Ten essential capabilities for success in the IT age

1. Gradual resilience The information age is changing rapidly. If you want to succeed in this changing world, you must ask yourself to develop an extraordinary resilience.

At present, people all over the world are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the real network economy, transforming the decline of the network economy bubble, the rising gold content, and the human resources discovery-cultivation-abandonment cycle will be rebuilt, stronger, and human resources.The period of time has been greatly shortened. In this ever-changing environment, we are constantly under pressure to update our knowledge system.

If you are backward, you will be beaten. For people in the IT age, if you become slow, you will also be beaten. If you become slow, you may be eliminated by society.

With the fierce competition, more and more people want to continuously supplement and improve themselves by acquiring more effective information, lest they can’t keep up with the fast pace of the information age, so many expert critics come out to say the futureIn the mall is no longer eating big but not fast.

Relatively speaking, talent competition is “people eat people”, “fast people” eat “slow people”!

As a protagonist in the efficient and fast information age, how can you adapt to such a fast pace?

This requires the ability to adapt to changes in the environment in order to prepare for it from time to time.

  2. The ability to communicate and exert imagination In the information age, an important premise to be accepted by society as soon as possible is that we must have the ability to grasp information and obtain information, but to have these capabilities we must be good at communication andUse your imagination.

Because listen carefully, write clearly, read carefully, speak clearly, accurate narrative will have inestimable value.

Also in fast-paced work environments, communication barriers can become a fatal problem.

This ability is crucial. It can collect and obtain a wide range of knowledge information, so that some of the knowledge, thinking methods and observation perspectives can be used to guide the company to the future.

  3. The ability to observe and analyze the present society is intricate and complicated. To maintain a certain sober mind in a society that is still being chaotic and chaotic, we must require us to have a keen ability to observe things and analyze and process objects.

The current society is a network society. The network is invisible and intangible, giving people the feeling of nothingness, and when you quickly and conveniently purchase the required items on the Internet, you feel that it is real.

In order to gain wealth in this society, the ability to observe and analyze things must be correct in order to succeed, because the gain of wealth in the network economy is not through the perfect combination of the inherent knowledge that is mastered, but through the capture of imperfections.New knowledge.

We live in this kind of network economy environment. To find opportunities, it is more important to have keen insight to turn these imperfect new knowledge into original innovation.

  4. The ability to pioneer and innovate. Innovation is a necessary and sufficient condition for a country and a nation to achieve progress. Also for people in our IT era, innovation is an important guarantee for winning success. The ability to innovate is what every citizen of our society should strive to cultivate.Ability.
In the market in the context of the information society, various new knowledge and new business opportunities are emerging.

In this way, the candidate’s thinking ability, reaction ability, judgment ability and devotion to the pursuit of the company will become the criterion for the unit or business owner to weigh the available or unavailable one.

In the future, computers, product sales and management engineering will be required more and more with both theoretical and practical experience.

  5. Certain organizational and expressive abilities In this interconnected era, people in the IT era have begun to learn to use the Internet to communicate with people.

Indeed, Internet can bring convenience and speed to our communication, but it is undeniable that the emergence of various network languages affects our daily expression and organizational ability in a kind of decomposition. At this time, we should consciously strengthen cultivation in this area.Because wherever you go, organizational work is indispensable, such as allocating financial and material resources, setting up work processes, formulating marketing strategies, finding profit opportunities, and so on, all of which require high-level organizational capabilities.

In addition, the most productive IT people will be those who know how to express information and ideas to gain understanding and support from others.

Excellent lobbying skills are essential in future interpersonal communication.

  6, the courage to take responsibility and pressure The pressure mainly comes from the increase in workload and the speed of technological innovation. IT people in the information age in life are increasingly feeling that the pace of work is significantly accelerated.It is likely that the things you plan for cannot be completed safely, and the end result is that your own efforts may not yield anything.

The network economy is coming. Remember, “coming soon” is coming, not coming.

The growth, maturity and decline of the network economy will inevitably have a process, but its growth rate seems too cruel for IT people.

While IT feels the thrill of success brought by IT, it also has to bear the tremendous pressure brought by IT.

The ultra-high mobility of the IT industry promotes the network economy, but it is not fair to IT people and is not welcome.

They may consider changing careers and fearing layoffs while fading out of the halo tomorrow.

The mental endurance is a big test for IT people.

  7, unique business expertise, usually when we look at the ability to adapt to society, we will only evaluate from a certain aspect, in fact, those who really adapt to society should be those who have only a few abilities or qualities at the same time, and itselfThe more capable and qualified people are, the more adaptable they are.

Therefore, in the IT era, it is no longer enough to have professional technical knowledge. Talents in the IT era require fast and efficient “paperless office”.

This requires that we must combine our professionalism with the use of computer networks. People with deep professional skills must understand and apply computer and network technologies to their professions.

Professional expertise in computer software development and e-commerce operations is the first priority for employers and companies.

Ability to initially process information.

In the network age, it is not enough to collect information widely. It is more important to understand the information and use it to make the value of information fully tapped.

  8, extraordinary work ability In a market economy that pays attention to economic benefits, every enterprise hopes that the employees it recruits will soon be competent for their own work and achieve good results in the work.

At this time, work experience has become an important asset for the quality of an IT person.In the eyes of many units or business owners, people with rich work experience are the ones who can create impressive performance for the company.

  9. The ability to unite and collaborate with others. The social division of labor in the information age is becoming more and more detailed. A certain project or project usually requires some people to work together to complete.Give full play to your own sense of ownership and teamwork with other collaborators.

The team spirit in the network age is beyond the performance of one person, and it is a substitute and guarantee for high-quality and efficient results.

The cause must develop, and the power of unity and cooperation is greater than all.

Therefore, companies now like to have the ability to prevent and adapt, and have a team spirit.

  10, step-by-step transferability transferability is an ability based on action, which refers to analysis, writing, reasoning, management and so on.

In the efficient and fast information age, no company or individual is immutable. They also cross the rhythm of the times and continue to “ebb and flow”. In the process of these movements, it is impossible for everyone to be pure in life.The land can only be a certain occupation. Today, in the continuous updating of enterprises and industries, our personal learning skills and personal traits are gradually updated in continuous job applications. If we want to successfully adapt to this constantly moving society,It must require that the ability of our IT people must also be in “movement”, and this “movement” ability is what we call transferable ability.

This ability is even more important for those IT people who want to switch to another industry.