Spring diet helps lungs and cough

Spring diet helps lungs and cough

Spring is warm and windy, and is a season of high incidence of respiratory diseases.

As a result, many people have cough.

Cough is a symptom of a variety of diseases. According to the theory of syndrome differentiation of TCM and the corresponding method of food, using food therapy can pass a good therapeutic effect.

  Wind cold cough is mostly induced by cold, which is most likely to occur when the human body is not adapted to the hot and cold climate.

In the early stage, nasal runny nose, sneezing, and itchy throat may be accompanied. At this time, Xingsu cake can be consumed.

Take an appropriate amount of flour, knead it into 3-5 balls after fermentation.

15 grams of almonds, peeled, ground and pressed into powder, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, mix well, and sprinkle on the surface of the cake.

Then wash 3-5 pieces of fresh perilla leaves, cover the surface of the cake, steam on the pan, and eat when cooked.

Almond bitter temperature and cough, Su Yexin is warm and fragrant, and the wind is cold.

Xingsu cake is sweet and delicious, has a good effect on wind cold cough, 1-2 times a day.

  Wind-heat cough In the spring, the temperature gradually increases, and the chance of upper respiratory tract infection increases. Most coughs are manifested as wind-heat cough, yellow or little sputum, red and swollen throat, yellow dry mouth, and some patients still have low fever.

For the first illness, you can use the following dietary prescriptions: 1 fresh egg of honeysuckle egg soup, put into a bowl and set aside.

15 grams of honeysuckle, add 200 ml of water, boil for 5 minutes, beat the eggs and boil, and serve once while hot.

Honeysuckle is sweet and cold, can clear heat and detoxify, and can treat inflammation and sore throat.

The prescription should be easy to take, once a morning.

  Take 10 grams of almonds and peel the almonds, and peel 15 grams of loquat leaves and wash them.

Wash an appropriate amount of rice, add water and almonds, cook the loquat leaves together and take them once a day.

Almonds cough, loquat leaves clear the lungs and cough.

But pay attention: the hair on the loquat leaves should be washed; when you eat porridge, remove the loquat leaves and discard them.

  Qi deficiency and cough are mostly chronic cough, which occurs frequently in spring. It is commonly referred to as “grass hair”, which is manifested as cough, dyspnea, shortness of breath, and impaired pulmonary breathing.

You can take walnut ginseng soup when you are sick.

Take 20 grams of walnut meat (unpeeled), 6 grams of ginseng (or 20 grams of codonopsis), 3 slices of ginger, fry with the right amount of water, take 200 ml of juice, add a small amount of rock sugar, once a day, warm before bedtime.

Walnut Ganwen Bushen Dingchuan, Ginseng nourishes, has a good effect on Deficiency Cough.

Do not take if there is more sputum or blood in the sputum.

  Phlegm cough is mostly chronic cough, often with shortness of breath, sputum, polychromatic white matter, thin stools, poor appetite, and even edema. This symptom is often seen in chronic bronchitis.

You can take Suzi Poria Poria Rice Porridge to reduce sputum lice, improve symptoms and ease the condition.

Take 15 grams of Suzi, 60 grams of indica rice, and 15 grams of Poria powder.

Suzi is wrapped in clean gauze, discarded when eating, and taken every night.

Suzi can reduce qi and phlegm, reduce the swelling of barley water, and also has the effect of nourishing the lungs and spleen.

The elderly with the highest blood pressure cough in winter and spring, and those with chronic bronchitis and sputum take more.

Bezoar detoxification tablets cause poisoning

Bezoar detoxification tablets cause poisoning

A few days ago, the author saw a serious medical record: the patient’s whole body skin was dark, fatigued, abdominal distension, a large amount of fluid in the abdominal cavity . The urine content exceeded 50 times the normal value!

The patient is in danger.

She is a company employee and suffers from typical arsenic poisoning.

  The patient has not been exposed to arsenic-containing substances, and from its various tests and inspection indicators, the cause of poisoning cannot be found.

However, doctors must find the cause of such critical liver and ascites patients in order to better prescribe the right medicine.

When the doctor asked about the medication she had taken, she discovered that the patient had been taking Niuhuang Jiedu tablets for 4 consecutive years!

