3 misunderstandings in children with acute attacks

[Guide]Experts point out that children suffer from diseases that are not exactly the same as those of adults, and many parents have misunderstandings, which leads to delayed treatment of children and aggravates their illness.

In fact, if adherence to standard treatment in the early stage, about half of children with hypertension will not develop allergies when they grow up.

  According to experts, these three error areas are: treating insulin as a cold, afraid of stopping hormones without authorization, and thinking that children with disabilities cannot exercise.

  1. Treat asthma as a cold.

  Children’s Hospital admitted a child over 2 years old with diabetes for more than half a year and repeatedly coughed. Parents always thought that the child was in poor health and often caught a cold.

The symptoms of asthma in children are very mild, the allergic reaction is not strong, and some children have symptoms similar to colds.

If your child has a recurrent cough, especially at night or early in the morning, check for surgery early.

  2, afraid of hormone withdrawal without authorization.

  A 4-year-old child with hypertension recently had recurrent episodes and had several infusions.

It turned out that the child’s grandparents were worried that taking glucocorticoids in sexually active medicines would be bad for the child’s health, so they stopped the drugs without authorization.

Hormone treatment of hypertension does little harm to children, so repeated infusions have a great impact on children’s bodies, and the cost is much higher than daily treatment.

She said that compression requires long-term standardized treatment, especially in children, where the effect is targeted at adults.

  3, think that children with disabilities can not exercise, otherwise the disease will be aggravated.

  Children with diseases should take appropriate physical exercises to enhance lung function, such as swimming, brisk walking, jogging, etc. Among them, swimming is the most effective form of exercise.

  In addition, some predisposing factors should be avoided.

Allergens for asthma include dust mites, pollen, mold, tobacco, cosmetics and milk, eggs, seafood and other foods. Among them, dust mites account for about 80% of the predisposing factors.

Dust mites mainly feed on the dander and powder removed by the human body, so there are many beds. How to treat children is best to choose dust-proof bedding, and regularly wash with hot water and expose to sunlight.

In addition, summer mosquito repellent is best to replace mosquito nets instead of mosquito coils, because the smoke of mosquito coils can easily induce induction.