Seven Ways of Traditional Chinese Medicine Conditioning

Life example: Shasha is 2 years old this year, he is very tall, very clever, but he is a little weak.

When playing with the child, the other person’s face just turned red. He was already panting and sweating.

Especially when I just fell asleep, the sweat beads soaked the pillows.

  What makes Shasha Mom most depressed is that Shasha loves colds. She has to go to the hospital every month. She has a lot of questions to ask a doctor.

After listening to the introduction, the doctor conducted a comprehensive and systematic examination of Shasha. He told Shasha’s mother that these symptoms of Shasha were caused by physical weakness.

  Analysis of Deficiency: Sweating is a normal physiological activity of the human body, which has the functions of heat dissipation, detoxification, and moisturizing the skin.

Because the baby’s sympathetic nerve activity is more active than adults, it is easier to sweat than adults, especially under some external reasons or incentives, such as hot climate or excessive indoor air-conditioning temperature, games, running and jumping, strenuous exercise, clothing wearToo much, the quilt is too thick at night, eating spicy food, etc., it is more likely to cause the baby to sweat.

  However, if sweating exceeds the normal range, it is a pathological manifestation, mainly caused by some diseases, and the cause is more complicated.

Such a baby, usually a little activity or usually walking, will also sweat a lot, Chinese medicine believes that this is a manifestation of physical weakness.

  How to regulate physical weakness baby?

  The physically weak and sweaty baby can be recuperated by Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine has always been unique in terms of physical fitness.

  1.Change the clothes in time. The clothes are soaked with sweat. If you don’t change them in time, the baby will have to cover the body with the temperature of the body to dry it.

  2.Most of the babies who give more water to their babies have signs of sweating. Due to the obstacles to the diffusion of water in the body, if they do not hydrate, they may become dehydrated.

You can feed your baby some saline solution to supplement the body’s loss of sodium, chlorine, potassium and other electrolytes to avoid dehydration caused by dehydration.

  3.Open the window frequently for ventilation every morning, middle, and night, and insist on regular ventilation for every 10-30 minutes.

If it is hot summer, you can use a fan or air conditioner to cool down.

But pay attention to the wind can not blow directly on the baby, especially when the baby is asleep, so as not to open the skin pores, sweat on the body, blow directly to the cold.

  4.Clothes and quilts should not be too thick. Baby underwear should choose good breathability and absorbent cotton clothing. The thickness of the clothing and quilt should be the same as that of adults, especially in winter.Too much sweat.

Exercise your baby’s cold resistance from an early age, and also enhance the baby’s resistance.

  5.Taking a bath frequently Mommy needs to bathe the baby frequently to keep the skin clean and dry, so that the sweat does not hurt the baby’s skin.

Because baby’s skin is very delicate, excessive sweat accumulates in skin folds, such as cuffs, groin, etc., which can easily cause skin ulceration and cause skin infections.

  6.Traditional Chinese medicine diet therapy * Shenqi Hongzao Decoction: 15 grams of Radix Pseudostellariae, 15 grams of Astragalus, 6-8 red dates, orally decoction

  * Chinese wolfberry longan purple rice porridge: take 100 grams of purple rice, add 1000 ml of water, add boiled wolfberry after boiling, 50 grams each longan meat, cook until sticky.

  * Astragalus stewed chicken: Wash 50 grams of raw yellow cicada, put it in the belly of the hen with a clean bore, seal it, put it in cold water and simmer it slowly. Cook it, and give the baby soup and meat.

  7.Traditional Chinese medicine or proprietary Chinese medicines can be used to treat debilitated babies under the guidance of a doctor. They can take some traditional Chinese medicine decoctions or proprietary Chinese medicines to help antiperspirants. They can also take traditional Chinese medicines such as Qizao granules, Astragalus granules, Xuhanting or Yupingfeng granulesAgent

  be careful!

Baby is physically weak, sweaty and prone to zinc deficiency. Many trace elements in the human body are excreted through sweat, and zinc is one of them.

If you sweat too much, it is easy to lose zinc too much, and zinc is an important element to promote children’s growth and development, improve immune function, visual system and sexual development.

  Zinc deficiency can cause symptoms such as decreased appetite, pica, growth retardation, loss of energy, irritability, repeated upper respiratory tract infections, recurrent oral ulcers, diarrhea, and lack of luster on the skin, which can easily cause replacement and obvious lack of concentration.

Therefore, when the baby develops symptoms of physical weakness and hyperhidrosis, in addition to actively performing TCM conditioning, it is important to pay attention to supplementing zinc from the diet, usually lean meat, eggs, poultry, seafood, oysters, and other animal foods.And the absorption rate is higher in intermediates.

Therefore, arrange more of these foods in your diet.