Mysterious health of finger white crescent

(1) What is a half-moon mark? One-fifth of the bottom of the nail appears with a white arc-shaped mark. This is the half-moon mark.

  Nail half-moon marks are the boundary between yin and yang meridians and are representative of the essence of the human body, so they are also called health circles.

  The development of semilunar marks is affected by nutrition, environment, and physical fitness. When the digestive and absorption function is good, the semilunar marks will be blurred, reduced, or even disappeared.

The condition of the semilunar marks shows information about human health.

  (B) The role of half-moon marks Chinese medicine says: Qi is not attributed to the liver as blood, blood is attributed to the kidney as essence, and essence is not attributed to bone as marrow.

  This is the origin of the essence.

The essence is where the vitality is.

The trace of the half moon is the essence of essence because of the information it displays.

  The role of vitality: 1, to support the body’s internal organs and internal organs.

  2. Push the normal operation of qi, blood and viscera.

  3. Resist external evils (immune function).

  4. Long-life anti-aging substance.

  5. Genetic material.

  There is a saying in Chinese medicine: perfect, strong, sick, weak, old, and dead.

  This shows that the essence of vitality is important.

In daily life, timely recovery of energy and energy, good health, is conducive to our physical health.

When the oxidant is insufficient, the important supplement is primarily protein.

  Traditional Chinese Medicine said: “Insufficient essence makes up for it.

“That said, you need to add protein.

Good quality protein is neutral, such as milk, eggs, beans, fish, black food (every black kidney), seed food, denatured food and so on.

After persisting for one month, you can see the traces of half moon appear, indicating that the productivity has been restored to a certain extent.

  (3) Normal half-moon marks 1. The number of half-moon marks should be 8-10 in both hands.

  2. The area of half-moon marks is one fifth of the nail.

  3. The color of half moon marks is milky white, the whiter the better, the stronger the energy.

  (IV) Abnormal half-moon marks 1, less half-moon marks, less half-moon marks, indicating worse energy, colder constitution, that is, weak immunity, cold hands and feet.

  2. There are three types of abnormal semilunar marks: ① cold bottom type-where there are fewer semilunar marks, the colder, and no semilunar marks are cold.

  The cold type indicates that the body is weak in yang and the cold is more vigorous.

  This type of person has low internal organs, slow blood and blood, easy fatigue and fatigue, lack of energy, poor absorption, pale skin, cold hands and feet, panic, drowsiness, easy colds, repeated colds, slowly decline, and physicalDecrease, even stagnation of phlegm, blood stasis due to qi stagnation, nodules of wet phlegm, easy to produce tumors.

  ② Hot bottom type-Those who have half moon marks on their little fingers are all hot type.

  People with hot type have half-moon marks larger than one fifth of their nails.

The increase in half-moon traces indicates that the yang in the human body is more vigorous, the viscera functions are stronger, and the physical fitness is better.

However, in some cases, the yang is strong. Such people have hyperviscosity, visible flushing, irritability, irritability, constipation, irritability, dry mouth, large appetite, not afraid of cold, active, and evenHigh blood pressure, high blood sugar, and easy stroke.

  ③ Cold and hot staggered type-Where the boundary of the half-moon mark is blurred and the color gradually approaches the color of the nail body, it is a cold and heat staggered or yin-yang disorder.

  Early stage: The edge of the half moon mark is not clear, such as shining.

  Medium-term: Half moon marks begin to shrink.

  Late stage: Half moon marks gradually decrease and disappear.

  (E) Half moon marks and five fingers 1.

Thumb Half Moon Marks-Associated with lung and spleen Thumb half moon marks are pink, indicating poor track visceral dysfunction, impaired visceral function, easy fatigue and cold, and severely cause diabetes.Half moon marks are pink as a warning before you can feel any abnormality.


Index finger half-moon traces-Associated digestive index finger is closely related to the stomach and intestines. When the index finger half-moon traces are pink, it means that the stomach and large intestine have indigestion and the appetite naturally diminishes.


Middle Finger Half Moon Mark-Correlation Spirit The middle finger is associated with the pericardial meridian. When a person is in a severe mental condition or is too stressed, he will feel overly nervous, dizzy, headache, unclear thoughts, brain swelling, insomnia, and dreams.
The middle finger half-moon marks will now be pink.


Little finger half moon mark-The half moon mark associated with the little finger of the heart and kidney causes a special pink color.

Usually, when the heart’s blood circulation is poor and visceral function is abnormal, certain conscious symptoms occur.

However, heart disease has no symptoms.

Therefore, most of the hypertensive patients are unable to know themselves at an early stage, and they are not discovered until the condition worsens. Therefore, there are often violent deaths.

So it is very important to observe heart activity, and the best test is to observe the little finger and middle finger half moon marks.


Ring finger half-moon mark-associated endocrine ring finger half-moon mark is pink, indicating that there is an abnormality in the Sanjiao Jing running on the finger.

The abnormality of trifocal meridians indicates that the yin and yang are imbalanced, which can cause poor blood circulation due to cold or heat, and it is easy to lose physical fitness.