A must-have guide for beginners

Maybe all coaches will tell you that the first step to learning yoga is to learn to breathe.

But how to practice yoga is the most effective?

  First, the correct breathing can be effective. Just like jumping aerobics, just focusing on whether the movement is beautiful and in place will only do half the work with half the effort.

Everyone knows that breathing is the most important.

Adjust your breathing, spit out new ideas, and put your mind into a quiet state, so that you can really approach the heart and convey the true meaning of yoga.

  Second, how many times a week should I practice?

  If you can persist every day, the effect is the best.

If you can’t guarantee to spend one or two hours a day practicing, 20 minutes a day is better than 3 hours a week but doing it only once, the effect is much better.

  Third, who is practicing yoga?

  People who lack physical energy are in a fiercely competitive environment, their lives are stressful, and their brains are at a high level of tension . A busy day is like a discouraged ball with exhausted energy and poor energy.

It’s time for their bodies to recharge.

“Energy” does not refer to large muscles, but guarantees the normal functioning of the body. It is supported by a steady stream of strength. It can make people feel clear and refreshed.

  People who do not want to age quickly experience increasing age, and the destructive effect of gravity on the body is becoming more and more obvious.

Maybe your weight hasn’t changed, but your back is a bit hump, your lower abdomen is protruding, your upper arms are getting bloated, and your body is getting stiffer.

Yoga can make the body vomit new ideas, relax muscles and maintain vitality, maintain elegant and compact body, light and agile posture.

  Chronic vertebrae pain, insomnia, depression, sexual dysfunction, etc., all belong to the “epochal disease”, which discards many people.

Yoga posture with breathing, through the stimulation of acupuncture points and meridians, to promote Qi and blood circulation, body adjustment, heart adjustment, gas adjustment, send fresh blood to aging somatic cells, massage internal organs, help the body restore normal functions.

  People with bad moods yoga are quiet and no longer fretful.

It can improve the concept of dealing with people, look at the problem from a different angle, and the sky is wide.

  Fourth, how to wear yoga?

  Comfortable, stretchy clothing that is best practiced barefoot to enhance the perception of the feet.

  Traditional yoga clothes are naturally the first choice, and tight-fitting fitness clothes cannot replace it.

Generally speaking, yoga clothes are mostly comfortable and loose, but it is not necessary to wear wide robes and large sleeves.

The trousers are preferably loose fit with drawstring.

It is recommended that you prepare two trousers.

One is sports-style casual pants, plus a lady-style loose straight-leg pants, which allows you to step freely, and the shape is beautiful.

In addition to the style, the fabric is very important. Be sure to choose a professional fabric with good shape retention, perspiration and breathability.

  In addition, don’t show your navel without what you wear.

Because the exercise stresses the abdomen at any time, tighten, so that the organs and magnetic fields in the abdominal cavity continue to work.

At this time, if the navel is exposed to the wind, it is not good for the body. It is better to wear a longer jacket.

  Five, how to eat yoga?

The principle of chewing slowly is to chew food more than 12 times.

People who chew slowly can fully mix food with saliva, help the digestion and nutrition of the stomach, keep the body healthy, and ensure the energy brought by food.

Eat less seasonings. Don’t put too much salt, chili, pepper when cooking.
There are also plant spices and processed spoiled spices.
The seasoning itself is not harmful, but the taste is too strong. Long-term use will dull the sense organs and prevent practitioners from experiencing the subtle changes in nature.

And the toxic digestive system causes too much stress.

10 every day?
15 cups of clean water. A large amount of water can clean the toxins in the body, maintain the body water balance, and make the energy temperament more pleasant.
In short, Yue food is light food. Eat more fruits and vegetables instead of red meat.

Some people say that it is “vegan”. The spirit of yoga is to promote but not reluctantly, but at least it should be vegetarian.

  Do not eat solid food 3 hours before the exercise, and do not eat half an hour after the exercise.

Do not drink a lot of water for 1 hour before and after the exercise.

Do not shower in the next hour.

Because the pores are open at this time, the body feels very sharp, and the irritation caused by the cold and hot will cause harm, and wash away some secretions and qi that are good for the body.