The bezoar detoxification tablet is composed of bezoar, realgar, gypsum, rhubarb, scutellaria, eustoma, borneol, and licorice. It has the function of clearing heat and detoxifying. It is used for fiery internal heat, sore throat, gums, sore tongue, sore eyesEmphysema.

The patient was invaded by habitual constipation for a long time, so he took a large amount of bezoar detoxification tablets for a long time, which caused poisoning.

  ”If you take the bezoar detoxification tablet for a long time or increase the dose without authorization, it may cause chronic heavy metal poisoning, which is manifested by hair replacement, skin keratosis, skin darkening, damage and neurosensory abnormalities.

“Gao Suqiang, deputy director of the Pharmacy Department of the Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of Health, said.

  In addition, Gao Suqiang also introduced: From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, fire-eliminating medicines are usually cold laxatives, and many of them contain rhubarb and senna.

These ingredients will also hurt the spleen, stomach and intestines at the same time as laxation; once the gastrointestinal is adapted to the laxative, it is necessary to increase the dose to continue the laxative effect.

This vicious cycle continues, causing physical harm, as well as Niuhuang Jiedu tablets.

Therefore, no matter bezoar detoxification tablets or other laxatives, they all have a short-term relief effect. They can only be taken when the symptoms of fire are more serious, such as gum soreness, impotence, or tongue sores.

  Gao Suqiang also reminded everyone that when taking Niuhuang Jiedu Tablets, the dose can be slightly larger, such as 3 at a time.
Take 5 tablets 3 times a day. After the symptoms are relieved, the dose should be gradually reduced. It should not take more than a week. Once the patient has symptoms of poisoning, you cannot delay it. Go to the hospital to test the heavy metal content in the blood and take the necessaryTreatment measures.

Have a healthy and healthy mentality

Have a healthy and healthy mentality

Today’s weight-loss winds are prevalent, all kinds of weight-loss methods, weight-loss recipes emerge in an endless stream, and a variety of tricks, diet pills are also popular.

But in fact, the topic of fattening has increasingly become a hot topic in society.

Children with partial eclipse anorexia, adolescent dysplasia, severe insomnia in young people, middle-aged physical exhaustion, and long-term illness and physical weakness are not new topics.

  Fundamentally, the strength of the body resists the immunity against virus intrusion, the ability to repair the body after damage, and the ability to metabolize waste excretion and nutrient absorption.

However, the modern people’s lifestyle is generally fast-paced, stressful, lack of sleep, unbalanced complications, and the public opinion on the exaggeration of weight loss, causing many people to lose weight blindly, such as overdose diet pills, long-term obesity,This gastrointestinal function damage, low immunity, endocrine disorders and other complications.

  Poor living habits and lack of health concepts have led to an increasing number of people being thinner and steadily declining.

Many people have pointed out that thin bamboo poles are not beautiful, but sick.

At the same time, there are many friends around us who are very upset because of body weight loss: 1, because the body is too thin to buy the right clothes; 2, the body is too thin, resulting in unhealthy body; 3, the body is too thin, people around will have differentVision, the process of communication between men and women is easier. Anyone wants to find a healthy partner. The body is too thin, and there will always be a feeling of insecurity.

  Therefore, many thin people want to properly increase their fat, but in this era of weight-loss drugs, it is difficult to find a suitable method of fattening, so that they can increase their weight and reach the standard weight.

And some thin friends who are eager to gain weight are still looking for fattening drugs and want to increase their weight quickly.

  We advocate the beauty of nature, health and sports, and promote the sharing and exchange of experience in fattening, so that the majority of thin friends can increase their body weight and strengthen their external image in a scientific, sporty and healthy way.Self-confident purpose.

There are many benefits to cold weather

There are many benefits to cold weather

The climate we experience in life is either high or low.

It is always there when the climate is pleasant, but such opportunities are rarely encountered in Guangzhou.

In Guangzhou, or so to speak, the high temperature in Guangdong is either high or low, and most of the season is high.

In the low temperature season, many people do not exercise because of the temperature, and are unwilling to go out for exercise. In fact, this is the most physically unhelpful.

Today, I will tell you how to take care of your body during low temperatures.

What I want to teach you today is the low temperature regimen.

  The so-called low temperature health is that people are in a relatively low temperature state in order to reduce the rate of cell metabolism.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” points out that “the high person has the longevity and the lower one has the discouragement.”Short.

