Huanghua medicated diet has extraordinary effects

The nutritional value of yellow flower is very high, containing 14 protein per 100 g.

1 gram, aunt 1.

1 gram, 62 carbohydrates.

6 g, calcium 463 mg, phosphorus 173 mg, and multivitamins, especially carotene, are high in content, up to 3 per 100 g dry product.

44 milligrams, the highest among vegetables, no less than carrots.

Modern scientific research proves that Huanghua has better brain-building, nourishing, and anti-aging functions. Japanese scientists have listed 8 kinds of brain-building foods, and put Huanghua as the first place. Therefore, it is also called “brain-building dish”, which is good for human health., Intellectual development is very beneficial, people with excessive neurological fatigue should take a lot of food, it is also a good medicine for the elderly with mental decline.

Early medicine has also proven that day lily has a good effect on reducing animal serum complications itself, and high plasma is a common disease in middle-aged and elderly people.

Therefore, it does not prevent eating day lily as a daily vegetable, which is very beneficial to prevent the adverse effects of cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and nervous breakdown.

Huanghua is a treasure throughout the body, and folks also use its flowers to treat bloody stools, urination problems, constipation, and postpartum lactation; etc. Roots can be used to stew chickens, treat anemia, less menstrual flow, and senile dizziness.

Huang Huagen was found to have anti-tuberculosis and schistosomiasis effects at an early stage.

  There are many ways to eat yellow flowers, such as fried, boiled, braised, burned, and hot. Due to its nutritional value and delicious flavor, it has gradually become a high-level side dish at the banquet or made a variety of delicious soups and medicated dishes.

Here are a few medicinal meals suitable for home-made preparations.

  Tofu Huanghua Tang 1 tofu (about 250 g), yellow flower 50 g, pork lean 50 g (sliced).

Put the yellow flower and tofu in the pot first, add water and cook for 20 minutes, then add pork thin slices and cook for a while. Season with ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, green onion and serve. It has the effects of nourishing kidney, nourishing blood and passing milk.Applicable to kidney deficiency, low back pain, tinnitus and deafness, memory loss, less gas burnout and maternal milk deficiency.

  Pork trotter yellow flower soup yellow flower 50g (soaked), 1 trotter was washed and cut into small pieces, put in the pot with yellow flower, seasoned with ginger, pepper, salt, stewed until the trotter was cooked and ready to eat, The effect of prolactin, suitable for postpartum lactation or lack of milk.

  Lean meat Huanghua soup lean meat slices 50 g, Huang Hua 30 g, Huang Jing 15 g.

First cut the yellow flower and yellow essence into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook for 10 minutes, add the lean meat and cook until cooked, season with ginger, pepper, green onion, monosodium glutamate and eat, with nourishing yin, moistening, nourishing qi and spleenGong, applicable to sputum-free dry cough caused by liver, spleen, lung, and kidney yin deficiency, lung cough, blood, hoarseness, dry throat, soreness at waist and knees, fatigue, physical wasting, and loss of appetite.

  Portulaca yellow flower porridge Portulaca oleracea 20 g, yellow flower 20 g, previous rice 100 g, first soak the yellow flower in warm water and cut into sections with the portulaca, add an appropriate amount of water into the pot and cook it with rice all the time.

When the porridge is thick, add brown sugar to taste and serve.

This porridge has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing qi, and stomach and diarrhea, and is suitable for acute and chronic diarrhea.

  Jujube Huanghua porridge Jujube 20 g, yellow flower 30 g, glutinous rice 150 g.

After soaking the yellow flower, cut into sections, dejure the jujube, add glutinous rice to the pot and add an appropriate amount of water to cook the porridge. When cooked, add the yellow flower and jujube to the boil for a while. It can also be flavored with honey or rock sugar.The effect of improving appetite and sleeping is suitable for postpartum or post-natal physical weakness, fatigue, fatigue, lack of gas, sluggishness, loss of appetite, dizziness, upset, forgetfulness and dreams.