[How to make chocolate maple cake rolls]_Home made chocolate maple cake rolls_How to make chocolate maple cake rolls_How to make chocolate maple cake rolls

Appetite is also a desire, and in order to satisfy this desire, you will hunt everywhere.

Although you have satisfied countless times during this process, you are still empty in your heart, because you have not done it yourself.

In order to meet your needs, Xiaobian will now introduce you the practice of chocolate maple cake rolls.


1 egg white is beaten into thick foam with an electric whisk, add lemon juice and salt, continue to beat until slightly foamy, add a replacement amount of fine sugar (three sugars added), wait for the foam to be slightly thinner each time and add the next oneGranulated sugar, until the protein is close to rigid foaming, when the eggbeater is lifted, the protein is short and thin hook-shaped.

2 Pour the salad oil and maple syrup into the bowl together, heat it to a flowing state with water-proof heating method, and mix it for later use.

Separate the eggs, break up the yolks, add 15g of granulated sugar, and use a hand whisk to beat until the yolks become light and thick.

Then slowly pour the mixed maple syrup into the egg yolk paste. Stir and mix with an eggbeater while pouring. Mix the low-gluten flour into the egg yolk paste with a soft spatula. 3

Add the added amount of the beaten protein to the egg yolk paste and mix well, then pour the mixed egg yolk paste into the egg whites and mix thoroughly. Place the baking sheet with oil paper, then pour the cake paste into the baking dish and scrape it with a spatulaThe air is shaken, the oven is preheated in advance, the upper and lower fire temperature is 175 degrees, the baking tray is placed in the middle layer, and the time is about 15-20 minutes. 4

After baking, take out the cake from the baking tray and put it on the table. Then cover the cake body with another piece of oil paper and turn the cake over. Lift the oil paper on the pad and let the cake cool down.Put the melted chocolate sauce, and finally use a rolling pin to help roll up the cake body. After it is finished, put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to freeze and take it out. The sliced chocolate maple cake rolls are not complicated to make.thought.

Of course, if you want to taste your craft, please try it.

Maybe the first time you are a bit “sour”, but you will still taste a different “sweet”.