  Similarly, the north is colder, the temperature is lower, and the low-temperature season is especially low, so the life expectancy of people is longer. In the south, the air is hot, the temperature is higher all year round, especially the summer is higher, and the life expectancy is shorter.

Why is that?

Because cold can reduce human body temperature, low body temperature causes slow cell division, slow metabolism and energy saving, so aging comes late and life expectancy is long.

  According to research, when a person’s body temperature decreases by 3 ° C, a person’s metabolic rate can be reduced by half, and the body’s oxygen consumption is only 50% of normal.

In a certain sense, the low temperature in the low temperature season can make people’s body temperature drop. When the body temperature is low, the cells divide slowly and the metabolism is slow, so aging comes late and life expectancy will naturally increase.

  Someone is more suitable for low temperature health1.

People with Yin Deficiency: According to Chinese medical theory, people with Yin Deficiency most need low-temperature health.

Because people with yin deficiency are afraid of heat, it often manifests as palms, feet, heart and mouth fever, and low-temperature health can lower the temperature of the human body and restore the yin meridian, so low temperature is good for nourishing yin.


Brain Worker: The brain is most afraid of heat.

At night during the low temperature season, the yin is heavy and the temperature is low. This low temperature condition is most conducive to brain work.


Women: Women can’t live without the protection of yin throughout their lives. The “yin” in Chinese medicine includes all liquid substances in women’s bodies, such as saliva, blood, digestive juices, tears, and vaginal discharge.

The excessiveness of these “yin” determines whether the individual is healthy, especially women between the ages of 20 and 40. If the “yin” is not properly maintained, they will feel unwell throughout their lives.

  How to keep a low temperature

Wear one less piece of clothing: Wear one less piece of clothing to reduce your body temperature; reduce, the temperature in the room should not exceed 24 ° C.

Cold water bath and winter swimming also help to maintain low temperature. The cold water bath can make the human body go through the process from heat to cold and then from cold to hot at the time of alignment. Because the cold water bath causes the blood vessels to contract and expand rapidly, the telescopic movement is like doing gymnastics.Similarly, it has the reputation of “vascular gymnastics”.


Eat a bite less: Some scholars abroad have confirmed that eating less can reduce the body temperature of animals, leading to a reduction in the rate of death by more than 1/3, so eating less can ensure your health and longevity.

There is also a limit to the digestion and treatment of food by cells, and there are certain substitutions of cells. As time passes, death naturally comes.

One less bite per meal is beneficial to the extension of cell life.


Serenity and relaxation: If you are low-key and relaxed, it is conducive to reducing the rate of cell metabolism and lowering body temperature, which is conducive to extending people’s life.

And nervous mood will increase the cell’s metabolic rate and raise body temperature, which will change people’s life.

Of course, when people are in a quiet state, their spirits and their organs can be in a good state, which is good for health.


Consumption of yin-nourishing foods: products for nourishing yin, including aquatic plants such as rice, coriander, etc .; overwintering plants such as Chinese cabbage, radish; plants growing in the shade, such as winter mushrooms, mushrooms; foods mature at low temperatures, such as winter pears, winter dates;In cold seasons, drink plenty of well water and groundwater to nourish yin; eat animals with low body temperature such as ducks and fish.

  Of course, low-temperature health is a principle of health, and it must be implemented step by step when it is implemented, and it is not too unreasonable for people with Yang deficiency and cold intolerance.

The magic of aloe vera: can treat a variety of diseases

The magic of aloe vera: can treat a variety of diseases

Three years ago, my father planted a small aloe vera seedling in six pots on the balcony.

Now these six aloe vera are more than one foot tall, and some of them have also blossomed.

The father sprayed the aloe vera with a small sprayer that was pinched every day. In the evening, he took a pot of aloe vera in the room and took it out in the morning.

I asked my father if he liked aloe vera very much. His father said that aloe vera is a treasure. The benefits of aloe vera are many. Specifically, three points can be said: First, for viewing and exercising.

  My father said that aloe vera is one of the most lovely flowers and plants. The leaves of aloe vera are green and rich, full of vitality, as beautiful as the innocent and lively children.

Especially when I see aloe vera blossoming, I always feel lucky and auspicious.

In the process of cooking aloe vera, regular hands are also an exercise that is good for the body.

  Second, aloe vera can make the indoor air fresh and good for people’s health.

