Spring allergy to bamboo shoots

With the launch of spring bamboo shoots, spring bamboo shoots are loved by people because of their tenderness and deliciousness. However, doctors remind everyone to eat spring bamboo shoots to prevent allergies, especially the elderly, children should not eat more, it is best not to eat more than half a meal.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bamboo shoots have the effects of nourishing yin, nourishing blood, reducing phlegm, digestion, and convenience, but the large amount of cellulose in the bamboo shoots is difficult to digest, and the bamboo shoots contain insoluble oxalic acid. Excessive consumption can cause high blood pressure and other chronic diseasesDiseases, allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, etc.

Spring is already prone to allergies. For people who are prone to absorb allergies, eating bamboo shoots can also cause urticaria.

Therefore, children should eat a little bamboo shoots, but not bamboo shoots; the elderly must eat the bamboo shoots and swallow slowly.

  In order to prevent allergies, eat a small amount of bamboo shoots, stop immediately if there is a reaction; if there is no response, you can eat appropriately.

If you use bamboo shoots and diced bamboo shoots, first boil the bamboo shoots with boiling water for 5-10 minutes, and then stir-fry with other foods.

In this way, it can decompose most of the oxalic acid at high temperature to reduce the disadvantages, and it can also make the taste more delicious without astringent feeling.

At the same time, try not to eat with sea fish when eating bamboo shoots to avoid causing skin diseases.