[How to eat Nanmei seeds to lose weight is the best]_ Nanmei seeds, role _ assumptions

Many girls are losing weight now.

However, the effects of weight loss medicines and weight loss teas sold in pharmacies are not particularly obvious, and some drugs can even be metabolized by the human body.

There are also some women who lose weight by reducing the amount of meals. They eat less or do not eat every meal. Although they will lose weight, their immune system will be reduced.

Nanmei Seed is a very healthy weight loss product.

So, how to eat Nanmei seeds to lose weight is the best?

First, how to eat Nanmei seeds to lose weight is best to drink directly with water.

Take 30-60 minutes before meals every day.

About 5g (about 3 iron spoons), swallow with cold or warm water.


South eyebrow tremella.

Prepare Tremella, South eyebrow seeds, wolfberry, rock sugar: Soak the white fungus in cold water and add rock sugar: Soak the South eyebrow seeds in cold water: After the white fungus is boiled, add the wolfberry seeds: Pour the South eyebrow seeds: Cooked South eyebrowTremella fuciformis can be eaten in a bowl: Second, why can Nanmei seeds lose weight? Nanmei seeds can contact water or digestive fluid in the body. The multi-type insoluble dietary fiber on the surface of the seeds has the characteristics of self-swelling after absorbing water and can effectively inhibit fastingIt can reduce weight and excess food intake, increase satiety, maintain weight health, and is the best ingredient for weight loss.

After the Nanmei seeds have absorbed water and swelled, the surface of the small spheres tends to stick to the intestinal wall, which can reduce the chance of food contacting the intestinal wall.

The principle of weight loss caused by it is that eating will increase the feeling of fullness and control the diet, so that you will not want to eat more food.

Eat less other foods, absorb less calories, and naturally less meat.

Third, other methods of eating Nanmei seeds can be taken with fruit juice or warm water, and can also be used with fruits. If placed in yogurt (low-fat or non-fat yogurt is recommended), the taste is also good.

Fourth, the efficacy and role of Nanmei seeds 1.

Improve skin and constipation. Each 10G of South Brow Seed contains two and a half lettuce of dietary fiber. The surface of the small spheres will easily adhere to the intestinal wall after water absorption and swelling.Intestinal push rate, activation of metabolic functions, to avoid the accumulation of waste such as toxins and feces in the feces for too long, affecting the physical skills and appearance of the skin, is the most natural scavenger in the body, the most natural environmental protection for the human body.

Excessive intake of dietary fiber can absorb sugars in the stomach, reduce the absorption of sugars, reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood after meals, and inhibit the rise of blood glucose, plus the characteristics of fiber swelling with water, which greatly improves satietyIt is beneficial to the control of diabetes and weight. It is recommended that patients with obesity and diabetes consume high-fiber foods.


Reduce cholesterol and triglyceride absorption High-quality cellulose can promote the metabolism of blood lipids and lipoproteins in the body, reduce the absorption of intestinal plasma, and reduce trace concentrations in blood, reducing the risk of hypertension, stroke, and hypertension.