  Aloe vera is a thick-leaf plant. When it is exposed to sunlight, it inhales oxygen and emits carbon dioxide. However, when it is exposed to sunlight at night or indoors, it absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen, which filters and filters indoor air.Make the indoor air fresher.

More nutrients are very beneficial to the human body.

  Third, aloe vera has medicinal value and can treat a variety of diseases.

  Aloe vera has the best effect of stomach and intestines. It has good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, and it is non-toxic. It can be taken by internal or external application and it is convenient to use.

For external use, just cut off the leaves of aloe vera, apply the juice directly to the affected area, peel off the hard skin of the leaves, and stick the gelatin juice inside the affected part, then wrap it and fix it.

When taking the inner serving, just cut off the next small piece of aloe vera leaves and wash it off. Remove the small thorns from the leaves and eat or mash and filter into juice. You can also take boiled water and add honey or sugar to adjust.

Aloe has no intermediates and can be used with confidence.

  Aloe vera topical treatment can treat burns, burns, knife wounds, abrasions, insect bites, bruises, eczema, macules, swelling, cracks, frostbite, acne, rough skin, hemorrhoids, wind pain, Hong Kong feet.

Curing the body’s blood, using aloe vera for a night can be effective.

  Oral administration can treat constipation secrets, gastritis, gastric ulcer, enteritis, cataract, hypertension, neurological cough, tonsillitis or laryngitis, loss of appetite, high blood pressure, hypertension disorder, indigestion, insomnia, neuralgia, rheumatic painWait.

To normalize stool function, take aloe vera twice a day (after meals) for 1 week.

Oral aloe vera should have a good weight, the daily dosage is about 10-15 grams, that is, the blade with a width of 3 cm is 3-4 cm long.

Infirm, the dosage of the elderly and children should be reduced appropriately.

Pregnant women and women with menstrual cramps and abnormal genital organs should not take it.

It ‘s better if they stare at each other.

It ‘s better if they stare at each other.

Regarding the fuzzy dynamics of where the eyes should be focused during the dialogue, it is purely personal and quite “multiple.”

However, in many books on social guidance, it has been further elevated to the level of etiquette, becoming an equation with only “limited solutions” or even “only solutions.”

  In a book of etiquette, experts carried out incredible quantitative guidance, saying that if two people talk face-to-face for 30 minutes, if the other person can watch you for 10 minutes, it must be “don’t put you in your eyes”Watching you for 10 to 20 minutes means that the other person is friendly to you.

  When the gaze time exceeds the threshold of 20 minutes, the problem becomes more complicated, indicating that the other party knows you very well, but the possibility of “hostility” is not ruled out.

This puts forward a high standard for the function of the biological clock in our brain, requiring precision to the minute level. If we are not careful, we will be in danger of turning friends into enemies.

  As for the geographical geological evidence that the eyes should look at a part of the opponent ‘s body, the book explained carefully that according to the point of fixation on different parts of the opponent ‘s body, the personality can be framed as “business-oriented”, “concerned”, “social”Type”, “intimate type” and other levels.

It can not help but secretly commit assault on comrades with high astigmatism.

Then I saw another suggestion that made me surrounded: a German interpersonal communication expert believes that the most correct trajectory in the dialogue is: first look at the other person’s eyes, then slowly move his eyes to the mouth,Return to the eyes.

I just want to know if there is too much range of sight, and I accidentally crossed my mouth and dropped my neck, would I be frivolous?

  However, for quite a few people, locking their eyes on the limited parts of the other person’s body, in addition to facing ritual problems, comes from physical obstacles.

Usually when people talk face to face, often they can’t align their eyes on the face of the other person’s limited area as long as the etiquette expert wishes.

An article published in the November 2005 issue of “Memory and Cognition” stated that on some occasions, people may unconsciously look away, or “close their eyes slightly, look up at the sky”, or even “put their faceGo Aside. ”

  This “eye-walking obsessive-compulsive disorder” is said to have multiple elements.

Scottish psychologist Phelps said the “eye-to-eye” act was seen as a signal of an “intimate” relationship.

When face-to-face “intimate” conversations around people who are not psychologically easy to get close to, the brain will spontaneously move your eyes to reduce the “intimacy index” of this interaction.

There are also experiments that show that the more “intimate” a person is in space, the less time they spend looking at each other, creating a balance.

  However, evidence from Phelps and other researchers suggests that this “gaze-avoidance” behavior is more explained by cognitive science.

