumption of bird’s nest during pregnancy will improve the skin of the mother and baby after childbirth.

In fact, this has no scientific basis.

Most of the spots produced during pregnancy are caused by hormonal changes. Bird’s nests do not help much, and many pregnant women will gradually fade after delivery.

The skin of normal vitamins is naturally very good, and pregnant women do not need to deliberately consume it.

Second, bird’s nest is indeed helpful for pregnant women with fetal fever.

However, the constitution of each pregnant woman is different, and it is not suitable for pregnant women with cold constitution to eat bird’s nest.

In addition, the weight of bird’s nest is high, and it is difficult for many pregnant women to afford it for a long time. Don’t follow the trend blindly.

In fact, you can also choose lilies, white fungus, mung beans and other foods to replace bird’s nest.

3. Efficacy 1. Tonify the lungs and nourish the yin, stop cough due to deficiency of the lungs, and reduce lung qi complications.

Including lung yin deficiency, shortness of breath, prolonged cough, blood in sputum, hemoptysis, hemoptysis, bronchitis, sweating, and low flushing.

2. Tonic and nourish the stomach, relieve stomach coldness, and vomit.

Nausea caused by stomach yin deficiency, nausea, bowel sounds.

3, after illness, weakness, stinging, gas replacement for each disease, with bird’s nest for food, can nourish yin tone.

4, antiperspirant, qi deficiency, sweating of spleen deficiency, urine replacement, nocturia.

5. Makes human skin smooth, elastic and shiny, thereby reducing wrinkles.

6, bird’s nest contains a variety of amino acids, infants and children often eat wisdom can increase wisdom, increase thinking, anti-sensitivity, make up for its innate shortcomings.

7, pregnant women during pregnancy, prenatal and postpartum eating, there are effects of fertility, supplementation.