The reason is that the human face is full of complex and dynamic information. If you notice each other in your personality, you will occupy certain brain resources out of thin air, and the brain will be dull.

Suppose that Einstein’s “beauty and hot stove” question is changed a little, the answer may be two different: explain the theory of relativity to the beauty, and explain the theory of relativity to the stove.

Practical tips for yoga fitness exercises

Practical tips for yoga fitness exercises

With the acceleration of the pace of modern life, for some people, going to the gym or yoga studio to become a luxury is simply because they have no more free time to exercise.

Is there any good way to go to the gym, some can exercise before answering the phone, taking the elevator, participating, or even meeting important customers?

For this part of the crowd, the coaches specifically summarized some fitness methods, and here are a few tricks for everyone to practice.

  The first trick of yoga fitness-fight against neck and shoulder fatigue is suitable for the crowd: office cuties at long-term desks, the cervical spine is getting harder, and the excess meat on the lower abdomen accumulates.

  1. Vertically point to the forest method: stand upright, gently tilt your head to the right, gently place your right ear on your right shoulder, and breathe deeply and evenly with your nose; after one minute, practice on the other side.

Relax, mix your breath, and meditate. Switch the image of your mind from the gray and monotonous office in front of you to the lake with green trees and fresh wind. Imagine yourself as the yoga goddess wearing a wreath and the sea breeze, the effect is better.

Breast expansion method: stand upright, hold your hands behind your back, hold your shoulders under pressure, and lift your arms upwards and upwards.
Use your nose to inhale more oxygen when you lift your arm, and exhale when you lower it.

  Efficacy: Can help you bid farewell to OL natural enemies-mouse hand and back strain.

The unexpected result is that you no longer bend over your hump while walking, and the top is enlarged.

  Applicable conditions: When taking the elevator (not many people in the elevator), there is a gap between the aisle and others.

Be sure to breathe with your nose. The result of breathing with your mouth is to recover excessive dust and exhaust gas.


Beyond things, concentrated fuel will do more with less.

After long-term training, you will find that your concentration is easier to concentrate than in the past.

  The second method of yoga fitness-improve body shape is suitable for people: busy work, lack of time to exercise, resulting in longer and looser body meat, weight did not increase, but it looks fatter and fatter.

  1, leg weight loss method: extend, legs separated 30 cm, toes forward, arms forward, parallel to the ground.

Inhale, lift, and forward with your toes; exhale, squat, and slowly place your hips on your heels, keeping them straight forward and your toes on the ground.

Breathe normally, move for 5 seconds, inhale, and stand up.

Exhale, relax and repeat again.

  Efficacy: Amazingly change the shape of the thighs and legs, increase the strength of the legs2, method of weight loss at the waist and back: The body is upright, the legs are spread, and the strength is concentrated on the anus.

Hold your hands high above your head. The distance between your palms is about the width of your head.

Slowly turn the waist forward, the upper body and arms also follow, trying to straighten the back.

Rotate slowly, and slowly put your hands down when facing forward.

Take a break and do the same to the other side.

  Efficacy: Reduce waist circumference, increase waist flexibility 3, waist abdomen weight loss method: stand upright, legs apart about 1 meter, toes forward.

Take a deep breath, slowly raise your left hand over your head, exhale, and slowly lean your body to the right. Place your right hand on the side of your right leg and breathe normally. Hold this action for 5-10 seconds.

Breathe deeply, slowly reset your body, exhale, lower your arms, and relax.

Swap the right arm and do the same.

  Efficacy: Relieve the abdomen and waist, relax the back of the third exercise of yoga fitness-breathing meditation Applicable people: long-term work pressure, interpersonal tension, impatient office family.

  1. Relaxation breathing method: sit straight up in a chair, close or half-close your eyes, relax your body, inhale slowly, and exhale vigorously.

After each exhalation, pause for 1-2 seconds and repeat the inhalation for the next round.

Try to feel the breathing process and calm down.

  Efficacy: Relax, decompression, replenish the crypt with work again. Applicable conditions: Departmental meetings or meetings with important customers. 2. Sedative alternate breathing method: Sit up, place your right thumb on the right nose, index finger and middle finger on the bridge of your nose.The upper ring finger is placed on the left wing.

Squeeze the left nostril, lift your thumb and inhale with the right nostril for 5 seconds.

Put your thumb down on your right nostril, hold your breath for 5 seconds, then release your left nostril and exhale for 5 seconds.

Inhale with the left nostril and exhale with the right nostril.
  Efficacy: It can calm the emotions immediately and keep a clear head. Applicable conditions: When you ca n’t think about the problem or make a big decision 3, coffee meditation method: make a cup of coffee for yourself, eyes closed slightly, when the aroma of coffee lingers in your noseMix your breath and start meditation.
Try hard to think of beautiful, gentle and strange pictures: white snowflakes are falling gently, beautiful and bright sunrises, the waves are rising on the ocean . don’t think about people or things related to yourself.

  Efficacy: Relieve stress, reduce friction between colleagues, and maintain a happy mood!

  Applicable conditions: Is the above introduction very simple when you are emotionally restless?

Have you learned it?

In fact, seemingly esoteric yoga, sometimes it’s as simple as that, it’s so simple you can’t believe it!

This is the charm of yoga!

Correct the six culprits of the dry muscles of the commuter


Correct the six culprits of the dry muscles of the commuter

The weather in June was really cloudy. Last week, a sudden freeze was terrifying. It was not soothing for two days, and it was a sultry rainy day. Then there was high temperature.

In the air-conditioned environment of an office building, my skin can’t help but be in a hurry: dry skin appears to be itchy, somehow red spots appear, the face after applying makeup appears tight, and the base makeup is always undressed .The root cause of all skin problems is dehydration!

  Six culprits of dry muscles in commuters: 1.

The air-conditioned environment quickly dries out the skin’s surface and deep layers.


Office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, scanners, and computers bring more radiation and static electricity than you think, quickly draining skin moisture.


Don’t think that the sun at 8 or 9 in the morning is just a small problem. It will also absorb moisture and leave UV rays.


Environmental pollution in the city makes the skin dry, and indoor air pollution is ten times stronger than wooden boards.


Summer smells a lot, so spray more perfume to cover up?

The alcohol content in the perfume will also take away skin moisture, you must not think of it.


Traveling to and from work, commuting, lunch time, indoor and outdoor huge temperature difference is the biggest killer of beautiful skin, making the skin dry, sensitive and fragile.

  Opinion one: The lotion contains alcohol, it will make the skin drier, skip it!

  Correction: About 50% of the lotion will contain a certain amount of alcohol, but the alcohol content of a few brands is within a safe range. A very small amount of alcohol does not make the skin dry.

For extremely dry, sensitive skin types, choose a mild lotion that is labeled as alcohol-free.

  Moisturizing small step: In order to upgrade the moisturizing effect, you can tear the cotton pad, soak it in lotion, and apply it on the two toes and forehead that are most likely to dry. In just 5 minutes, the skin immediately saturates.

  Opinion two: Anti-aging, whitening is more important. I choose those effective essences. As for moisturizing, Ignore it!

  Correction: Wrong!

Dry skin’s absorption will be greatly reduced. Just like a dry sponge, the water will directly filter and cannot be absorbed at all, while the wet sponge has excellent absorption and can better absorb various nutrients.

  Moisturizing small step: Who says that the skin can only ingest one kind of essence, you can choose the appropriate essence according to your skin care needs, such as whitening, firming, anti-aging, etc., and then use the moisturizing essence to synchronize the skinReach multiple beauty goals.

  Opinion three: Summer skin is very greasy. Wouldn’t it be more greasy to use a lotion cream? Skip it!

  Correction: Even if you use a very expensive lotion, moisturizing spray, this is just a hydration exchange. You also need a moisturizing lotion and cream to help you lock in moisture.

After fully hydrating your skin, you will find that the excessive secretion of oil will also slow down, because the water and oil in the skin tend to balance.

  Moisturizing small step: want to avoid greasy feeling, I recommend you choose crystal dew, gel light moisturizing products, exclude the special impurities of oil content greatly reduce the greasy feeling, leaving the skin fresh all day.

  Viewpoint four: It ‘s troublesome to apply it to the shells one by one. It ‘s better to apply sunscreen directly!

  Correction: lotion, essence, moisturizer, sunscreen . Each of these steps is essential. Applying sunscreen directly without basic maintenance will make the skin more dry and rough.

  Moisturizing small steps: If you want comprehensive hydration care, but don’t want to make the steps cumbersome, you can choose a multi-effect product that takes care of moisturizing + repairing. One product can meet many skin needs.

In addition, a moisturizing cream with a sun protection index is also a good choice to help reduce the number of skin care steps.

However, if you are traveling or long-term outdoor activities, you must still apply sunscreen carefully and do not take it lightly.

  Opinion 5: It is said that the spray will be sprayed and dried, I dare not use it.

  Correction: The spray is sprayed more and more dry because of a problem with the use method: After spraying a wet spray, there is no follow-up maintenance, and there is no need to press the tissue paper to dry.The moisture itself is taken away, so it will be sprayed and dried.

Finding the right method to use, moisturizing spray is a good helper for instant hydration.

  Moisturizing small step: for immediate hydration, moisturizing spray can also be used to set makeup.

After applying the foundation, the dialysis moisturizing spray 20 cm away from the face can make the makeup more delicate and natural.

  Opinion 6: The cleansing mask cannot be applied for too long, there is no problem with the moisturizing mask, apply it for a while, and the skin will be more hydrated!
  Correction: Except that the sleep mask can be transferred and used, other moisturizing masks should follow the product’s instructions. Generally speaking, it is better to use 10-15 minutes, and should not exceed 20 minutes.
Especially the woven mask, once the time is too long, after the mask paper dries, it will absorb the moisture in the skin, making you apply and dry.

  Moisturizing small step: let the moisturizing mask increase the effect by 50%. The secret lies in absorbing the moisturizing essence first, and then applying a woven moisturizing mask. The mask forms a closed and hydrating space, allowing the double moisturizing power to penetrate the skin.

Skin Yoga Beauty Power Extension

Skin Yoga Beauty Power Extension

Yoga is definitely the best way for modern people to soothe the mind and body and soothe the nervous mind. The combination of skin and yoga extends the power of beauty indefinitely, helping your skin cells adjust to the most natural and healthy state and create perfection.

  In this busy era, tangible and intangible pressures are accompanied by shadows. Both the mind and the skin are devastated. As the saying goes, “the skin is the best response to the mind.” More and more people are paying more attention to themselves.Find the best way to adjust your mind and skin to perfection.

  Skin Yoga Type 1-The combination of pacifying skin and yoga as the key to rejuvenating the skin cells. When your mind enters the peaceful state of the environment, the emotions are immediately calmed down, relaxed, and a happy feeling emerges.The inner “self” presents confidence and satisfaction, and confidence and satisfaction are a powerful driving force for the vitality of the skin. Therefore, adjusting the breath to the best state is the step to obtain beautiful skin.

  Let them accompany your music-there is a very interesting statement about the power of notes. It is said that the ancients designed the word “listening” to express that listening requires “four hearts and one ear”. It is useless.To the heart and ears, it is not enough to “listen”.

The melody that is heard is beautiful, the melody that is not heard is more beautiful. When the notes of music pass through the auricle, the sound of the deep soul is stirred, that is the power that music brings to us.

Prepare your skin for relaxation, place your body in slow and melodious music, focus the power of your heart on your ears, and the internal pulsations will automatically adjust the rhythm, which will be directly introduced into the skin to relax and activate the kinetic energy of the cells, Repair damaged and aging cells and restore skin’s radiance in the sound of music.

  Aroma-Purely meditating in nature. Aroma itself is a pleasant experience. The essential oils are used for various purposes to help the body balance and restore harmony, while improving the skin condition.

From the moment we inhale the aroma, the vital plant essence begins to nourish our physiology.

There are many ways to feel the natural aroma from plants. Aromatherapy and ingestion are considered to be the most effective way to soothe the nerves and adjust the breath.

  Inhalation method: add a drop of frankincense oil and juniper oil in a small basin of water, mix thoroughly and then immerse a thin absorbent cloth in the water, wring it on the forehead and cover the eyes, relax and lie down, count from 1 to 8, and breathe slowly and deeply, Pause to count to 4, and then count from 1 to 6, and spit out the breath.

Repeat 5 times to keep your mind clear, your heart rhythm stable, and maintain your physiological best.

  Aromatherapy method: The aromatherapy method can not only condition the skin and relieve stress, but the aromatherapy can make the home smell of flowers and plants and enjoy the forest air bath.

But note that different aromatherapy essential oils have the same effect.

Bergamot can soothe anxiety, refreshing, refreshing, brighten the mood, and calming.

Magnolia essential oil can promote blood circulation, unblock pores, and brighten skin, making people calm and peaceful.

As a beginner, lavender, sweet orange oil and rose oil are all good choices.

  Bathing method: Bathing is a good way to let your body vomit, and it helps to eliminate rubbish in the skin and body, and easily get relaxed.

You can drop 8-10 drops of lavender essential oil into the bathtub, so that the essential oil is evenly mixed into the water, so that the body is completely immersed in the water, the essence of the essential oil penetrates the deep layers of the skin through the pores, and the temperature of the hot water can stimulate the regeneration of cells to be absorbed more effectivelyTo reduce physical and mental stress.

  Candlelight-The warm power of light and shadow Facing the pressure of life and social competition, you may say that human feelings are indifferent and the feeling of warmth is getting less and less.

It’s time to turn off all the lights and light a few candles in the dark. The orange-red candlelight can make you feel strong warmth and happiness in the dark.

Psychologists have found through research that the inner warmth and happiness will help the body relieve pain and regulate immunity, while maintaining physiological balance and harmony is the best way to ensure health and beauty.

Latin dance often, farewell to bucket waist

Latin dance often, farewell to bucket waist

There are several advantages to practicing Latin dance: Latin dance is mainly waist, crotch, and leg movements.

Therefore, in general, people who practice Latin dance have a relatively slender belly and are not likely to have excess waist meat.

Latin dance can create women’s upright posture while creating beautiful curves for women.

  Experienced: Mandy Occupation Description: English teacher.

Work and life are more regular.

Take advantage of the summer vacation and learn something you like.

  Experience: Latin dance.

Latin dance originated in Cuba and is known for its passion and passion.

Passionate dance moves and passionate music can be said to be Latin dance.

Latin dance is divided into cha-cha-cha, rumba, samba, cowboy, and bullfight.

This experience is precisely the same.

It is precisely the more liberal in Latin dance, which contrasts with the implicitness of Rumba.

Nowadays, Latin dance is not only a dance, but is widely used as a body-building exercise.

There are several advantages to practicing Latin dance: Latin dance is mainly waist, crotch, and leg movements.

Therefore, in general, people who practice Latin dance have a relatively slender belly and are not likely to have excess waist meat.

Latin dance can create women’s upright posture while creating beautiful curves for women.
  Attack target: Keep in shape Fighting belief: I like it, I insist!

  I do not know when I fell in love with Latin dance.

This is by no means due to the hot relationship of the dance forest on TV.

I used to just appreciate others jumping and participate in comments.

But I do n’t think it ‘s fun.

I did n’t study before because I did n’t think the Chinese figure was suitable for this kind of dance.

This type of dance is by no means an ordinary person to dance. It has neither stature nor temperament, nor does it have the hot feeling, explosive power, and infectivity of foreigners.

However, I never want to give up what I love.

  So with the unanimous support and encouragement of friends around me, I finally made up my mind to learn.

I picked several schools and teachers, and eventually found a school that I was more satisfied with.

I even went to see how the teacher practiced.

The teacher overall felt pretty good, his movements were professional, his actions were clean, and his crotch movements were very beautiful.

Rumba’s deceleration is also very elegant and friendly.

But there are too many students and the venue is not big enough.

Now the teacher is quite young, she just saw her demonstration steps, and she feels pretty good. She also has clear movements and small movements in her abdomen.

  The first lesson was tidy.

Put on the red shoes and lined up in the team, followed the teacher to do a few moves, then I found it difficult to dance Latin dance.

In fact, I was psychologically prepared at the beginning, but I would like to call me a person who has studied dance for more than 10 years. Although Latin dance is the first contact, it is just a big twist.The idea is completely wrong. It not only has a large range but also moves in place. It is not a twist, but a swing in rhythm. Sometimes dancing is very particular about this feeling.

  I really envy watching the teacher dance so well.

I try to make myself better and better.

The teacher saw me as a beginner and took good care of me. He walked slowly so that I could keep up with him.

It’s strange to say that in a few minutes, I closed the rhythm, and in a few minutes I was a bit like the teacher’s movements.After an hour of training, I finally mastered what the teacher taught today, and I am so happy.

Although I’m tired today, I think learning Latin dance is good. It can reduce the excess meat on the waist and keep the body shape.